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03.02.2016 | 13:24
Dear Roger,
Get well soon...and back on the tennis court stronger than ever!
Your health is the most important thing right now! The victories and trophies are waiting for you!
Your fans are always with you!
Waiting to see you again!
All the best and take care of yourself!
Love you forever
Marc de Villette
03.02.2016 | 13:23
Best wishes Roger, look forward to seeing you back on the ATP circuit as soon as possible. All the best from Suisse. Great post by BIRDEGUTT11 so true, you bring so much to tennis & you make it an art form.
03.02.2016 | 12:50
Dear Roger..so very sad for your injury..just hope the Very,very best for you and your recovery..Take care of you self..We will miss you Very much..tennis is Not the same without you,..no one plays the way You do..it is Art in motion..All the best for you no...Best regards from Norway..
03.02.2016 | 12:47
Spero in una pronta guarigione....tornerai piu' forte di prima!!!!!il tennis senza di te non ha senso.....CON TE PER SEMPRE....
03.02.2016 | 12:22
Revenez nous vite Roger et bon rétablissement. Vous allez nous manquer.

LOVE and Support ;)
03.02.2016 | 12:20
Cher Roger : très bon rétablissement!Ce ne sera rien: tu es robuste, tellement fort.....Nous t'attendons impatiemment!Reviens vite, vite, vite!
03.02.2016 | 12:14
Bon rétablissement Roger et reviens nous vite!