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26.01.2015 | 14:17
Roger we miss you, we love you
26.01.2015 | 14:06
Come back to us Roger, we miss you a lot!
No Federer = No Tennis

We love you!
26.01.2015 | 11:43
Dear maestro,,
Waiting for you and your tennis in the coming events.
God bless you and family

26.01.2015 | 09:41
Fed had an off day, shit happens, end of story, get over it..!!! Fan
26.01.2015 | 07:15
Viendo TENNIS esta noche, todavía me cuesta creer que no te veré en la 2da semana. Pero es una triste realidad. Para mi siempre serás el #1. No se cuál será tu próximo torneo, ya que no aparece el schedule pero estaré pendiente. Se te quiere
26.01.2015 | 05:09
FED_FAN, you are no fan. Others who have injury and are away, usually don't perform well. Matchplay is really important. Same for injury time. Those who have come back,I see they are different. More sleek, buffed, etc. They take some bath salts, etc. but that is not the way it would work without some kind of vitamins and whatever. Shame on you. Be glad others play straight!
26.01.2015 | 05:06
Roger, wish you were here. Miss you, among all this striving, miss your wonderful flying game. You didn't have a very good schedule, and/or didn't feel well. But we can see what is going on. There is more for you to hand out: outplay, outwit them. Enjoy family.***NEVER IN IT, your head is not anywhere, buddy. Nadal nearly lost: he pulled through because they let his infractions stand. All others who say moronic things, you have no idea, just lack of judgment.