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21.03.2015 | 03:38
"Just Roger being Roger", why would you expect anything less??😎
21.03.2015 | 03:35
Dear Roger, you need to return a favor to this young man. He did well to defeat Nadal. Against you, a different story. Keep your own serve always, stand your ground, and let him do the running, the bending. Astound him with your variety but do not tempt him with shots that perhaps he can make, so make your shots "kill shots" at the net! Enjoy the match, feel well, and I and others will shout ourselves horse! Bless, and luck! Stalk and Jump!
Only self-confidence
21.03.2015 | 03:02
What to say! This match leaves without comment, even when coming from your side. What technique, imagination, relaxation, elegance, what perfection!
What I like most is that you lifts up form as the tournament progresses. Keep it up!
Luscious slice forehand on the net!
Several unreal points!
21.03.2015 | 01:43
KING FEDERER,your current form is vintage magnificence.
Raonic ousted Nadal's comeback effort's today,much to my delight.
You can defeat Raonic and reach another historic final.
This appears to be your year champ,all your fan's worldwide are
applauding for you.Thumb's up from Ireland,well done maestro.....
21.03.2015 | 00:44
Roger is physically AND mentally in a fantastic, strong condition:
quick, precise and with an unshakable self-confidence.
EVERYTHING can happen! Roger, we love you.
---> :o)
20.03.2015 | 22:15
I could watch you play 4ever
20.03.2015 | 22:04
What a fantastic match again Berdych - you were at your best!! Go Roger go!!

Wishing you best wishes next round.

Stay sweet.