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02.07.2015 | 23:16
Congratulations Roger on another great match and win in just 3 sets. Fantastic tennis. Good luck in your next match against Groth. Kind regards to you, Mirka, your beautiful children and the team.
02.07.2015 | 23:09
Come on Roger tu nous donnes tellement de bonheur, bravo l'artiste, nous sommes tous avec toi bravo bravo, tu es magiques et nous souhaitons tellement te voir aller loin tres loin dans ce tournoi que tu apprecies tant... bonne chance maestro..
02.07.2015 | 22:29
Enjoyed the match today, Well done Roger, very entertaining tennis !! If I could take a moment, congrats Dustin Brown !! Serve and volley perfection @ belief !! Fan
02.07.2015 | 22:28
Dear Roger, congratulations on winning your second match, just as the first one you've played marvellous. I believe your going to win Wimbledon. Can't wait for your next match. Take care of yourself and enjoy your game. What a tweener.... I was laughing because of it. Splendid! Warm greetings
02.07.2015 | 21:48
Quel bonheur de voir Roger brillé de mille feux ! Le magicien a encore sorti un coup incroyable (après le lob dans le dos, voici le lob entre les jambes). Quel régal ! Roger, continue à nous offrir autant de plaisir ! Bonne chance pour la suite du tournoi que j'aimerai tant te voir gagner.
02.07.2015 | 21:10
Dustin Brown proves that the best and easiest way to beat Nadal is serve and volley and net play. If Roger had done that consistently and persistently in the past, then I imagine Roger would have had more FO titles, would have been on a winning record against Nadal. It's not that Nadal is better than Roger. No way. It's that Roger played a wrong style and strategy against Nadal. What Brown did was totally take away time form Nadal by being fast, unpredictable and surprised attack. Nadal is slow
Nvart Ohannesian
02.07.2015 | 18:35
Dear Roger, well done for today's match, keep on this way until the end of this tournament. You are always the best. WE WILL PRAY FOR YOU. GOD Bless you & your family.
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