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The Hulk
10.09.2014 | 19:45
Hey Roger,

so, great performance in the Quarters. Cilic was strong in the Semis and a fitter then you. So from that stand point, it's ok you lost the match!! What I'm concerned about is your racket. From the moment you changed to this new one you seem lost. You're not hitting anything. No forehands, no backhands, no volleys no 1st serve. It's terrible!! throw it away and use your old one!! GOSh!! You have so many unforced errors. It's terrible!! So please throw it away and change your racket!!
10.09.2014 | 19:42
To all of your fans Roger. Please let us enjoy Roger's last years and do not put
these unrealistic pressures on him to win everything. His last attempt at the open
was not easy. We do not know what Roger is going through. If he felt tired or
Cilic just played better. Roger would be the first to congratulate him and move on.
There are things he would like to accomplish yet, and he will try his hardest.
Carry on Roger we love you and your beautiful family. It is hard out there now.
Love to all.
10.09.2014 | 19:33
You all know I'm a Fed Fan, but accusing Cilic of doping is just Wrong..!! He beat Fed & Kei in straight sets, making it look easy..!! This had nothing to do with endurance..!! His game was firing on all cylinders........He deserved the Win, the way he played no one was going to beat Him, Congrats Marin Cilic and welcome to the Club of Grand Slam Titleist..!! Best Wishes to All..!! Fan
10.09.2014 | 19:03
I am far for blaming or accusing anybody, but in my opinion the tennis players should request the mandatory drug testing at least at every Grand Slam tournament . It should be like in other sports out and open. It is not fair to all the players who are real advocates of the sport and train hard for their achievements. I am really surprised that the mandatory testing is not done in such a competitive and physically challenging sport like today's tennis. In all GS it should be a MUST .
Jerry DeCaire
10.09.2014 | 06:35
Roger, I've seen a lot of posts here giving a lot of advice and it's hard to tell the good from the bad. One can only know that by personally knowing you and your commitment to the game. Only you know if you have some hidden reserve in yourself. Only you can know if you could have practiced harder or gone to a mountain top in some sort of zen to dig a little deeper. But with a wife and two kids, how much deeper can you dig? Find again what makes you the best because that's what you are!
10.09.2014 | 05:08
mental thing
10.09.2014 | 03:54
Roger, please use this time to find a great mental coach. You seemed totally overwhelmed, surprised, subdued, out of sorts, uncharacteristic in the semi. Novak at least got one set. You were down two sets in just about 1 hour. How could it have gone so fast and so easily for your opponent? Like I said before, you seemed like a nice school boy who is pushed around and succumb to pressure. If a player pressures you, you back out. Monfil stopped pushing you. Cilic didn't. So, you backed down.