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S joshi
23.11.2015 | 04:59
Hi Roger, Disappointment about the loss. Anyway its been a great year. Goodluck for 2016. Hope to see more trophies always greedy & hungry u know, more than u. So go for it. All the best.
Work on ur return, just watched Aggasiso work on return esp 2serve he takes a small step or widens his stance during the ball toss towards the T which analysts say gives a upperhand. So practice. About nerves DO USE MEDITATION. It really HELPS. ALL THE BEST GOOD LUCK
23.11.2015 | 04:42
You & Stefan are perfect gentlemen, but in sports, little tricks are needed to get the W done. Djokovic & Becker are master manipulators. Their venom goes beyond the court. All this pre-final talk from Djokovic about you handing him the win at the semis, the seat you took & your towel on his seat must have agitated you. Don't let these foxes prick you even before you step on court. A serene mind & heart free of enmity are also needed to win matches. Djokovic may win all but not a good champion!
23.11.2015 | 04:21
Despite your loss at the WTF Final, it was still a good year and we are with you, win or loss. What is important is you still continue to charm us with your playing style. Of course, a win is always best. Alas, you always play baseliners in the finals which explains many finals losses and loss of titles. You should have played Djokovic the same attacking way as in the semis which threw him off his perch. You traded shots with him from the baseline which is what he wants. Learn from your regrets.
23.11.2015 | 03:31
Just sending some Jamaican warmth your way. It is such a pleasure to watch you 'float' across the tennis court. Keep on playing, keep on bringing joy to tennis fans around the world. 2016 awaits you
23.11.2015 | 00:20
Dear Roger,

We had a great year watching your tennis supreme! You are the world's treasure! We send you and your beautiful family the best wishes for the end of the year! We hope the new year will make all your dreams (and ours) come true!

Allez, dear Roger! Great victories await you!

Love always, your New York fans

23.11.2015 | 00:19
Hello Roger,

Congrats on a fantastic season yet again. Enjoy your well deserved break over the next few weeks. Looking forward to watching you play next year and I wish all the best in the 2016 season. Your Canadian fans hope to see you in Toronto.
23.11.2015 | 00:17
Always supporting you no matter what
We are lucky to see you playing
Never give up!
Never stop fighting!