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17.08.2016 | 12:12
lieber Roger
Es war absolut unschön, dass Du nicht in Rio warst. Es fehlte der netteste und beste Tennisspieler. Du hättest die Goldmedaille verdient. Es waren alle "Cariocas" sehr traurig weil Du fehltest. Sie hoffen alle, dass Du einmal nach Rio an ein Turnier kommst. Ich wünsch Dir eine gute Genesung und dass Du ab dem neuen Jahr immer gesund bleibst und wieder Turniere gewinnst. Es freut sich die halbe Welt auf Deine Rückkehr. Abraços
17.08.2016 | 01:16
Roger! We miss you terribly!! I ALMOST bought tickets for Cincy. Sort of glad I didn't - I would have been so disappointed you were not there. Heal up and hurry back! :)
Rohit Sarin
16.08.2016 | 07:34
Dear Roger,
Greetings! I am an amateur tennis buff and a great fan of yours, having watched almost all your grand slam matches since you won your first Wimbledon.I would sincerely urge you to treat this period as a blessing in disguise,sure you would only emerge stronger. I have an advise:Tennis today has become very physical and playing best of five makes it more, affecting arm muscles in the 4th /5th set for older players. Suggest you reduce your racket weight by only 10 gm and feel the diff.!
15.08.2016 | 02:07
Roger, as busy as you are, and with a loving family in tow, I doubt you'll read this... but I understand! I just want to thank you somehow for being such a big part of my childhood. I am 21 now, and have grown up watching not only your majestic tennis, but how you carry yourself off the court. Your grace and humilty inspire me. I aspire to be as good a man as you are one day, by sharing and displaying your values. I wish you all the best, my hero.
14.08.2016 | 00:58
>Bonjour Roger ! En tant que grand fan, je suis heureux de pouvoir te laisser un message ici et discuter directement avec toi !

tastiera virtuale araba
14.08.2016 | 00:51
Tu n'est pas le maestro pour rien, c'est toi qui nous montre le jeu !!!
My Congratulations for everything you show us and what we made discover in tennis
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12.08.2016 | 13:21
Salut Roger,
Tu as toujours été un homme bon; tu conseilles même les jeunes joueurs de tennis fan de toi qui plus tard te succèderont!!!! (comme David Goffin à Roland Garros en 2012!! tu l'as même encouragé)
C'est ça qui fait de toi un vrai Champion!!!!!
A bientôt!!! Rendez-vous 2017 pour gagner des Grands Chelems!!!