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20.10.2014 | 22:25
Federinho, dearest, I've just read you might come to carnival in Brazil next year! Is that true? It'd be soooo cool! But I doubt it! Good luck in Basel! Will be cheering as always! Love
20.10.2014 | 21:57
Hi Roger all the best in Basel hope you can go all the way. Do please save something in reserve for the next three big matches, well four including the one for your foundation. All the very best Legend xx
20.10.2014 | 01:47
Roger, please read my comment below. Group play for top spot against the best play. It can happe, and I believe there is an attempt to make it so! But you are Fire and Ice: you can best that, so be aware and outsmart them.Know that there is no one like you, no matter how much muscle they put on by diets and so on! Federer Forever!
20.10.2014 | 01:43
LIke your outlook! share it with you! Other sports play games like this: in one team, top players take turns to overtake the #1 player. One is sick, then the other is well. Then the 3rd's form falls off, but an injured one returns, and returns to win after being forced away, yet in much better form.This go a round can be seen as a way to catch another player, with the rest working against him. It is good to keep an eye out for this kind group play!!!!
20.10.2014 | 01:11
Dear Roger,
Congratulations, You're playing great.
The first service is essential.., practice, practice
I Hope you're in Paris, it is important to score more points.
You can do it!!
For more titles, the Davis and the Number 1


Jo Burton
19.10.2014 | 23:19
Thank you for your excellent game and attitude, I use your game to teach my son , he has been glad to watch videos of your many matches, and astounding play.
He hopes one day to hit tennis ball with you , as would so many of course.
God bless you.
19.10.2014 | 21:47
Hello sir,
first of all,heartiest congratulation for your maiden Shanghai Masters!
You know, you are my biggest role model of my life apart from my dad.
I like your 'never say die' attitude the most. It helps me a lot in my difficult phases.Very happy for your Indian leg ITPL visit but though being your biggest Indian fan,I won't be able to witness that as ticket price is quite unaffordable for me.
But, anyway, my best wishes are always with you & forever.
Give my love to rose,rive,leo & lenny.
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