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22.05.2015 | 13:03
It's a privilege to be a contemporary of such a gifted tennis player and of such a likeable person, Roger. Good luck at Roland Garros.
22.05.2015 | 12:30
Hi Roger wünsche Dir für Roland Garros alles Gute und viel Glück.
22.05.2015 | 11:41
Good morning Roger... well Novak was on last week.... that was last week... now your here a place that will bring you great joy over the next two weeks.
Paris is always wonderful in the Spring... this is the tournament and slam that you will be remember for a long time...? Have a great weekend with the family and will chat next week.
22.05.2015 | 05:09
hey roger congrats....you won Istambul open 2015 and all d best for ur next open series...and all d best for French open grand slam...and i nope u won ur 18th grand slam title..
A Friend in Costa Rica
21.05.2015 | 22:08
I can't speak on behalf of any other person than myself but when I send posts trying to support and motivate Mr. Federer I do it with the outmost respect for him and the rest of his fans. Even though I play tennis two or three times a week that doesn't mean that I could in any way give any sort of advice to Mr. Federer...but I guess I do it anyways because I know that he a special tennis player who deserves a unique place in tennis history, I think he can still win an important title again...
A Friend in Costa Rica
21.05.2015 | 21:57
...is silly or ridiculous for any of us to dare give any kind of technical or strategical advice to Mr. Federer on how to win any tennis match...well, sure, you are probably right...so I guess the only reasonable explanation that people like me dare to do it is not to suggest that we know more about tennis than Mr. Federer, that would be impossible, no, the reason we do it is that we are very fond of Mr. Federer and we want to see him win more, especially some of the really important tournaments
A Friend in Costa Rica
21.05.2015 | 21:49
Hello,...this is to answer the post from FAN, you know, to be honest, it also blows my mind the fact that so many people or fans of Mr. Federer give him advice on how to play or prepare for matches, it especially blows my mind when I do it myself...and I do it all the time, it does blow my mind and I don't understand it because I know that Mr. Federer does not read any of these posts, I don't think that he would have the time or interest to read any of this, if you meant to say or imply that it
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