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23.08.2015 | 23:06
I'm looking forward to your winning the US Open. Thanks for the joy of watching you play the kind of tennis so many of us appreciate. You're always number one whether you win or not, but we your fans are overjoyed when you do win. Best wishes for the US Open!
Sunny delight
23.08.2015 | 23:02
Hi Rogi,

Congrats! on 87th career title and on winning Cincy Masters. What a way to win the trophy.
You didn't lose a set throughout the tournament, thrashed the # 1 and 2 players. It was awesome to see you firing from all cylinders. Can there be a better sight than to see Roger Federer playing in the zone?

Loved it and thanks for making us so happy and believing in yourself even after so many set backs.

Roger Federer= 87 titles= Grace= Awesomeness= A great Champion on and off the court.
23.08.2015 | 22:23
Dear Roger,
Throughout the whole games you played at Cincy, you moved without any hesitation and with the conviction of winning. We witnessed what fluidity of motion of a great player can do within the geometry of the tennis court. We saw a lot of great shots, precision, art and beauty without stress. Thank you and congratulations. You are the living proof that 34 can still be very young. Most of all, we enjoyed seeing you sharing your winning with your family. Good luck in New York.
23.08.2015 | 22:19
Heartfelt congratulations! Number 7, 87, great numbers at the right time, Now for 88.
23.08.2015 | 22:13
Merci, Roger, pour cette finale bien méritee et tous les matches de la semaine; all the best for you, the team and your family
23.08.2015 | 22:11
Dear Roger,

Congratulations for your great victory today vs. Djokovic. To make it happen today is really special as it is my 34th birthday :-)
You played awesome.
Good luck at the U.S. Open. Get another grand slam :-)
From Allschwil :-), best regards,
23.08.2015 | 22:10

A HUGE "WORLDWIDE CELEBRATION" - 7th Cincy Title / and Title No. 87 !!!

Thank you MAESTRO ! What a BEAUTY and GENIUS of Tennis, Roger !

I am extremely happy for you ! I am so proud of you !

NO BIGGER LEGEND than you in tennis ever !!! MASTERFUL !

Roger, you are the GREATEST ever !!!
For me, you are FOREVER No. 1 !!!

Go and DEMOLISH the same way at the US OPEN !

Love you forever !!!

GOD bless you and your lovely family & RFTeam !