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06/23/2015 | 07:37 PM
Congrats Rog. All the best for Wimbledon and we hope to see you and the family in Cape Town one day. Appreciate what you do with the RF Foundation.
06/23/2015 | 05:08 PM
Hi Roger. I hope there will be many other occasions when we see you smile. And why not Wimbledon ? Good luck.
06/23/2015 | 12:35 PM
Good afternoon Roger..
Halle... well # 10 awesome... great tournament ... your here now on the grasses of England, well prepared for next week. Know won knows this court better than you...
stay the course focused everyone will pick up their game next week. Stay prepared and lets go deep very deep into the last breakfast at Wimbledon..
06/23/2015 | 12:17 PM
merci, Roger pour ton 8è titre, good luck pour Wimbledon, Plus que jamais, tu es mon CHAMPION !
06/23/2015 | 09:20 AM
Super congrats to you Roger. Absolutely fantastic. Your two grannies in Cape Town sit with their rosaries every time you play and urge and pray you through your matches. When not together we sit on WhatsApp ball by ball. You are the best ever.
06/23/2015 | 01:47 AM
Congratulations on the 86th Title and great victory. I enjoyed the Match point winner.
06/23/2015 | 01:00 AM
Dear Roger,

Congratulations on your absolutely wonderful victory in Halle!!! Allez, our champ, our number one forever, great victories await you!!!

Love always, your New York fans