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31.10.2014 | 13:56
Keep up your pacing, Rpger, and your usual good serving against Raonic. Should he play some tennis, i.e., not put everything into huge serves, be ready for that. (Why do you get these giants who play serve-tennis?_ Luck, and don't back down pleae! ****FAN, no bad wishes for anyone from me, but you can post yours elsewhere. I don't agree with you at all: I don't care for duplicity and prevarication!
31.10.2014 | 11:55
Great job Roger, you were right to take the young Poulle serious, but got the job done in style. All the best against Roanic, win number 7 please. X
31.10.2014 | 10:44
Allez Roger ! C'était gentil de laisser un set à tes adversaires mais si tu veux effectivement gagner d'autres titres à Bercy, à Londres ou même en Coupe Davis il va falloir être "méchant" !!! Et nous, on adore quand les match sont rapides, avec des balles exceptionnelles !!!
Tu vas gagner !!!! Obligé
Zeeshan Khalid
31.10.2014 | 10:31
Roger Federer, all the best in Quarter Final.
more aggressive
31.10.2014 | 08:05
Roger, you seemed a bit passive these last two matches and bit slow in reaching the ball. However, your overall form and n=mental strength are intact. That's why you are not affected by a set down and still managed to win. I think you need to resume the ATTACK mode as you used against Novak. Go to the net more often. Attack first before you are attacked. That will create lots of opportunities for net play and shorten the play time. Go do it
31.10.2014 | 08:01
This may not be the most appropriate time to say this, but when you feel it, you write it..!! In case people are wondering why Rafa has been hurt most of the year?? His body has taken a tremendous beating over the years to physically beat Roger Federer..!! A great Talent chasing his Dreams into Tennis History who has given us tennis fans lots to admire..!! As Federer Fans he deserves our respect..!! Not all of you will agree,Rafa best wishes for 2015..!! " It has been a great rivalry..!! Fan
A Friend in Costa Rica
31.10.2014 | 07:44
....Think about your goal to become number 1 again, you can do it Roger, I know it's very hard but you can do it if you really set your mind to acomplish it, right now it's all in your mind and in your heart, your body will follow your heart and your mind, show everybody that 33 is just a number.... Don't let Raonic stop you Roger, show him the best version of yourself..if you play with fury, determination and inspiration no one can stop you, cease this moment of your life and make things happen