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31.01.2016 | 23:39
Dear Roger, I have a feeling that you are going to beat Novak in every grand slam meeting from now on, and I hope to God this happens from all my heart. Our prayers are with you for 2016 and beyond.

You are the BEST, and better than all the rest. God bless you always.
31.01.2016 | 23:32
Roger, I notice you're going for power instead of finesse lately. Novak luvs to return against power (he's a wall). He hates finesse which is your strength. Finesse worked for Kerber against Serena.

Please work with Anthony Robbins, it worked for Agassi !

I still believe you can get to 20 GS titles !
31.01.2016 | 20:19
Well said Umbola. I think that you are in tune with what is really going on. Roger
believes overtime he steps on court that he will try everything he can to beat
Novak as he has proved 22 times. I think we forget so easily that the legs are not
as strong as someone who is 6 years older. Roger you played wonderful and we enjoy
your every game. Please forgot these people who try to tell you how to play tennis.
We love you and will support you no matter what. Love to you all.
31.01.2016 | 15:25
Roger it's a pity you just handed another GS title to Novak. If you had beaten him at the semis, Andy would have expectedly fallen to u & you would have won your elusive 18th GS. It seems Novak had gotten into your head the way Rafa did. We just wish you would add more GS titles to your belt given the player lording over tennis is not a likeable champion. Novak is trying hard to build up his fandom but something about him just can't win me over. You will forever be the world's fan favorite!
31.01.2016 | 14:54
super forme et j'aime beaucoup la pub sunrise tu ferais un génial 007...
peut-être qu'un peu d'hypnose t'aiderait à mieux gérer mentalement... ! car pour moi tu étais, tu es et seras toujours le meilleur de toutes façons Djok finira bien par tomber et tu m'as battu l'année dernière accroche toi et tout ira bien mieux
31.01.2016 | 12:45
Roger, great tournament! I'm certain you'll win a slam this year.
I know you aren't short of confidence whatsoever and your game is actually fantastic where it is right now. With how good Novak is, if you can take a set off him, you can actually take three or more off him if possible.
Here's what Novak said and I think its good for anyone: "It's important to always believe you can play your best and it's important your convictions are stronger than your doubts". Love you always CHAMP!
Larina McKellar
31.01.2016 | 11:45
Dear Roger, to me you are like the statue of David by Michelangelo. Carved out a single piece of perfect marble. You have put joy and beauty into tennis. I cannot give genius any advice, would just love to see your face so happy when you're winning.