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19.04.2016 | 12:40
Caro Roger, la settimana scorsa ero a Montecarlo....ti ho visto giocare e nonostante la sconfitta con Tsonga direi che comunque le cose sono andate bene....un buonissimo test in vista dei prossimi tornei....io vado a Roma e spero tanto venga anche TU......peRFect......
18.04.2016 | 19:30
Dear Maestro,
It is always heartbreaking for us millions of fans to see you lose. Without you, there is no tennis and I hope that you are strong for your next tournament. The ENTIRE world wants you to keep on playing. You ARE tennis.
18.04.2016 | 10:56
Dear Roger, My reason for wanting to come to the ceremony on Thursday is because it will be recognition of your talent and all your hard work. I'll also be happy if I can say I've seen Roger Federer twice. Most of all I wish you an excellent recovery from your misadventure. I wish you a good week. XX
18.04.2016 | 04:33
As a fan I am really frustrated and very disappointed that such a great sport like tennis is facing a very difficult time. I feel terrible for all the great and CLEAN players, who has to face the CHEATERS !!!! On the other hand , I do not understand why the players CAN NOT ORGANIZE THE MOVE AGAINST THE PRESENT SITUATION ???
Specially now, when the drug Sharapova used will probably be accepted. I WILL PRAY THAT THE SPORT OF TENNIS WILL BE CLEAN AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
18.04.2016 | 04:17
We are facing a very difficult time in the TENNIS AS A SPORT !! I do not understand why the tennis organization is not announcing MANDATORY TESTING FOR THE USE OF PERFORMANCE - ENHANCING DRUGS ? I am fully supporting Andy Murray's frustration, and questions about the fact, that some players are still using, and will use performance - enhancing drugs !! It does create a questions when the players are suddenly performing the best of they ability, when couple of weeks before they were not able to..
Andrea Girolami
18.04.2016 | 01:53
Hi Rogi.
Remember, there's no finish line.
No matter if you lost a battle.
See you soon in Rome.
Have a good day and a perfect practice session...
Greetings from Italy.
18.04.2016 | 00:15
all the best for the year, with the Olympics this year there is so much for us to follow GOOD LOCK