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27.06.2016 | 05:46
Please don't think anything else, except playing beautiful tennis... That's it.
New York
27.06.2016 | 04:45
Roger, I think Andy is copying you SABR on the "London Lawn", although you do it much graceful. It seemed Milos get scared to serve, his first serve % was very low. Needless to say he did not have too many Aces, even got few double faults. Every time he was serving, Andy just jumped up, run to the net, so invasive.
Please practice to hit aces as many as you can( I remembered you hited 20+ Aces in a match before (to beat Andy). Play well at big points. Good luck to you.
Roger Federer
27.06.2016 | 04:40
Remember your the greatest player in the world
27.06.2016 | 04:09
Today is my birthday ! My present ? Getting to watch you tomorrow !!! Good luck !
Swati Mahajan
26.06.2016 | 21:25
Dear Roger,
All best wishes for your Ist round match tomorrow and for the rest of the tournament. Hope you have recovered and are ready to go. Hope the lawns at Wimbledon motivates you to find your game and rhythm and you are able to play aggressively and confidently in a full flow.

God bless you!
26.06.2016 | 21:10
Please try to up your break point corverge rate. It seems you have poor rate.
Most important is to play big point (match point, break point game point) better.
26.06.2016 | 18:00
Dear Roger....one more thing. Please ask your coach to make videos of your running forehand and your forehand return. For the running forehand those shots that you have to run from the middle of the court to your forehand side are not very consistent. Is it because you are not set up with your feet or trying to hit an outright winner from that position, I cannot tell. Also, you are more creative/consistent with your backhand return. Players go wide to your forehand when it really matters.