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charles pierre
22.07.2014 | 21:32
j éspère que tu finiras bien l année et que tu pourras participer a la Masters Cup .Avec toutes mes amitiés ainsi qu a ta famille
22.07.2014 | 21:11
Dear Roger it has taken me this long to reply to your wimbeldon match. I just
couldn't bring myself to talk about it. You played magnificently. It must have been
such a disappointment for you, but you held your head up high and true to your
nature displayed grace and poise. I loved that you acknowledged the fans there
by walking around with your plate and waved to the fans who love you so much
and we could feel that. Can't wait to see you at the Rogers Cup. Love and kisses
to all the team.
22.07.2014 | 08:52
J'espère que c'est pas un message injurieux, mais la pub Lindt est aussi honteuse qu'un match perdu au premier tour contre un ATP 300. Rien de bien grave en soi, mais seuls des hommes d'affaires deshumanisés peuvent avoir une manière de concevoir une pub aussi sordide que cette pub Lindt. Sinon bravo pour vos super résultats au tennis...
22.07.2014 | 01:23
Su majestad
Un ejemplo permanente de clase, excelente tenis y mejor persona. Éxitos con tu fundación. Que los triunfos te acompañen muchos años. Desde el Perú te seguimos con pasión.

21.07.2014 | 21:48
RF is "the doctor"
hopefully, I can watching RF live at the court..
21.07.2014 | 18:03
Roger, looking forward to Roger's Cup! There are only 2 messages allowed here, then how come the moderators allow on the Forum's Roger & Tennis site people with names and attitudes like NacallHoly_Spirit and Muzza_For_Ever, and a few similar ones, to open threads, post, and yet any posts commenting on their attitude--i.e., your fans'--are being deleted? You are busy: let MODERATORS KNOW! IT IS UPSETTING, THIS LAXNESS ON YOUR SITE FOR YOUR FANS!
21.07.2014 | 17:54
Suerte y éxitos
Tu fiel admiradora Cindy
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