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02.12.2014 | 02:30
Roger, once again congrats on Davis Cup.!!! Not sure what to make of Toni Nadals recent statements. I do know Rafa's Body has taken a beating because of his Style of Play..!! You can't wear players down Physically Forever..!! 2015 will be interesting as was 2014..!! Looking Forward to another Solid Year from the Maestro..!! Try to rest that extremely fit older tennis Body..!! Your Fans are always with you for as long as you want to Play..!! God Bless and Best Wishes ..!! FAN
01.12.2014 | 20:51
Caro Roger, congratulazioni per l'ottima annata tennistica che ti ha permesso grazie alla tua volontà di ottenere tanti successi soprattutto con la conquista di due nuovi trofei come la coppa davis e Shangai. Peccato solo per Wimbledon e Montecarlo. Auguri per la ripresa a gennaio a Brisbane!
Come on!
01.12.2014 | 18:27
Congratulations Roger, it was an amazing year for you.
01.12.2014 | 07:16
Dear Roger, how amazed I was that circumstances were so different from one weekend to another recently. How devastated most of probably were when you had to pull out instead of facing Djoker and THEN coming thru and winning Davis Cup with Stan!!! You both were amazing and left us with such ecstasy and gratitude that you were able to play, after all. You never cease to amaze us!!! Love you always.
01.12.2014 | 07:14
It's been a week since you hit that backhand dropper and fell into the clay. Still can't stop smiling at the fact that Switzerland are the 2014 Champions! I like the pic you posted on twitter showing us your battle scar. heheh. Hope you're having a great vacation champ. I miss you! :)
30.11.2014 | 17:03
Bonjour Roger,
J'ignore si vous lirez ce message, mais sachez que mon plus grand rêve est de vous rencontrer, depuis que je suis votre carrière, en 2003, votre 1er Wimbledon...Je vis à Paris, alors si nous pouvions nous rencontrer l'espace de quelques secondes, je serais la plus heureuse du monde. Je sais que cela est stupide de ma part de faire cette requête, mais j'espère depuis 11 ans, et votre cœur est immense, donc...
Merci pour la magie...Love you.

Sandrine 06 28 83 16 39
N1 Fan
30.11.2014 | 14:36
What an amazing year Roger! Saw you at the 02 against Stan and it goes to show even when you are tired you are still better than anyone! You are the GOAT and the amount that you have done for the game is incredible. You are an amazing ambassador for tennis and the greatest player to play the game. I wish you the best of luck in 2015 and hope that Wimbledon Trophy is yours once again as is World N1!