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22.06.2016 | 13:06
Hi Roger It was great to see you on the court again at Halle. Watching tennis is never the same without you there. Do hope that you are completely recovered and that you will be mentally strong for what awaits you at Wimbledon. I am really not interested in how many slams you have etc, but hope you go deep into the tournament so we get to see you play a lot! And winning the title of course would be great, but as you say, one game at a time. All the best for next week.
Rf Brand
22.06.2016 | 06:33
I watch a lot of tennis to get pointers on things for my kids to work on and techniques to use. While watching I noticed the brand name RF and how unique it is. I was wondering if you would ever add a word or two with the brand.
22.06.2016 | 04:14
I am impatiently awaiting your next Grand Slam action at Wimbledon and that you play sublimely, beautifully and and win of course!
Jean Claude Grin
22.06.2016 | 01:58
Merci pour tout le plaisir que vous nous avez donné depuis tout ce temps , nous vous souhaitons, ainsi qu'à votre famille, tout le bonheur du monde, jusqu'à la fin des jours
bea uzielli
21.06.2016 | 22:15
I have admired you for years. You are my tennis god. I truly love your game and your cool and calm demeanor. I watch you and you look like you are performing a dance on the courts and you are always there for the ball. It is totally selfish but you have given me such pleasure watching you. I followed Borg for years and watched him at Roland Garros but you are the best. I wish more players would emulate your style. Good luck at Wimbledon I will be watching
21.06.2016 | 21:41
Roger, watching you play now vs. years ago, the difference is #1 your mental sharpness-you used to be fearless. You now tend to hesitate/doubt yourself. #2 your attack style-you used to attack all the time. Now you attack sporadically and then go back to the chip defense. Every time you do that, your opponent kills you. So, attack, even in defense. #3 your unpredictability-you used to leave your opponent guess. Now you are so predicable. To win Wimbledon is not easy. You need to play lights out
17 grand slams
21.06.2016 | 20:09
Roger,please improve your returns.Be mentally confident.If you get to play Novak,do not lose your confidence.Make him run for each point.Discuss with Ljubicic about how to beat him.Reduce your unforced errors.Never give him a chance.Practice well.Be ready to face any type of opponent.All the best for Wimbledon,Roger Federer.