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24.04.2014 | 17:59
Well done. Keep up the good work - see you at the next tournament - We are always behind you willing you on. All the best to Mirka & the twins .
24.04.2014 | 09:03
Liebe Roger
Rächt härzlige Dangg, das Du mii FCB-Shirt geschter unterschriebe hesch.
Mii Fründin isch ganz närvös gsi wo Sii dii gseh het.....
Mir wünsche Dir alles gueti uff Diim wytere Wäg...... und vielicht seht mee sich jo wieder e mol in M.....z
Gruss Pascal + Gaby
24.04.2014 | 06:36
I do agree Roger, with you, that you always put yourself in the position where you can compete to the end, to the trophy. Doing that will bring you trophies, unquestionably. To those who appear "disappinted", I say some people are never satisfied. NOt only your pacing during the year, the tournaments, timing, but also yhour evaluation of players is outstanding. And you do have that "supernaturaaal" talent, which is something no one else has! Best of MIrka, the girls, and the whole family.
how to win again
24.04.2014 | 04:43
Roger, I've been thinking why you've been doing well this year, but only got one title so far, why you played so well until you get Novak or Stan, why you lost at least twice after winning the first set. My conclusion is that when you are aggressive and dictate shots, you win. Then, either you are a head or you are behind, you start playing passive, tentative, not your aggressive style, or maybe you are tired. Anyway, you play to not lose points, but, in fact lost the game, set and match.Get it?
23.04.2014 | 23:38
I'm a bit behind of RF news these days because that stupid loss. Just saw CS behind the scenes on youtube, i forgive you Roger. All my anger is gone. I just realised one of reasons i follow you is your handsomeness, gosh you look perfect in the vid...you're killing us! Sign, that smile, that figure with a trophy...GOD please make it happen soon.
23.04.2014 | 22:36
Hey Roger,

congrats on doing so well this year you are getting better and stronger each tournament. I understand about losing to Stan, he has learned a lot from you but has won very little over the years while you have don so well. I don't think you had the heart to beat him that day although you always want to win, you also want your friend to experience the joy of winning so once again you show your noble spirit and magnanimity. Good luck and keep going, more victories ahead!

Ray and Buzuye
Mitzi Irslinger
23.04.2014 | 21:49
Roger Roger, what happened to you? Two titles you let go. Indian Wells you really should have won, that would have been your title number 79!!! Monte Carlo your tile number 80!! I hope you are trying to get there. Please practice tie breaks !!! Also a few more aces would help!!!!.
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