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25.01.2015 | 05:10
Roger, we are with you and behind you, with full belief. This was not what you wanted, and I think that something bothered you. But there are more opportunities. I find the tournament has lost its interest for me. Look to see you next. You are the golden man with the golden racquet! ***BLINKBLINK, it's not just mental strength that got Djoke improved a couple of years ago so much. It was a lot more...like a disease needing treatment, but which didnt' exist.
25.01.2015 | 04:24
Hope you are fine and HAPPY! Life keeps going and there are many more tournaments for you to play!
Keep training and practice the serve!
You will win a GS this year, no doubt about it!
Gopal Ranganathan
25.01.2015 | 03:09
Hi Roger,
I am predicting that you will win your 18th grand slam tournament only if you make one change - Put on a black or blue color covering (grip ) on your racquet handle. Otherwise with your current white covering ( grip ) it is not aligning well. Thx. Best wishes and I am really your greatest fan. I only watch tennis because of you. Gopal
too much fun
25.01.2015 | 00:42
well, too much fun - playing tennis on the boat, other distractions. Next time, lay low, focused on only the tournament. Do other stuff some other time. it's not easy and it will not get easier. So, just show up is not enough. Get 110% prepared for each and every match as if it is a final. I hope you forge this loss totally and bring your A game back.
blink blink
25.01.2015 | 00:36
same thing repeats itself in 2013 where you just beat yourself. You win in less important occasions, but you blink in important moments such as the slam. That's what defined champions and you in the past. You may have lost a point, a game, a set, but you always won the match, the title, the slam. Now, look at US Open last year, the year end world and now the AO. That's why Novak hired the coach to strengthen his mental in big moment. You should, too.
25.01.2015 | 00:17
It is inexplicable that Seppi who lost 10 times in a row and only took a set from Federer
could win that match. It is inexplicable that after playing very well in Brisbane and beaten Raonic with very few ue's this happen. It is inexplicable that after a good 2014 season with 5 titles and getting to no 2 this happen.
You should know better Roger. Seppi did not win the math, you lost it Roger. With 17 GS under your belt you should go to the court TO WIN only. Please, REGROUP and win the French Op
24.01.2015 | 23:21
Very sad for you , well I think you are overdoing , you should start be selective and concentrate only in grand slam , you give that match easy to Sepi, heat was the issue
No he was prepared , you placed a new record here of 9 df and 50 inforced error.well go rest and forget that match but focus on big slam good luck