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Nvart Ohannesian
02.07.2015 | 18:35
Dear Roger, well done for today's match, keep on this way until the end of this tournament. You are always the best. WE WILL PRAY FOR YOU. GOD Bless you & your family.
02.07.2015 | 17:59
Bravo-bravo Roger.
Riz Soulliard
02.07.2015 | 17:57
Dear Roger...I am posting again today to just let you know how well you played. If you look at the 3rd set 4-2 game...you will see just how brilliant and creative you were with your forehand returns and also how well you ran to the forehand side and still kept the ball in with a lot of spin and height, especially going cross court. If your returns are this consistent along with your running forehands vs Querry...I don't think anyone can beat you. I take back my first email comments. Good luck!
02.07.2015 | 17:56
Bravo, Roger, played with great perfection, shotmaking, everythin clicking, and you dominating in such a fashion. It is hard work, those dashes that you made, and then on the run hit a winner, but you made it look as though it was Angel"s Play! It was a joy to watch, and the audience enjoyed the match so much they were not just giving you an ovation but were laughing with pleasure! Bravo, again, again, and again...all the way,,,to Trophy#8. For now rest, then next opponent to put away!
Riz Soulliard
02.07.2015 | 17:10
Roger....please check some videos and see why you have trouble running to your forehand side and keeping the ball in. Is it that you are not balancing your body well....is it because your mindset is to be very aggressive with your forehand? Once you become more consistent with that one shot...you will have more success than you already have. Also, check out your forehand returns. The percentage is much lower than your backhand returns. The players know this already...you need to start the point.
02.07.2015 | 13:53
Get "Under him" Roger, wrongfoot him, make him run and bend and do quick changes in direction. Make sure he doesn't get ahead: get out your serves and use them along with the other great weapons in your quiver! Stand your ground, and always trust yourself. Take the W, champion!
02.07.2015 | 11:00
Cher Roger, Il est vrai que le blanc est un peu monotone mais c'est le tennis qui nous intéresse le plus et toi tu es le meilleur. Je ne vais malheureusement pas pouvoir regarder tout le match aujourd'hui mais je suis certaine que tu peux gagner. Good luck !