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14.07.2015 | 21:16
Roger, you would have won 20 grand slams by now but it is your short game and tactiful immediate decisions that caused you your losses.
14.07.2015 | 19:28
Congratulations and keep playing as long as you enjoy the game !
14.07.2015 | 16:53
Rog, please update Your Schedule..! just to say am you fan for 15 yrs.. and thanks for those years Of happiness.!! Always thankful and Grateful to You..! Forever I Love You and Supports You and Only You My Dear Roger..! Keep Playing and that's enough for Many people Like you as Seeing Your Elegance and PeRFection is Precious ..!!
Thanks.. :) :) :)
14.07.2015 | 15:55
Are we going to see you at the Open? In Cinncinnati? Please update your schedule on this website. Some of us form our travel plans around your appearances.
BTW, a beautiful and well-deserved tribute today in the NYT from Rolex.
14.07.2015 | 14:26
Dear Roger

You opened the new complex for Ballboys and Ballgirls at AELTC and I have a photo of you standing next to my daughter (screen save). She was SO excited when she told me and I just wanted to thank you for taking the time out of your preparations to give many BBG's enormous pleasure and a moment they will always remember, plus staying on for a Q&A session. Hope you have a great rest over the Summer and get to spend quality times with your family. Thanks again !

Orleans Parish
14.07.2015 | 13:52
You make it tennis so easy and you look wonderful!
Marc de Villette
14.07.2015 | 13:18
We are so proud of you Roger. You will be back at Wimbledon next year & you will get that 8th title. Best wishes from your home country.