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Joe Griffin
03.08.2015 | 14:59
Suffering from a serious knee condition since my teens I am now 62. I was a practice partner in tennis for 10 years from the early 90's. Eventually I had to give it up and have another operation. Have at long last gone back to tennis (cannot run). Learning again at our tennis centre especially on topspin forehands and backhands is a challenge...but my coach advised me to watch videos of you practising. Making good progress!....thanks. Joe
03.08.2015 | 13:18
hi Roger i live in morocco ,you are the best players in the word i like your personnality ,style,and your girles bonne chance

03.08.2015 | 07:28
Roger. will miss you in Toronto, but will love seeing you in Cincinnati and USO!! Best of luck at both events champ! #BigFedExFan
03.08.2015 | 07:06
Godo to see your schedule. It looks as if it suits you. Cincy and USO are good tournaments for you, anyway. My sense is that some have been overplaying, overdriving themselves, too much redlining....really, I mean it, and it's not you. Play with full confidence. You are the darling of the USO for your astounding game. One at a time, always, and feel that you are on the back of Pegasus. You are on your way: that is my instinctive sense.
03.08.2015 | 04:03
Hi Roger......We realize how busy you are but the only tournament we have in Canada is the Canadian Open.....PLEASE if you need a rest do not withdraw from our only tournament and play in the U S A which has MANY every year. We are trying to get more tennis in Canada and need your help.!!!!!!!.......Thanks and good luck in the US Open Pat
02.08.2015 | 09:12
Dear Roger,

You are the best of all time. Thrilled to see you new schedule for 2015. You are amazing and brought so much the game of tennis. God bless!!!
01.08.2015 | 10:20
Bonjour Roger. Aujourd'hui on va voir notre fils qui habite à Puidoux (celui qui a fait le collège de la Planta). La dernière fois que nous sommes allés le voir on a transporté la tortue qui a 45 ans. C'était toute une aventure ! Tu jouais contre Sam Querry. J'ai quand même suivi le match ...