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15.07.2014 | 10:19
Bonjour Roger,
Bravo pour cette belle finale, ça c'est joué à rien, tu pouvais très bien gagné, mais c'est ainsi. En tout cas tu nous as montré que tu étais encore là, avec ton beau tennis qui offre un beau spectacle. Aujourd'hui encore tu es un des seuls à savoir tout faire dans le tennis. Continue à bien te préparer physiquement, on l'a vu tu étais prêt. Maintenant il faudrait faire plus mal avec ton coup droit. Bonne continuation à toi CHAMPION DE TOUS LES TEMPS. Encore plein de victoires
victim of success
15.07.2014 | 01:14
Roger, you are the victim of your own success. If you did not have the success you had before, you would've had no mental burden. You would've just played more freely; you would've fully utilized your talents; you would've had more hunger for the slam trophy; you would've not blinked in the 5th 4th game of a 5th set; you would've won so many more matches that you had given away after the first set win. So, erase your memory of past success. Start from zero. Focus on future. Go, Roger
15.07.2014 | 00:27
All this matches, became more mental battles than ever. You need to work on this part . You had your 18th title in your hands .... Please don't let this happened again.
Best wishes .
15.07.2014 | 00:19
Dear Roger, I steel can't recover from the final . You really have to work on how to be ready for similar situations in the future. Every game now has very high level of mental intensity. Every player is giving himself time out (creating medical needs, bathroom brake etc...) anything to have a chance to refocus. I call this cheating but when this happened to you with Gulbis, you said, well, they are using the time that they are in title to. You should use this time as well, it is given to you.
14.07.2014 | 19:31
Dear fans thank you for all your positive mail to Roger. I couldn't watch the match
for days just made me too sad. Roger put his all into that match. I am so proud
of him. He is playing a guy who is 6 years younger. Roger is just amazing to want
to battle these guys. I am afraid at the USO he will not get a favourable draw. It will
again be Novack Nadal who will benefit. Roger has to play the Rogers Cup in
Canada before the USO. Hoping he does well here and Cinci. Love to you all.
14.07.2014 | 18:24
Can you post your twin boys picture in the gallery? It is my humble request. I saw you twin girls pictures from time to time.
14.07.2014 | 08:46
Dear Roger, I'm writing because I've fully recovered from my sadness of the days passed after the Wimby Final.
I'm excited to see you compete again with the hard court season approaching. The only reason I followed Tennis is You - a True Champion and a role model. I have learned much each time I listen to your interviews and your perception of things ie priorities, family, hard work etc.
I wish you all the best and pray for your continued success. I can only wish to shake your hand one day...