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19.08.2014 | 18:22
Roger, félicitations pour cette 80° victoire en tournoi à Cincinnati. Ce chiffre 8 fétiche sonne bien dans ton palmarès. Tu viens de jouer 2 semaines superbes pendant cette tournée américaine comme pendant les années 2004 à 2007. Tu es extraordinaire. Quel plaisir de te voir jouer et gagner. Vous formez avec Stéphane Edberg, un duo fantastique. Je vous souhaite à vous 2 et à toute ton équipe de remporter l'US OPEN. Cela serait magique. You are the best
19.08.2014 | 17:44
Can you do the ice bucket challenge Rog? i know you can do it because I know you yourself are in the charity. God bless you.
19.08.2014 | 17:10
This year's Cincy title is so special to you and your fans! Your beaming face and actions in victory revealed how happy you were and so are we. Everywhere you play, you are always the crowd favorite and the ATP's money maker. Hope ATP's fairies reward you with a good draw at the US Open. Do get some rest and some family time with Mirka and the kids. You deserve it after your recent surge and the joy you have given your fans. Bless you! Roger is not only "betterer", but the best ever!
19.08.2014 | 17:07
Félicitations pour cette victoire au Cincinnati!
Merci du fond du cœur pour tous ces magnifiques moments de gloire partagés avec nous!! Vous nous faites rêver!!
FAN forever!!
You're the BEST!!!
19.08.2014 | 15:33
Dear Maestro,,
Every single victory tells a long story of records breaking..
Our JOY is unbelievalble,, we are flying ,,couldnt stop thinking of the feat....
Hope a radical cure for the son of COACH MC by meeting the maestro Inshaa allah ( By will of God )..
Allah bless you maestro, your family and all your fans
Dr.Fatih -Sudan
Coach Mc
19.08.2014 | 14:42
Congrats ROGER on another Western Southern title! It's amazing everytime my son & I attend YOU WIN! Every other year I get tickets & take my son to watch you. We've attended 6 of the past 9 years an you WON each time! We first attended in 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012, & 2014. Should we attend the U.S. Open? I pray we get to meet you 1 day. My son suffers from depression, but is so HAPPY when he sees Federer Express play! We try to see you at the tournaments but too many fans. We love YOU!
19.08.2014 | 14:17
Congratulations on winning the cincinnati tournament. You will win the US Open I know you will because i have faith in you . Iam so proud of your family especially Mirka because she is always there for you . Your beautiful twin daughters and also your beautiful sons hope to see a photo of them soon. Love you heaps.