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20.09.2015 | 14:47
Congratulations..So happy for you and the other boys...Enjoyed seeing your match today..and great for all of you....Take a Good rest with your family..you deserve it So much...
20.09.2015 | 14:18
C'est absolument extraordinaire ! Tout a l'air tellement facile, mais en fait il y a tellement de travail derrière tout ça. Le talent est là aussi. C'est encore une formidable aventure pour l'équipe suisse de Coupe Davies. Tu es un exemple fantastique pour tous, les jeunes comme les moins jeunes. Et en plus tu nous donnes la pêche! Merci pour tout, merci d'être là et de te maintenir à ce niveau.
20.09.2015 | 14:10
L'homme de la situation s'appelait Roger Federer. Bravo Roger !
Hi dear
20.09.2015 | 12:39
Hi Roger, I just share my view,, consider if it helps you...
You are one of the most technical player & I can feel your interest to play more logical game. But, what I notice is you cannot maintain your best at break points, Match points etc Bcoz strength is beautiful technic which needs more presence of mind than any other player.. Train your mind, to tackle this.. It may be by meditation, some psychological course, you browse Internet, regarding best methods.You can play Majors, even at 40's
20.09.2015 | 09:04
All the best for you today in your match.Enjoyed seeing you in doubles,think it was a good match,althoug the result.No one can win allways..You are a great inspiration as allways,for So many ...
20.09.2015 | 01:02
My son will be called like you
20.09.2015 | 01:02
Hi roger, I hope to see you one day playing, that's my biggest wish and thanks very much for the autograph I got from yourself from Wimbledon this year( a very good tennis player was there and took an autograph from yourself for me). Your signature is art also like everything in your life. I will be very proud if my son will be like you regarding emotions, feelings, respect and all this kind of things that make you so complete. ❤️❤️❤️