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17 grand slams
21.06.2016 | 20:09
Roger,please improve your returns.Be mentally confident.If you get to play Novak,do not lose your confidence.Make him run for each point.Discuss with Ljubicic about how to beat him.Reduce your unforced errors.Never give him a chance.Practice well.Be ready to face any type of opponent.All the best for Wimbledon,Roger Federer.
21.06.2016 | 18:43
Dear Roger We have not been able to see you play since Monte Carlo. None of the
other tournaments have been on T.V. I am looking forward to Wimbledon. Just watching you play is good enough for me. Just be yourself we love you anyway. I found the
tennis to be boring as a whole. A few matches I enjoyed. We are your fans until you
hang up that magic racket. Take care and hope that Wimbledon is the one. We know
you work hard and that is all we can ask of you. Best to you all.
21.06.2016 | 17:21
Hi Federer,
Some suggestions for you:
-Experiment on the use of other tennis racquets. Visit: http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/ - to read the reviews and don't only depend on Wilson racquets.

-Listen to motivational videos to help with training and drills. Visit: http://www.optimumtennis.net/tennis-fitness-drills.htm - to get some more ideas to add to your training.

-Select a light weight, good grip, shock absorbing running shoe for Wimbledon

-Spend lots of time with Family.

21.06.2016 | 15:44
2016 Wimbledon is not just Novak, Andy, Melos competition, it also is a war of super coaches: ivan lendl, boris becker and john mcenroe. Good luck to you. Beat them all.
21.06.2016 | 15:41
I hope Roger, you are practicing well because what you saw in previous 2 tournaments means one thing that you became a normal player & you might be beaten against any player in the world, Roger:
1-You have to bend your knee especially when you hit the ball with your BH
2-You MUST improve the receiving & returning of serve
Roger, your performance & level are extremely bad & I'm not optimistic in Wimbledon with the performance, you maybe beaten from 1st match if you played with this performance
21.06.2016 | 14:14
Roger, please know that you are greatly respected for your kindness and generosity and for being a good family man. Sincerest best wishes in all your future matches even though you have already achieved the greatest success!
21.06.2016 | 11:16
Cher Roger,

On est avec toi. Ce n'est pas facile de reprendre après des blessures. Tu n'as pas connu beaucoup de moments pareils, mais nous sommes certains que tu retrouveras ton meilleur niveau. Patience et sérénité !

Avec toute notre admiration.