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22.11.2014 | 19:29
Dear Roger and Stan- excellent play. It was so nice to see you two on court and
enjoying this experience. I hope this is not too hard on Roger as Tsonga can be
tough for Roger not at 100%. He will need all his true magic tomorrow. I couldn't
be more happy. Stan has played so well. Big thanks to him. Go you guys
tomorrow. We are all waiting for that Davis Cup victory. Love to you all.
anne marie
22.11.2014 | 19:14
un grand bravo à stan et roger!!
deux grands champions!
tous mes voeux pour demain
bonne chance
que Dieu vous protège!
22.11.2014 | 18:34
Rogger/Stan, bravo! Great playing, a great team, and I am so happy that you win. It was also very good that it was done I 3 straight sets. Pleased to see that Roger was free, never mind free, he was covering that net and that court and volleying and jumping! Athletic from both, and Stan had some wonderful shots, too. It is the teamwork that is so good go see, too!!!
22.11.2014 | 18:24
Congratulations à la Fedrinka, un double époustouflant ....
allez plus qu'une victoire pour savourer le Saladier .....
22.11.2014 | 18:14
Toutes mes félicitations Roger et Stan. C'était une match magnifique.
Tous mes voeux pour la suite.
22.11.2014 | 18:00
fedrinka express! Bravi e generosi!
GRAZIE per lo spettacolo!
22.11.2014 | 14:48
Roger, Stan, wish you sharpness and keen awareness and be ready for anything! Hope you are both feeling well, and that you will be playing in tandem, very aware of each other and the opponents. Godbless, good luck!!!!!