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23.04.2015 | 20:07
Moin Roger, habe gerade deine Biographie "Das Tennisgenie" verschlungen. Besonders beeindruckend finde ich, dass du trotz deiner großen Erfolge nie abgehoben bist und auch abseits des Tennisplatzes viel Engagement für das Tennis zeigst. Dein Weg ist noch lange nicht vorbei. Ich wünsche dir die Grand Slam-Titel Nr. 18, 19 und 20 - in 2015 und 2016 ;).
22.04.2015 | 18:38
La finale du tournoi de Monte Carlo m'a semblé bien fade. L'ombre de l'Artiste planait sur le court. Un seul être vous manque et tout est dépeuplé.
Heureusement, la pub ROLEX passait tous les deux jeux avec RF super classe en costume !
Come on, Roger ! le tennis est bien triste sans toi.
22.04.2015 | 16:57
Dear Roger, wonderful photo of home from you! And "greening there": where I am it is all up and down. It will be a great occasion to open this new tournament. There is nothing like seeing you on the court. Wish you enjoyment, bask in the fans' love for you, and also good luck and Godbless. Watch out sharpishly: you know are the best, and to some getting the better of you is aking to winning a GS title. Put them down!
22.04.2015 | 14:48
Hi Roger, soon you will be in Turkey; I am so excited to see you in our country and watch you closely for the first time; for many years I'am playing and following tennis; for me , you are the best sportsmen I've ever seen so far and I hope for many years I've the opportunity to see you on court.
22.04.2015 | 06:51
Hi Roger, it is nice to see that twin girls are attending the matches, they should be so proud. You are still number 1 as you have changed your style and way of play, it looks good. Keep it going Roger, all the best the next matches. 😘
21.04.2015 | 21:30
Roger ,the greatest , prepare for Wimbledon like its your last and then play like its your first and then you will get your 18th!
21.04.2015 | 20:53
All the best to the live legend!