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Abby Edwards
25.08.2014 | 02:19
Goodluck for the U.S Open!!! You'll still be my idol even if you manage to get a loss, but i bet you won't! Have a great time and I'll see you on t.v!!!! :)
25.08.2014 | 02:16
Best of luck at the U.S Open! I'm sure you'll do amazing, like you usually do. Even if you lose I will still love you :)
25.08.2014 | 00:23

Best of luck at the US open. Looking to watch you in the first round and on and on and on!!!!!
24.08.2014 | 20:24
All the best Roger! Hope you win your 18th Grand Slam and 81st title. 8 is indeed your favourite and lucky number.
Swati Mahajan
24.08.2014 | 19:53
Dear Roger,
Wishing for you a successful US Open. This is the last GS of the year, so play your best and aggressive tennis and win your 18th GS. Take one match at a time. Don't take any opponent for granted. Just be fully focussed, confident and believe in your self. You can do it. If you can win 5 US open titles, then you can certainly win it for the 6th time. Among the top 4, every one has won a GS this year, so it's your turn to make it 18.
God Bless you.

Love you forever
24.08.2014 | 16:46
Roger, I am a fan of yours and have seen almost every match of yours for last 5 years. I have a suggestion for u to win, but don't get angry with my suggestion. I think your back hand is your weakest link. One way of improving it is to hire Gasquet to improve on your back hand. Gasquet wins more strokes with back hand than forehand. U can either exchange tips with him or get him to agree to coach you on your back hand. I really think that will give you a very strong winning formula! Good luck! May God bless u!! Your true fan, Harrison
24.08.2014 | 09:24
Best wishes for a successful and once again a victorious run at the US Open! You have a good chance here. You have won this title 5 times. You have played well this year. You are not the defending champion and thank God injury-free so you can play more freely. Take this easier draw as a blessing, so take advantage of it. No easy opponent should be taken for granted and don't give any player even a little chance. Do your best and deal with one match at a time, till you play the finals and win it!