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17.07.2015 | 00:04
As expected you lost concentration and lost the most important match.
It was expected that if you lost the first set the match was over.
The Wimbledon final match is the most ridiculous match I ever seen. Losing the first set because you lost completely the concentration to server well.
The third and fourth set were a disaster. You totally lost the service and fighting spirit.
With you talent you need to practice more concentration exercises than tennis practice.
16.07.2015 | 23:19
Because life is yours and yours is the desire
Because you have loved it and because I love you
Because wine exists and love is true.
Because there are no wounds that time doesn't cure.

To open the doors,
Take away the locks,
Abandon the walls that have protected you,
To live life and accept the challenge
Get back laughter,
Practice a song,
Lower the guard and extend the hands
Open the wings
And try again,
Celebrate life and take back the skies.
16.07.2015 | 23:18
For you,

Don't give up, you still have time
to reach up and start anew,
Accept your shadows,
Bury your fears,
Free your burdens,
Fly again.

Don't give up, that's what life is
Continue the journey,
Follow your dreams,
Unstuck time,
Move the rubble,
And uncover the sky.

Don't give up, please don't give way,
Even if the cold burns,
Even if fear bites,
Even if the sun sets,
And the wind goes silent,
There is still fire in your soul
There is still life in your dreams.
16.07.2015 | 23:10
Dear Roger,
I hope you can win another GS. Everybody says that Wimbledon is the only chance, but I don´t agree. You can win US Open or Australian Open. Your tennis in Wimbledon was very well, but in the final, Novak was better, more regular and almost without unforced errors.
You must be patient and without much anxiety.
You can do it, win the US Open.
Come on!!
16.07.2015 | 21:51
Dear Roger, I hope you will carry on as it's always a pleasure to see you play. Love.
16.07.2015 | 19:09
Dear Fans of Rogers It will probably take Roger awhile to post or finish his schedule
as it is my understanding that this is a family decision. He will get all his family
together and they discuss his next important decision to go on or not. As much as I
would be devastated by him deciding to end his career, I would respect his decision
to do so. He will probably take a good rest and be with the family and soak up
their love. We all wait his decision. LOVE TO YOU ALL.
16.07.2015 | 17:15