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Nina Chami
27.07.2015 | 15:15
Hello Roger,
Could you pls let us know if you will play this coming US open ???? Because it is not written in your schedule.
Thanks a lot.
Julie Kerrick-Geiser
26.07.2015 | 19:09
most importantly, please keep playing! You are so wonderful to watch; it is like watching a ballet. You play with strength and gracefulness! I began watching tennis when Rod Laver was the best; then enjoyed Jimmy Connors, Arthur Ashe, Johnny Mac, Andre Agassi. You, in my mind are tops and above all of the previous mentioned! They had their own type of playing, but I so enjoy yours. Much luck at the US Open, many will be watching and cheering for you. You are a true rolemodel for all ages
Sigi aus Südtirol
26.07.2015 | 13:57
Sehr geehrter Herr Federer,
es war wieder ein Traum Sie im Finale von Wimbledon spielen zu sehen!
Mein Traum bleibt weiterhin einmal ein Foto mit Ihnen zu machen! Einmal haben es meine Freundin und ich geschafft, sie sind fünf Meter an uns vorbei in den gleichen Flieger von Melbourne nach Dubai (2014) aber leider ist es uns nicht gelungen schade. So wie sie gebe ich nicht auf daran zu glauben.
Danke für alle Emotionen

Today is the best day because is the first day from the rest of my life
26.07.2015 | 08:53
You are the heart, Roger, the creative force of tennis, and have been for a long time. I know that there is more on your racquet, in your spirit, in your love of this sport, and that wielding that blade will bring more to you, to us. Don't let the souped up players deter you: they will pay for it, and shortly. One sees the signs. There is no one like you, to make tennis ever better, not just with sideshow power, but all the incredible possibilities the game has to offer. Don't hang it up!
26.07.2015 | 08:49
Most of us on this website are thinking of you, and that wonderful tournament, and how you played! I don't why the roof wasn't closed--except at the end--and the effects of the rain delay. Magic Dust?. But we look forward to seeing your play, and enjoy your visit to Malawi, and the beautiful people there. I say once again: you are incomparable, inimitable, and truly the King of Tennis for All time! Some try to detract, .even here there is a war at times by nasty posters. But REAL IS REAL.
26.07.2015 | 06:46
Hi Roger,
I just finished reading the book Federer and Me, A Story of Obsession, by William Skidelsky. I got to know quite a lot about Mr. Skidelsky and his technical analysis of the tennis game. I would appreciate knowing your thoughts about Mr. Skidelsky's comparative analysis of the game and its history as well as his definition of your own tennis game. If you have read the book, can you please share with me what are your thoughts of it, in general.
Thank you and kindest regards.
Roger fans
25.07.2015 | 21:19
Hi Roger,

Sorry for my late belated birthday wishes to your girls.

We are all waiting for your schedule for the rest of the season, I know that you got a lot of points to defend to stay in the top 3. Roger, I do hope that you will win more tournaments in the second half of the season.

Please can we have the end of season schedule up.

Kind Regards and Thank you.