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04.03.2015 | 14:50
Hello Roger,
you are playing a fantastic tennis during this period of your competitive tennis career! Every intelligent tennis player possesses a great sense of his tennis history because every skillful tennis player has, has had or will have his historic competitive tennis career.
04.03.2015 | 11:59
I'm so happy that I finally saw you playing in Dubai. You're a king Roger and the most elegant and chic sportsman on earth. I hope that someday I could talk to you.
Hate de te voir jouer à Roland-Garros. Bonne chance my champ!!!!
04.03.2015 | 10:21
Congrats Roger on your 7th Dubai title.The match was explosive from start to finish. I saw the fire in you and you were clinical and aggressive in your style of play. Each point was highly contested and you kept the
momentum. In crucial moments, your serve came to the rescue.
If you continue this way I see many victories in sight. Continue to improve on your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Good luck in Indian Wells.
Godfred Solomon
04.03.2015 | 07:38
Well Done Roger.
The more you train the more your body gets used to and the more younger you will become.
Train harder than anyone on tour and don't let them match your level. Keep changing your game all the time because your game is the one which will last till time indefinite.
One thing I would say you should do. Have you started training your left hand? Train it everyday playing tennis, the more you use it the more it will be able to make your game difficult to master.

03.03.2015 | 22:55
Lieber Roger

Du gefällst mir sehr, weil mein Mann ein Schweizer ist. Wir haben schon viele Turniersiege von Dir gesehen und ich habe mich auch immer sehr gefreut und bin Fan von Dir. Wir drücken Dir bei jedem Spiel die Daumen bis die Knochen schmerzen!
He he weiterhin viel Erfolg ....Jia you,hopp, Deine liebe Tianhua
A Friend in Costa Rica
03.03.2015 | 20:12
...at the women's but it is still something that you can acomplish, so go for it Roger. I just read on our main newspaper that Nadal just landed on Costarican soil this morning coming from Argentina, he is in Guanacaste, a very beautiful and touristic area with very nice tropical beaches, he'll probably be here a few days. I wish you would visit us in Costa Rica, I have a condominium in Guanacaste, I humbly offer it to you for free for a vacation, I know, it would be too humble for your status.
A Friend in Costa Rica
03.03.2015 | 19:58
...Roland Garros will probably be a little more diffucult affair since Nadal and Djokovic are obsessed with winning it for the 10th and the 1st time respectively....from my humble point of view Wimbledon or the US Open might be more suitable for your 18th grand slam title...I really wish you can acommplish this, you have the knowledge, the skills, the experience and I'm sure the desire as well, if Serena Williams could do it so can you, I know it's probably more difficult at the men's rank that
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