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Mitzi Irslinger
21.08.2014 | 22:15
Fantastic tennis Roger. Keep it up. 80 titles, now lets go for 81, All the best for the U:S:Open.
21.08.2014 | 21:13
Best wishes Roger for the US Open.
21.08.2014 | 21:02
Dear Roger:

I love you !!! I love you !!! I love you !!!

DEMOLISH all your opponents !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BEAT THEM all, YOU ROCK, Maestro !!!!

You will win the US OPEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All the good vibes from now !!!!!!!!!!!!

GOD bless you, your lovely family and RFteam !!!!!!!
Maxime Ondoua Nsom
21.08.2014 | 18:19
Another pleasure to see Roger play at such a high level and win another Master's title! I hope him the same success in Flushing Meadows for a sixth crown... Congratulations Master!
21.08.2014 | 06:17
What is yours is yours - no one can snatch it from you.

You have 7 matches to fulfill your destiny at US Open.

Play freely. Don't lose focus in the second set. Stick to game plan.

Plan A - everything goes to plan. Plan B - work out options if rhythm is not there.

This year you have fought well so the confidence is there to fight back.

2014 is your year.
21.08.2014 | 03:32
muchiiisimas felicidades!!! un excelente torneo, es grandioso disfrutar de la calidad de juego y de la pasión con la que juegas......por siempre el mejor!!!

21.08.2014 | 00:25
Das war dein letzter Titel auf der Toru,sei froh das Rafa verletzt ist und der Djokder außer Form ist, anders kannst du ja nicht gewinnen...