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13.04.2016 | 14:00
Welcome back, Roger. I hope you are feeling well and can make it thru at Monte Carlo. You have been missed desperately both in quality of play &competition. Djokovic looks like he is really struggling to beat his rivals. Murray is working some things thru & struggling.
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13.04.2016 | 10:40
King Roger, there are no words to express my joy at seeing you back where you belong, center stage. Fabulous just to see you play. Good win, just dance to your own tune, and the rest will fall into place

Best wishes and much love
13.04.2016 | 09:32
Die Freude ist gross, Sie wieder auf dem Platz zu sehen, elegant und spritzig wie eh und je. Wie war das langweilig in den vergangenen Wochen (zwei 1000er-Turniere, bei denen Sie nicht dabei waren, Murray und Stan früh draussen - so kommt der Djoker ziemlich leicht zu Turniersiegen. Pardon, Herr Djokovic, ich mag Ihr roboterhaftes Spiel einfach nicht). Ich wünsche Ihnen weitere gute und verletzungsfreie Matches in MC und an allen folgenden Turnieren.
13.04.2016 | 07:38
Cher Roger, Bravo pour hier ! Quel retour !
Aujourd'hui il y a 17 ans j'étais au sommet de la montagne Table. Quelle chanceuse ! C'était mon anniversaire.
J'espère à la semaine prochaine. Peut-être aurais-je la chance d'avoir ton autographe ce jour-là ?
Bonne suite de semaine.
13.04.2016 | 07:32
Quelle joie Rodger de te revoir jouer, les spectateurs sont tellement heureux, tu es le seul qui nous fait vibrer ..... continu ....
13.04.2016 | 04:44
Hi Roger,
Always a pleasure to see you play again, with style.
Wishing you all the best for Monte Carlo. Stay concentrated, calm, believe that you can win all your matches in MC, one after the other, and there your are.
12.04.2016 | 21:41
Dear Roger, Bravo for today. You are the greatest of all time and you showed it today. Your form, body, swing and serve are right on, as they were before. I really want to see you, at least 2nd to be in the draw opposite Djokovic. Stay focused, healthy and thirsty. God Bless. You can win this one, hands down. : )))