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09.08.2016 | 00:44
Happy Birthday!
Best wishes for a very Happy Birthday and a great year ahead! We all look forward to seeing you back in 2017 in good health! Take care of yourself.
09.08.2016 | 00:02
Nearly missed it! Sending you love and best wishes for a very Happy 35th Birthday to the most beautiful tennis player that ever graced the courts. May you recover your health & fitness VERY soon and be back to your full strength as soon as possible. Watching tennis without you is like listening to music with no sound on.... Lots of love xx
08.08.2016 | 23:45
Happy birthday Roger! All best to you and your family! Thank you so much for all beautiful moments that you gave us and for many more to come! Can not wait to see you again on the court!
08.08.2016 | 23:26
Hi ROGER !! Very happy birthday and all blessing to you and your family !! Please don´t give up. See you playing next year... as best as always !!!!
08.08.2016 | 23:12
Happy birthday, Federer! I'm so sad because you didn't come to Rio!
We miss you lots!!
08.08.2016 | 22:41
Happy Birthday Roger! Looking forward to you coming back in 2017!
08.08.2016 | 22:40
I wish you a Happy Birtday and a nice stay with the kids , Myrka, you mom and dad