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17 grand slams
16.07.2014 | 18:14
Hello roger there are two reasons why you lost to djokovic
1)Your returns were not deep when djokovic served as compared to his returns especially backhand returns.
2)there were too many passing shots hit by djokovic when you came to net.

compare this match to 2012 match against djokovic.you did not go to net frequently and won the match.
so please take my advice seriously and correct your mistakes.come on roger.
16.07.2014 | 15:50
Dear Roger;
I'm a member of a newly established tennis club and there are too many fans of you here including me. I'll always see you as the best player and will be very happy to see you raising the US Open cup. I wish you great success.
Priscilla: Your most lo...
16.07.2014 | 14:39
Dear Roger. Thank you for a great performance at Wimbledon. There is still a lot of tennis left in you. And I totally believe that there is still another slam in you. I pray for you Roger, that God must keep you and guide you. Please do your best at the upcoming US open. And don't over-think things, just do it. U u truly the personification of greatness. My sister and I couldn't sleep for days after Wimbledon and we visit you on the web everyday. Send my regards to Mirka and the kids. God bless
Hope to see you in Viet...
16.07.2014 | 09:33
Thank you Roger Federer. I am Vietnamese and be your fan more than 10 year. You are the best forever in tennis world. I hope you soon have a trip to visit your fans in Vietnam and open your shop in Hanoi, for me and many other fans can buy the shirts, caps... in your style. You are only my tennis Idol, my hero forever. Once again, Thank you Roger!!
Radwa Hamdy
16.07.2014 | 02:16
Peace and happinss be upon you , Roger ..All my greetings for you Great Man and Champion ...Congratulations for your great match ..come on you can do it and restore your right ranking No.1 ..but whatever happens you are the Tennis King .
15.07.2014 | 18:13
Vamos por el ranking #1!!!!!!
Saludos desde Nuevo Laredo, Tamps.
15.07.2014 | 10:50
Rog, you are the man!

Do you think you lost though because Riggs wasn't there???