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24.08.2015 | 17:23
Bravo supergut Maestro. Weiter so.
24.08.2015 | 16:55
Roger est un génie ;)

♥ and support
24.08.2015 | 16:16
Great achievement today to win seven titles, so now for the US Open. Marvellous tennis all week from you. Best wishes for the rest of the season and hopefully see you in London in November.
24.08.2015 | 15:41
Hi All, I got opportunity to see him from close yesterday in Cincinnati. It was great 2 days for me. Watched Roger's play in both Semi final and Final. And waited for 2 hours, Roger to come out at players lounge. At the end he came out I said "I am one of your die hard fans Roger, may be the most",He looked at me and smiled and said "MY Pleasure". Following him from 2003, 12 years to date, He looked at me and smiled, The best day in my life. No words to say " U R BEST ROGER"
24.08.2015 | 14:09
Wonderful win Champ!...beautiful play.. keep it up for the US Open
Love Doc H
Ans de Jong-Spooren
24.08.2015 | 13:50
Roger, what a wonderful play agains Djocovic. Congratulations and enjoy your victory.
24.08.2015 | 13:33
Félicitations Roger. Très belle victoire sur Djokovic ce qui confirme une très très belle saison. Je souhaite que tu gardes ce niveau de jeu pour l'US OPEN et que tu puisses enfin ajouter un 18èmè titre à ton magnifique palmarès. Je te souhaite bon courage et pleins de bonnes choses à venir.