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From Dr Kalani
04/19/2014 | 04:57 AM
I am one of your millions fans, and am in sports medicine and have found a secret to reveal to you personally for even more succes. you may call me at +610-667-1214.
Padma Wickramasinghe
04/19/2014 | 04:28 AM
Dear Roger,Congratulations on your wonderful victory with such a great comeback.You are the best.Believe in yourself and play with the desire and determination to win the title.Be calm and stay focused.May you win in straight sets against Djokovic.May your serve and shots work perfectly for you.Fight for every point and get the lead early.Our Prayers,Blessings and Positive Energy are with you,dear son.Wish you,Mirka and kids Good Health,Protection and Happiness.
Andrew Thompson
04/19/2014 | 02:27 AM
Congrats on your victory over Tsonga. That was a very good comeback.
My Mother wanted to tell you and Mirka how cute your little girls. They are growing so fast. Hope Mirka is feeling well. Again Congrats on your Victory. Yeah No Nadal
04/19/2014 | 12:02 AM
Many errors today,play better tommorow Djokovic¡¡
It is how you play
04/18/2014 | 11:08 PM
You played well with Tosanga but it was not your best. You had little luck and don't expect every time. I am happy you got through to SF with Joker. This tournament, you play different and is not aggressive enough to take home runs. I only hope, you play really strong and hard with Joker to win the game tomorrow. Best of luck and waiting to see you go strong
04/18/2014 | 10:28 PM
Bravo Roger!

Go Roger Go!!!
difference now and then
04/18/2014 | 09:49 PM
Roger, you are doing great. However, the difference between you now and then is 19 break points and you converted 2. That would've been your trademark in the past - converting breakpoints. Nothing else, but mental. Please find way to go back to the mental state 10 years ago. Get some help from coach and other professionals.