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Mark Drysdale
30.09.2014 | 03:02
Hi Roger back on my mum While sitting on the lounge watching you in the U.S. open she just turned and said that's it I am going to watch Roger at in New York but as that is not much chance of happening I am hoping she could watch and meet you in Brisbane or the Aussie Open PLEASE.
Mark Drysdale
30.09.2014 | 02:54
Hi Roger I would like to tell you about my mum who is 85 and has followed your whole career, she watches all your games she can on television and has photo's of you and your wife and kids in her lounge room and around the house you are the only person she has ever followed. she has been the best mum who has asked for nothing in her life and bought up 9 kids by herself as my father past away very young (38) kids aged (4 to 14). Her name is Betty Drysdale.
29.09.2014 | 04:39
SHAIDA, It is really amazing to watch Roger play live on court. I have seen him three times in Shanghai master. I am so grateful having such experience, cheering his forehand, volley …Indian Wells is claimed as the fifth grandslam, hoping you could have a wonderful plan. Wishing I will get a autograph and some nice photos in Shanghai next week !!!
28.09.2014 | 22:16
Thank you Odette! I hope he lets us know soon so I can buy tickets/hotel etc! Cause the only reason I'd go would be to see him!
Ryuhei Ozone\'s neutral...
28.09.2014 | 14:58
Hello my broger, I wanna use here a little again.
Congratulations! HAKUHOU-CHAN.
28.09.2014 | 05:22
27.09.2014 | 23:58
Hello SHAIDA, the schedule of 2015 is not yet confirmed. Since Roger has a great success there for the past years, I am sure our champ will play here, he is so beloved in USA! I am gonna to see Roger in Shanghai and Brisbane...... I can't wait...!!!!!