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17.02.2015 | 16:49
Dear Roger, I first want to thank you for what you offered us in the past ! Mainly I look forward to th next spring tennis season and I'm happy that you will play so many tournaments. Wish you all the best. Of course the better is to wish all the best for your whole family.
17.02.2015 | 15:30
Dear Federer,
I have been following you since the day you played against sampras. I have been a loyal fan throughout this time even when people started doubting you and called for your retirement. I prayed for you and you were my idol. But you hurt my sentiments as well as thousands more Pakistani's when you publically supported india in the cricket world cup against pakistan. I wish you would have kept a neutral stance and cared for the sentiments of so many of your Pakistani fans.
17.02.2015 | 14:02
Hello Roger, please lets keep in mind our advice (we been saying this for seven years ago), first service is crucial, for further information just call us...
17.02.2015 | 13:23
Hi Majesty,

That will be thrilling to watch you playing on the court in Istanbul. We've been waiting for so long to experience it. I hope you'll keep your word and come to Istanbul to compete as you announced. Please, don't cancel it.

You deserve to win, at least, one more Grand Slam at your age. Keep training but do not forget, even if you win one more or not, you are already the best in the history by far.

All the best for you...
17.02.2015 | 01:35
I'm glad you lightened up your schedule. Hope to see you playing again soon.
Joan Bond
17.02.2015 | 01:25
Well Master Fed. Here we go again, been missing your grace and class so can't wait fo Dubai. All the best reclaiming your trophy. You know your body and what it needs so ignore the media, you know " those who can't do criticise" you know the grandslams are there, age is not your enemy, just listen to your body, your team and trust your instinct.

Much Love
17.02.2015 | 00:21
Keep doing what you love to do. This will keep you motivated and make you young.
Keep teaching those tennis players who are lazy a lesson which will make them cry for the rest of their life.
Practice lots of skills which will help you win lots of points easily.
Finally, ignore what the media says about age. Very soon someone will come and blast them for the negative words they use to demean people.