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Padma Wickramasinghe
29.05.2015 | 18:21
Dear Roger,Congratulations on your wonderful victory.It was a pleasure to watch win in style.You are the best. Believe in yourself and play with confidence and determination to lift the trophy.Be calm and stay focused throughout.Fight for every point and get the lead early.May your serve and shots work perfectly and give you a win in straight sets in your next match too.Our Prayers,Blessings and Positive Energy are with you,dear son.Wish you,Mirka and kids Good Health,Protection and Happiness.
Aditya Khanna
29.05.2015 | 18:03
If I sent a cap to get signed, would I get it back?
29.05.2015 | 16:06
It's always fun to watch Roger play, especially when he's in cruise control !!
29.05.2015 | 15:50
Cher Roger,

C'est fait. Nous savourons votre victoire et avons admiré une fois encore votre immense talent avec une passion intact. Vous êtes unique !

Bien à vous
29.05.2015 | 15:48
Bravo Roger, Congratulations on your win over Dzumhur and again in 3 sets.
Fabulous tennis. Kind regards to you all.
29.05.2015 | 15:47
29.05.2015 | 13:52
Hi Roger, please don't go into your shell as you move into the second week of the French Open. Please ATTACK the ball - SMACK IT whenever possible. Like Stan did when he won against Nadal. This takes away TIME from these players who DEPEND on having time to set up their boringly safe top-spin returns. TAKE AWAY TIME from them and, with your clay court game, YOU WILL WIN! This strategy works in all sports. Sent with love to a LEGEND OF THE GAME. Best of luck, too! :)