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11.07.2014 | 09:19
Roger, I hope you or your team read the comments from your fans here. Your fans have good intentions and their comments are real and deserve your attention. You were playing a final. The match was in your hands and you let the title slip away. Your weak nerves always undo you- ex:difficulty at closing out matches & sets, rattled during break points and easily affected by opponents' dirty tricks. What's the use of talent & skills when you lose matches because you can't keep your nerves in check?
Padma Wickramasinghe
11.07.2014 | 08:33
Dear Roger,You played amazing tennis in the Final.It was unfortunate that you missed winning the 5th set.It could have been anyone's win.Djokovic was lucky.Do not ever think of retirement.You can win many more Grand Slams.We believe in you.Believe in yourself and continue the good work.It's a joy to watch you play.Keep practising and beat them all in the tournaments to come.Our Prayers,Blessings and Positive Energy are with you,dear son.Wish you,Mirka and kids Good Health and Protection.
11.07.2014 | 05:45
Dear Roger,
You are a truly great player. You showed us amaging fighting spirit as a Wimbledon finalist. I cannot explain how much I missed you and how great you played and behaved at the Center Court... I cannot wait you will come back next year in 2015 as a finalist!!
Missing intangible
11.07.2014 | 02:37
Roger, I know you desperately want to win another slam, but how can you win when you lack the champion quality now - you can't play stable and reliably (one magnificent shot or game followed by a bad one; poor return game; can't play critical points; can't break or close matches). You really need to work on those intangible qualities. Otherwise, you are not in the elite group as Nadal and Novak. Your technique is fine. It's the intangible - emotion, will power, nerve check, confidence lacking
nerve issue
11.07.2014 | 02:27
Renowned tennis coach Nick Bollettieri admitted he felt bad to see Federer losing what he thinks his one last shot at Grand Slam. The renowned coach added the Swiss could have wrapped up his match with Djokovic, but he could not hold his nerves in big moments during the match. - having fought tooth and nail to get back into the contest - when the trophy was there for him to claim for an eighth time. And you know what? I'm not sure such a good chance to win a Grand Slam will come his way again,"
11.07.2014 | 01:19
Dear Roger Federer,

I always had a dream to see you play right from the start of Wimbledon 2003. I always feel the awe when i see you play. The day of my dream came true when I saw you play at Indian Wells,2014 2nd round beating Paul Henry Mathieu. That has been the best day of my life and be one of the best days I will never forget for the rest of my life.

Thanks for everything Roger! You are good enough to win many more grand slams! Allez Roger!

10.07.2014 | 23:36
Dear Roger,

We are thinking about you and hope you are feeling great and ready for your next tournaments on American continent. We send our best wishes to everyone in your family and on your team. We like your new coach, he is very involved in everything you do on tennis court. In some ways, we think, he is very much like you -no nonsense and no excuses. Allez, dear Roger!

Love always, your New York fans