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19.11.2014 | 11:56
Hallo Roger, bitte spiel den Daviscup NUR, wenn es wirklich geht! Auch wenn es natürlich für alle enttäuschend wäre, falls Du nicht spielen könntest, aber Deine Gesundheit MUSS Vorrang haben.
Leider haben die Fehlentscheidungen des Schiedsrichters C. Mourier m.E. die Entstehung Deiner Verletzung begünstigt.
Das falsche Overrule im 3.Satz plus der schlechte Rat im Tiebreak, keine Challenge zu nehmen, waren potentiell Matchentscheidend und beeinflussten den Spielfluss leider zu Deinen Ungunsten.
19.11.2014 | 10:05
Roger, hope your back is healing fast and getting better. Play Davis Cup only when you are well. Victory at the Davis Cup is not worth breaking your back. Unfortunately, the Swiss Team is composed of 2 and a half men. Not formidable enough to topple the French Team with too many good players. Their alternates can carry the team. It is unfair of Stan to bring Mirka into the spat at WTF. Mirka is your wife and #1 supporter. She has all the right to show emotions during your matches. God bless you!
19.11.2014 | 02:26
IF it is true that there was a quarrel, IF it is true that Mirka taunted Stan, IF it is true that you didn't withdraw because of an injury, NONE of that can take anything away from the fact that you are the most beloved man of so many millions. Thank you for being and providing us with so many hours of reflected glory in your accomplishments and allowing us to share in your triumphs and commiserate with you in your disappointments. We love you and are so grateful to the universe for you.
19.11.2014 | 00:02
Dear Roger,

You absolutely made the right decision. At a later point in the game with Stan, we saw you grimacing in pain, that we've almost never seen from you. We were immediately concerned. We hope that this is not too serious and that you can take care of it pretty fast. You were always very wise about your health and your scheduling. We send you our best wishes for recovery.

Love always, your New York fans
18.11.2014 | 23:16
Roger, you have showed your class again in the last week, still playing great tennis. Your fans will understand that it is best that at this stage in your life, you don't take any risks with your health. We all want to enjoy seeing you play as long as you can. About time they extend this tournament a little. It is ridiculous and damn right dangerous to expect even the greatest athletes in the world to play an intensive semi final one day, and a final against Djokovich the next!
Back Problems
18.11.2014 | 20:46
pretty much i had BP for years playing tennis but managed with better foot support...if may i can hint that it really works after 10 years and going strong playing more tennis than ever...just have your PR people get hold me somehow...all asked in return is thank you...davis
18.11.2014 | 20:34

Take care of you Roger!

I love you!

You're our champion!