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08.04.2015 | 23:02
Dear Roger can hardly wait until Monte Carlo. It has nothing to do with your fitness.
You are as strong as Novack not quite as elastic. Right now you are the only one that
can beat him. It seems that Murray just doesn't have the game right now. You are
left to fight him off. Playing on the clay for Davis Cup should help you a bit. I know
that all clay is different. You are the second best clay courter out there less we
forget. If all the players are there, you can beat them. Love to all
08.04.2015 | 11:52
Dear Roger are you sure to go to Istanbul for the tournament ? Now the situation is quite dangerous, if yes, pay attention!!
08.04.2015 | 03:44
Keep up the good work!!
08.04.2015 | 03:42
Go Federer go!
08.04.2015 | 03:28
Is time to clay, you can win if you want, just practice, practice. Your service: the most important.
You are the best, be regular, believe, play to the lines, and be aggressive.
Come on!!
Roger Federer the King of the clay in 2015 ...o yeah!!
08.04.2015 | 01:38
Goooooooooo Federer!
07.04.2015 | 17:03
Hello Roger, hope you had a good break and have been able to pick up the pieces. Wish you best of luck at Monte Carlo. Aside from skills fitness is a major determinant for success. The game is getting increasingly physical year in year out. Djokovic always seem to have the edge when you play more than 2 sets. You need to work on your physical fitness. Djokovic could be the stumbling to winning major tournaments if you don't handle this well. He is getting more and more physical.