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23.10.2014 | 22:15
Lieber Roger,

Glückwunsch zu deinem Erfolg gegen Istomin! Toll, wie du dich nach dem ersten Satz zurück gekämpft hast, und dich auch nicht durch die vielen vergebenen Chancen nicht hast aus der Ruhe bringen lassen ;)
Ich wünsche dir für das morgige Viertelfinale gegen Dimitrov alles alles Gute, wird sicher nicht leicht, aber du packst das. Roger!! Glaub an dich, dann ist alles möglich, du wirst siegen! Allez, Champ!!! :)
Tennis- und das wichtig...
23.10.2014 | 21:21
Lieber Roger, sooo spannend hätte es ja heute abend doch nicht sein sollen....herzliche Gratulation! Dir und deiner Familie alles Gute - und das Wichtigste bleibt, dass eure Kinder und du und deine Frau gesund bleibt - alles andere ist unwichtig (auch wenn dein Sieg heute abend ungemein freut!). Herzlicher Gruss von Romi aus Baselland
23.10.2014 | 21:19
Bravo, Roger! A well fought battle! Istomin is big and physically powerful, but I knew you would not let him in, that you would win! And so did the whole stadium, bless them! So glad to see you when you say "enough" and roll into all out action.
I wonder about one thing:; at times it seems to me that some players net netcords during serve, not once, but at least twice. I think some may serve a purpose. Go on, Roger: enjoy yourself, and like us, enjoy your spectacular shots and match!!!!
leila feltrin
23.10.2014 | 18:44
fiquei sabendo hoje que talvez venhas para o carnaval no rio de janeiro.fiquei muito feliz e te afirmo que te esperaremos de braços abertos assim como o Cristo no Corcovado.venha se divertir e ser feliz .um grande abraço.
23.10.2014 | 18:31
Wishing you another win today vs. Istomin. Your draw is a lot more challenging than Nadal's. Why is it like this even in your own home tournament? Nadal is so far cruising because his opponents are neophytes. Nadal is in Basel to get a chance to beat you to make himself whole again. You know how he thrives on psyche and deceit. Don't believe he's got appendicitis. A person ill with appendicitis can't play sports. Don't hesitate to beat him if ever he gets to the finals! You're the best!
23.10.2014 | 16:46
Keep your hands on the ball, and your opponents' eyes in sight! You read them well: they say this one or that one is promising. which is true, but being promising is not the same as having fulfilled so many of your promises, to yourself! Keep going after your heart's desire because it's not a whim: it's the urging of your gift to make it grow into a mighty tree. See through all of them, and better them, which you can, always! Luck, and Godbless!!!!
23.10.2014 | 13:44
Far from the courts, a father of four,
Even Mirka can’t quite hide her emotions when you dance on the baseline.
Davis Cup glory around the corner? 2015 beckons with a whole lot more…
Entice the wannabes, and the pretenders, and just let them pine.
Remember, you’re a titan. An icon that comes along once every million years
Endless hours and deep fires will follow you through to a golden glory in 2016,
Regret nothing, because you have defined a sport that defined you.