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28.11.2014 | 06:22
Have a good time in New Delhi, Roger, and let us hear how things go! Is it an exho,or are you trying out some of the new format? (Ihope the regular one stays in place, and this new one is just for arousing interest, clubs, etc.) People have long asked you to go to India: they shall be happy. (It is wonderful for gold: they love it and work it beautifully. Also other things, textiles, etc.) Enjoy, and think of yourself first! And family.

27.11.2014 | 23:45
merci pour la discussion dans le tram vous etes un champion sur le court et en dehors j'ai beaucoup de respect pour vous.

j'espere que vous gagnerez encore des tournois celui de grenoble a deja ete gagne
27.11.2014 | 21:47
Thank you Roger to come to Sydney in Jan. This is Awesome!! I was so pieased I couldn't make a trip to Melbourne and Brisbane this year again. Phew, you know your fans, thank you for always trying to make them happy. I got a ticket already, but a bit surprised at low prices(~$80 single). Must be Hewitt's idea. Anyway, I am a happy happy person.

Take care of yourself Roger, don't work too hard. Wish you & your family all the best!

One more request, we want to see boys photos. Please make it as Xmas gift for your greedy fans :) plzzzzzzz
anne marie
27.11.2014 | 19:31
bien d'accord avec vous Klausy! 2 grands champions roger et stan!
ces français qui ont toujours des excuses! et qui profitent des largesses suisses au passage!
27.11.2014 | 19:13
Ici la France ! Merci au plus grand des plus grands ! Spectacles Inoubliables contre des Français à l'attitude contestable. Toujours du fair play et un jeu plein grâce pour vous Roger et aussi pour Stan qui mérite sa place de n° 4.
Bon repos et impatient pour la suite
Muxu Muxu du pays Basque
( dire que la France est représentée par des gars qui habitent en Suisse , quelle honte pour nous vrais Français..!!! )
27.11.2014 | 18:59
BRAVISSIMO !!!! Encore et toujours le meilleur, bravo aussi à Stan!!!
Bisous du pays Basque " Muxu Muxu "
27.11.2014 | 18:52
It's great that your team has won the title of Davis Cup in France. I can understand how touched you were then since that title stood for the glory of Switzerland. Congratulations again. Now I'm looking forward to your exhibition match with Sampras....