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17.04.2016 | 22:38
Roger, I doubt you ever read these posts but if you do I just want you to know that people see the best in you. Your recent loses are tough which just means you have to be tougher. You seem to run out of steam or allow yourself to be beaten. I'm happy that dycovick is being challenged and thrilled that Rafa won in Monte Carlo. He is needed back in the forefront and has fought hard to get there.
17.04.2016 | 17:20
Hi Roger so great to see you back playing! Please come and play in Rome we are coming all the way from Durban and so disappointed to see Rome is not on your schedule - so please, please, please ...... That is Durban , South Africa!
17.04.2016 | 16:38
I wish Monfils win Monte Carlo, I am sick of nadal teething on trophy.
Mary Jane
17.04.2016 | 16:08
Roger, another loss of a match you should have won.
You have lost the ability to close the matches. This has been happening again and again.
Instead of physical training you do concentration exercises.
Please do not embarrass yourself anymore. Improve concentration or retire. It is very discouraging to watch you loose everywhere. You owe you fans to win or retire.
17.04.2016 | 10:23
We are just So happy to see you back on court..we loved seeing you play again..it is never the same watching a tournament if you are not there..you did a great job,..Tae care ..
17.04.2016 | 01:05
Roger, please play Big point better. You could have win the 3rd set T Monte Carlo.
16.04.2016 | 21:33
Hi Roger. I hope to be able to come to Bienne and to catch a glimpse of the great Roger Federer on Thursday. XX