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25.08.2015 | 20:38
To Roger and all fans. What a beautiful display in Cincinnati.Your play was so delightful
to watch. We know that this will help you at the USO. Congrats. Lovely to see you
go to your box, I have longed for you to do that. Seeing your family and team so happy
for you was priceless. We never get enough of watching you play. You have mentioned
several times another two years, so we will enjoy every minute of your play.
Love to you and your team and family. Lovely to see Mirka.

25.08.2015 | 20:01
My son and I saw you play at the Cincinnati Open last Sunday - so very fun to watch you and your worthy opponent play live for the first time -- Congratulations on your win! Sadly, my son's Polo hat with your autograph was lost at the event venue. He is 15 and plays on his high school tennis team, so he was heartbroken when we discovered the loss. A note from you might brighten his day - I thank you for your time. Many blessings to you and your young family.
25.08.2015 | 17:11
Hi Lia, I'm from argentina too!, how are you? I just write you in order to tell you that RF is going to play in US Open since 31/08 in New York, USA. I think you should be precise with Federer's matches schedule to have the great opportunity to see him, good luck and enjoy! Best wishes!
lia romero
25.08.2015 | 16:40
I am a big fan.I am flying to Europe just to see you once in my life.I am 57 years old and my family wants me to have this gift of seeing you.But i dont know if you are playing in Paris,Basilea is almost sol,the same happens with England.I am travelling to see you play and I dont know what ticket to buy.Could you please tell me when and where you are playing in order to kuy ticket,thank you ,and thank you for all!!!Lia
25.08.2015 | 12:47
Adorable votre fille qui m'a saluée dimanche après le match. Je pense bien à vous tous.
25.08.2015 | 10:17
Félicitations Roger !
Quel plaisir et émotions de vous voir jouer à votre dernier tournoi ! Vous avez été impérial. Je me réjouis de vous retrouver au prochain tournoi. Vous nous procurez tellement de bonheur.
Une fan depuis toujours.
25.08.2015 | 02:29
I wanted to tell you that I'm so excited to see you at the US Open! I’ve bought many tickets so that I can maybe see you (I’ll sell the other tickets that are on the days when you don’t play.) I watched all of your matches because you are simply amazing. If a girl asks you to take a selfie with her after a US Open match, could you please say yes? It would mean so much!
Did you know that I wrote a letter to you on my 13th bday, donated money to your foundation, and your mom wrote back?