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26.11.2015 | 22:09
Please write me something excellencies
26.11.2015 | 21:33
26.11.2015 | 21:32
Good night the greatest person of the greatest and excellencies 😘
26.11.2015 | 12:56
Dear Roger, thank you for making the game of tennis what it is. You are the epitome of a gentleman both on and of the court, your behavior is impeccable whether you are winning or losing and I only wish that I will be able to meet you one day to shake your hand. The upcoming players could learn a lot from you and I hope that you will continue to play for many years in the future! Roslyn Kaplan
26.11.2015 | 11:24
Hey roger! I started to watch and like tennis after you. I dont have any words to describe how much I love you. You are and always will be a legend. I had the chance.to watch you in istanbul, Turkey. I wish one day i could talk to you or at least shake your hand. Looking at your photos and watching your legendary shots are my rituel now. I really really really love you. I cant imagine how you feel about being called excellencies all around the world but you deserve it. Viva the greatest racket
26.11.2015 | 03:13
I appreciate what a good year you had. Also very glad about the upcoming year, more grass, etc. have no doubts! You are a aster at scheduling and also when you peak, and it will be important again. Your concern should be only for yourself and family.**NO MORE "fan" I am glad to hear you won't be around "no more". Fairweather fan, I suppose. If you had some insight into the RF saga, not yet finished, then you wouldn't be so ungrateful.
25.11.2015 | 21:59
Hey Roger

Mich interessiert wahnsinnig, wer nächstes Jahr als Erster Tennisspieler überhaupt die 100'000'000.- US Dollar Preisgeld-Marke knacken wird, Du (97'000'000) oder Djokovic (94'000'000). Wird ein spannendes Wettrennen....