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28.11.2015 | 00:15
My son Aodhán came into my bedroom the other morning terribly upset. He had a dream that he met you and got your autograph. He was devastated when he realised it was a dream. It was very funny for us his parents. He follows your matches, watches you on you tube every morning before he goes to school and then tries to copy your play. He has been playing for 2.5 years now and loves his tennis. He admires your ability to control yourself, your play and how you play. Best of luck to you.
27.11.2015 | 22:06
Roger you are the best. I watch every single game of yours at any time day or night from whatever part of the world all year round. At 76 years of age, I lose sleep over your losses that's how much I love you. Wish I could meet you one day.
27.11.2015 | 18:39
Ich frage mich jedes mal wie man so gut Tennis spielen kann!!
Ich glaube es bleibt auch weiterhin ein Geheimnis.
Ich wollte nur mal sagen dass ich dir viel Glück auf deinem Weg wünsche.
Mögen die Sterne deinen Weg erleuchten!!
27.11.2015 | 18:14
Rogerrrrrr please hear me !!!!
27.11.2015 | 14:29
Great player !
27.11.2015 | 07:35
Good morning excellencies the greatest player :)
26.11.2015 | 23:02
Hi Roger

You are the best player ever, thank you for such outstanding tennis.
Unique is a understatement describing your Tennis. Look out for a 12 year old called Michael N (English/American) who has been described as a 'Little Federer 'and has automatically been invited to the Orange Bowl. How he wants to meet you Roger and one day he will. Thank you. Yvonnr
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