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24.08.2015 | 09:07
Simply THE BEST, dear you are playing wonderful. I do hope you will go on like that until 2016 to get the Gold Medal 2016 and Wimbledon again !! I will miss you so much when you retire, tennis never will be the same after that, so I do hope to go on seen you till the end of my life, now I am 78....so please take care of you !!
Again my blessing for you and your beautiful family, by the way when are we going to see the boys ? Best luck for the US Open, like you play this week you will win it !
24.08.2015 | 08:54
Congratulations ..you deserve it so much..excellent player and allways excellent behaviour...GOAT...Its a pleasure to see you playing,no one elles plays the way you do...
Zeeshan Khalid
24.08.2015 | 08:25
Roger Federer, many congratulations on winning 87th career that's a lot beating Djokovic no 1 for long time in straight sets after losing to him in Wimbledon final at age of 34, i'm very happy hope y keep it going and show a good result in US Open also.
Rusty Olson
24.08.2015 | 07:45
Way to go in Cincy FedEx!!! Love you man; great champion, great human being. great man!! Best of luck at U.S. Open......#18 upcoming!!!!! U rock sir!!!
24.08.2015 | 07:06
Go Roger, go to Flushing Meadows for another miracle!
24.08.2015 | 06:55
24.08.2015 | 06:29
love you, champ!
so happy about today
you are so special, I hope you never leave us.