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Padma Wickramasinghe
17.04.2014 | 17:03
Dear Roger,Congratulations on your great victory.You are the best.Believe in yourself and play with the desire and determination to lift the trophy.May your serve and shots work out according to your expectations and give you a straight sets win against Tsonga.Be calm and stay focused.Our Prayers,Blessings and Positive Energy are with you,dear son.Good Luck to you.Wish you,Mirka and kids Good Health,Protection and Happiness.
17.04.2014 | 15:50
LOVELY WIN AGAIN DEAR ROGER! Good luck in the next round.... Much love as always to you and your dear family.
17.04.2014 | 15:41
Great victory. You make it look so easy. I hope you have another set of twins!
17.04.2014 | 15:40
Congratulations Roger on another great match. Well done. All the very best for your next match against Tsonga. Kind regards to you, your family and the team.
17.04.2014 | 14:52
ciao Roger ho sentito i telecronisti di Sky che forse salti Roma per il parto di Mirka , so che è importante un figlio, ma fai un salto fatti vedere poi esci i tifosi ITALIANI te ne saranno grati ugualmente ciao Laura
17.04.2014 | 08:50
Lieber Roger,

Glückwunsch zu deinem tollen Auftaktsieg gegen Stepanek! Heute wünsche ich dir alles alles Gute gegen Rosol, bitte spiel weiter so gut und bleib konzentriert! Du bist ach auf Sand eine Macht! Go champ, du packst den Tschechen heute! :)
17.04.2014 | 05:21
Hey Roger , good going in Monte Carlo . I don't know if anybody reads this but this is a sincere plea from me on the behalf of millions of Indian fans to please come to India . There are so many people who would die to get a glimpse of you . Maybe this post won't even make a difference but I will not stop trying . Good luck today !