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28.05.2015 | 03:06
Good victory Roger over a tricky opponent. Itt was a wonderful match. Caution in the next round and good hunting for no 18. Much Love
Padma Wickramasinghe
27.05.2015 | 21:14
Dear Roger,Congratulations on your great victory.It was a joy to watch you win in style with ease.Believe in yourself and play with confidence and determination to lift the trophy.Be calm and stay focused 100 % throughout.You really deserve it.May your serve and shots work perfectly and give you a win against Dzumhur in straight sets.Get the lead early.Our Prayers,Blessings and Positive Energy are with you,dear son.Good Luck to you.Wish you,Mirka and kids Good Health,Protection and Happiness.
27.05.2015 | 18:37
Congratulations, knew you would prevail - Good Luck onward!
27.05.2015 | 14:35
Roger, Bravo! What a match! You got frustrated, because that court is so slow, that it is really visible and audible. But you played a wonderful match, and what a sight it was in the excellent outfit! So refreshing against the clay. I noticed that you hit the balls at times at baseline so it wasn't flat, but had a little high curve, which took time for the opponent to respond. You made excellent use of that! Always creative, you are, Roger, and what ripping shots!
27.05.2015 | 14:26
Das hat Spass gemacht zu sehen! Die gegnerischen Breaks konnten Dir nichts anhaben. Gute Regeneration!
27.05.2015 | 14:16
Awesome win Roger. Well done and in 3 sets. Excellent work.
Love the outfit, nice bright colours.
Kind regards to you, Mirka, the children and the team.
27.05.2015 | 13:02
Roger, ya molyus' za tebya, chtoby Allah pomog tebe ochistit'sya ot gryazi i merzosti, chtoby on podskazal tebe horoshie. dobrye, svetlye, chistye mysli i vernye resheniya. No i ty, pozhalu'sta, pomolis', Roger.
Pust' Vsevyshnii hranit tebya i vsyu tvoyu bol'shuyu sem'yu, tvoih malen'kih dochenek Myla and Charlene, tvoih malen'kih synochkov Leo and Lenny v chistote, krasote, dobrote i dobrom zdravii.
Pust' Allah pomozhet vsem nam idti pravil'nym putem.