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22.03.2015 | 10:50
Good morning Roger,
I usually wait for the majors to comment on your matches but this year your mission has inspired me to say this, take care of business today and go up 2 and 0 on Novak..
Have a great match..
Go for it
22.03.2015 | 09:06
Watched the match against Raonic last night. Outstanding performance again Roger💪🎾. Go for the title, Will not be easy but you can do it. GOAT
22.03.2015 | 08:20
Come on Roger...!!!

C'est pour vous...!!! Indianwells...!!!
Je vais vous suivre ce soir...!!! Je croise les doigts.... la mamie tennis
Hameeduddin Khan-Pakist...
22.03.2015 | 08:08
One more Roger. Come on! Keep it up.
22.03.2015 | 07:48
Hopp Roger, mach de Joker hütt fertig! De hett doch e kei chance...
Alles gueti
22.03.2015 | 07:43
Dear Roger

I cant even begin to express how impressed I am with your superlative performance against Raonic in the semis. More than anything what was wonderful to see was your determination to win and see how badly you wanted to get the job done. Thanks thanks a million for the fire you still have in your belly and the fun and happiness you bring to fans the world over. The match got over in the wee hours of the morning but worth the loss of my sleep. Go Roger.

22.03.2015 | 04:52
Great match against my country man. Not so many aces for him today.

Hoping you will do what you did to Djokovic in Dubai once again. You can do it. Make it number five trophies at Indian Wells.

Stay sweet.