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03.05.2015 | 23:23
A wonderful victory, and excellent play on clay, if I may say so! I did claim that you are outstanding on clay, too! Loved seeing the trophy, and that the Istanbul tournament can be proud to have you as its first champion!!!!
Break ball
03.05.2015 | 23:16
Well done on winning the tournament. Congratulations! Please could someone correct the comment in the section entitled King of Istanbul. It says that Roger converted a break ball I assume they mean break point unless he hit it extra hard or they were made of clay as well as the court! Perhaps it was a joke in which case ignore me. Susan
Mike L.
03.05.2015 | 23:08
Dear Roger, Congratulations for all your victories, i consider you as the best tennis player of all times> keep working hardly, Kindly regards

Mike Lang
03.05.2015 | 21:37
Dear Roger
Congratulations on winning the Istanbul title. Awesome work.
Good luck in Madrid.
Kind regards.
Swati Mahajan
03.05.2015 | 21:15
Dear Roger,
Congratulations on winning the 85th career title. Keep working hard. Squandering so many break points and missing so many opportunities is really a concern. Against lowly ranked player, you could just managed to win, but it won't work out against top players. Good luck for madrid.

Love always
03.05.2015 | 20:40
Congrats Roger on your 85th title. Hope you continue your great play in Madrid.
03.05.2015 | 19:59
Dear Roger!

Congratulations on your victory in Istanbul!!! The best of luck in Madrid!!!

Love always, your New York fans