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22.07.2016 | 08:55
Great tournament Roger keep up this great tennis style !
21.07.2016 | 22:54
Sir....you have no idea what a great inspiration you are to me throughout my life.. whenever i feel down i just watch your matches and at the end of the day i am fully charged to achieve more and more in life. I am saving up daily to meet you one day in person to just kneel down in front of you and say thank you!!
Respect!! love u always!!
21.07.2016 | 01:41
Sorry to learn you will not be at the Rogers Cup this year. Will miss you.

Wishing you all the best as you work to be 100 per cent fit. Not sure if you will play Cincinnati. If I cannot see you in person it would be nice to watch you on TV.

Keep well. Stay sweet.

20.07.2016 | 13:43
I hope you cn recover for the rest of the season. Not to see you qualified yet for the ATP WOrld Tour Finals really hurts. First goal is to see you win the gold medal at the Olympics. Good luck!
20.07.2016 | 10:47
Past is gone. Hoping you recover well soon, physically and mentally... Just forget the past and always do the best for coming matches in RIO. Keep positive, happy, and healthy for you, family, and whole team.
20.07.2016 | 07:48
Hello Roger,

You are number one of tennis player.

Take care. m88
20.07.2016 | 04:46
My prayers are strong for you as you prepare so hard to play in Rio!
Bring home the Gold Roger !!!

I would really appreciate to know if you will be attending Cincinnati this year.
I don't want to go if you won't be there. Please please let me know before I spend so much to try to attend the event.

Here is my email Tjencats@aol.com
Thank you and much appreciation for all you do for your fans.
You are the best. God Bless You and your Family