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04/10/2015 | 08:32 AM
Dear Roger,
Thanks for being a wonderful role model to the younger generation. My daughters who play tennis are huge fans of yours and it is their dream to meet you once. Is that possible at all in your hometown or anywhere else?
T. Bell
04/10/2015 | 04:55 AM
Mr. Roger Federer, I am sure you never read these comments and I'm not typically a person who follows famous people or would write a message on a board like this. However, I am a big fan of yours and appreciate your dedication to your sport, the great work you do with your foundation (I believe education is crucial), and your devotion to your family. Just wanted to thank you for sharing what you do with us! My dream is to see you play live and in person!
Best wishes to you & your family!
04/09/2015 | 02:30 AM
The photographs that are posted on the website are always so enjoyable and welcome! I like the one where you "Roar", so roar, Roger, please. I think that you are plenty elastic--re *MUG538's comment--and as he says, with a much greater skill. I think you must have seen the overdetermination with your last opponent. This is something to exploit! As well, his centre of gravity is heigher which can be a drawback for him at times. Play in good spirits, health, and steadfastness, and audaciousness!
04/08/2015 | 11:02 PM
Dear Roger can hardly wait until Monte Carlo. It has nothing to do with your fitness.
You are as strong as Novack not quite as elastic. Right now you are the only one that
can beat him. It seems that Murray just doesn't have the game right now. You are
left to fight him off. Playing on the clay for Davis Cup should help you a bit. I know
that all clay is different. You are the second best clay courter out there less we
forget. If all the players are there, you can beat them. Love to all
04/08/2015 | 11:52 AM
Dear Roger are you sure to go to Istanbul for the tournament ? Now the situation is quite dangerous, if yes, pay attention!!
04/08/2015 | 03:44 AM
Keep up the good work!!
04/08/2015 | 03:42 AM
Go Federer go!