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12.10.2015 | 03:26
Hola Roger ...j'ai commencé a jouer au tennis depuis 6 mois et ma vie a changé. J'adore !!
Je veux te dire que tu es magnifique et j'aime te voir jouer. Bonne chance à Shanghai et toujours.
10.10.2015 | 20:22
tDear Roger can hardly wait for Shanghai. Tough tournament. The way you were
playing at the USO was brilliant. We were hoping to see you lift the cup. This wasn't to be. The tennis up played there was so breathtaking. The shots and movement was
too much. Just sensational. Bring this all with you to Shanghai. We are with you all the
way. I love watching you play. The best to you and your team. Love Mirka.
10.10.2015 | 18:01
Hallo Roger, je te souhaite bonne chance à Shanghai.
Nous t'aimons.
10.10.2015 | 07:24
Hi, Roger. Good luck in Shanghai. I pray that you win again and defend your title. I'll be supporting you all the way. God bless.
Sheila B.
09.10.2015 | 22:19
Wishing you all the luck in the world. Keep your faith strong,your head high,ask God to be with you and go out there and do what you do best, which is Love the game and your fans. We love you!
09.10.2015 | 22:19
09.10.2015 | 19:59
Dear Roger, you, more than anyone else, know that there is a way around, through, above, under obstacles or things! Indeed, there is some extraneous stuff there that can be cut through like the Gordian knot. Arrogance and vainglory only suffice for so long, as does excessive strong-man tactics. Payback will be delivered. Play with full conviction, daring, and a steady onslaught. Vary your pace as needed.Mr. Wallace was so right about how you play!!