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12.07.2014 | 02:04

Éxitos y triunfos en todos tus torneos.

Saludos desde Nuevo Laredo
12.07.2014 | 00:05
Roger i wünsch dir alles alles Gueti für d Zuekunft und spiel no es Ziitli wills üs immer e Freud isch dir zue z luege.
11.07.2014 | 23:05
Let's go Roger! It's yours, take the US open!
11.07.2014 | 23:03
Take the US open Roger! It is yours to take no one else's! You got this Roger!
11.07.2014 | 20:45
hey RF...!! i don't know what people thinks of you today...but, for me you are my hero and will always be. I have been watching you since my childhood and always wanted you to win. No matter whether you are loosing or winning but you always try to give your best and that's the best in you. I truly believe in you and know you can win more grandslams . All your fans believe in you and we all love you whether you win or lose.
Go Roger..!!
US Open is waiting for you and so we are..!
Love you Roger.
11.07.2014 | 19:17
I have been a fan of yours for many years and you have never disappointed me. Win or lose your are still #1 in my heart. Good luck in future matches and congratulations to the births of your twin boys!
11.07.2014 | 18:56
Dear Roger,
Volumes have been written on the reasons for your loss in the Wimbledon final: Your relatively weak second serve and lack of consistency in getting 1st serve in at critical times.After your magnificent come-back in 4th set momentum should have been with you. Novak took a break, cooled his nerve just to hang on and succeeded. You should have also rested and taken a little time before serving 10th game when your 1st serve was failing. Please think over it