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22.04.2016 | 21:43
Dear Mr. Federer, I am a grandmother who is 70 years old, living in Istanbul. I am watching your games for years. I feel so sorry when you loose a game. But that is fine, You have a great heart.I am deeply moved with you helping the children, providing school for them. I pray for you in your matches. You are always the champion for me and number one for your respectful manners in the court. I also watched you live in Istanbul. Best regards
22.04.2016 | 18:34
Fantastique hommage bien mérité pour un grand CHampion. Toujours difficile de quitter sa famille surtout pour un adolescent, je suis de SAint-Sulpice.....
Avons hâte de vous revoir jouer. Good luck
22.04.2016 | 16:01
Miss you on the tour maestro, please let us know if you will be playing Madrid and/or Rome
22.04.2016 | 10:32
Bonjour Roger, Très joli article dans 24h aujourd'hui. Pour info, tu n'es pas le seul à avoir eu le mal du pays à Ecublens. Au moins tu y as appris à parler français (moi aussi d'ailleurs). C'était super de te voir hier ! J'ai vu l'Ile St. Pierre depuis le train, ce qui m'a rappelé la première fois que tu as gagné à Wimbledon. Merveilleux souvenir ! Bonne journée, et bonne suite quelques soient les décisions que tu prendras. XX
22.04.2016 | 08:02
Hi Roger! Im a huge fan of yours, i was so sad after the Montecarlo QF and im so looking forward to seeing you play again! I wish you played before the Roland Garros! :( Roger please solidarise with the people of Ecuador that are in pain and need. I wrote to your foundation as well. Ive always admire not only your game, but also your great humaniticarian causes with children in Africa, hitfor haiti etc., today Ecuador needs all the aid we can get. Miss you! You are the best. Come back sooner!
22.04.2016 | 02:26
Please go to ROME
You will get the Championship this time!
21.04.2016 | 23:09
Roger, I sincerely hope that you will put in Madrid and/or Rome before the French Open. I am having withdrawal symptoms not being able to watch you play! Please come back soon!