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22.11.2015 | 07:14
Go, Roger, go!
Next year, Wimbledonand/or Flushing Meadows!
22.11.2015 | 05:58
Dear Maestro, all the best for tomorrow. Good luck and God bless!! Love you always.
22.11.2015 | 05:44
Hi Roger, I have not visited your site for awhile but I still follow you on the tennis circuit.

Like your beard.

Good luck tomorrow. It will be another tough match against Djokovic but you can do it.

Stay sweet.
22.11.2015 | 04:30
Hi Roger! It is so cool! Thank you for being in the final! Yup, I wishing best of luck for you in the final to win the game and best of luck for myself to pass my two actuarial exams. Just be there and do it better! Thank you! Ganbatte kudasai! God bless you, Mirka, pretty little girls, the proud two little guys, and the supporting team members! Best of luck to all of us. Amen!
22.11.2015 | 03:34
Dear Roger,
It's time to win the final. You can do it!!. Just relax, vary the game, first service, slice, drop shot. and ... Patience!!
Come on!!
Riz Soulliard
22.11.2015 | 03:15
Dear Roger.....I cannot wait to see you play against Novak tomorrow. If your first serve percentage is high, you will do fine. Also, you do well when you don't approach off of his backhand. He loves a target....just don't give it to him. On the most important points even though it may be tempting for you to run around your backhand to hit a forehand return.....I say, don't. Your back hand return is more consistent than your forehand return.....surprisingly. Good luck, tomorrow. Riz
Bravo !
22.11.2015 | 02:26
It was a very good year finally and so proud to heard your victory this week ! http://www.descuento-pagare.es/