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17.05.2015 | 00:32
Congratulations Roger! you are playing your best performance on clay court this season in Roma compared to last tournaments this year.
Just keep your focus, your confidence in yourself, forget everything & forget your opponent once you put your foot on the court & play your tennis relax & don't put yourself under pressure like the first 3 games today against Stan.
We trust in you tomorrow. Good Luck :)
God bless you Roger
16.05.2015 | 23:49
We all know, Novak likes to play tricks. He pretends he is injured or not feeling good, calling med time out and so on esp. when he is down. Don't let him distract you. Don't show any mercy. Your mind is set. You will play aggressive match from beginning to the end no matter what happens to him. It's none of your business. you just take care of your own business, beat him and beat him more when he is down.
16.05.2015 | 23:45
roger, you know how to beat Novak - the key is #1 attack (being aggressive) and not afraid of making some errors, #2 net play and not afraid of his passing shots. When you play aggressive against him, you stand at 9 out of 10 chance. Otherwise, you engage in baseline, he will control you. he is 3 time champion here. You have none. You have nothing to lose and you are more hungry. Don't think too much. Just do it. You can and will beat him.
16.05.2015 | 23:42
Dear Roger,
Tomorrow will be one the great day. We will follow you because you must to win this tournament. You must to stay concentrated all of the time and all of shots must to be very accurate. The first shot must be right all of the time. Good luck for tomorrow.
16.05.2015 | 23:27
Spektakulär wie schnell der Rückstand aufgeolt wurde..bravo! so, jetzt Novak Du hast in dir also vorgenommen, wie wird es gelingen?!
16.05.2015 | 23:25
One more to go!
GET ROME CHAMPION! You can do it!!!
Armando Lettre
16.05.2015 | 23:11
Ciao Roger!...ti scrivo per ringraziarti per le emozioni che mi hai fatto provare il 14 maggio sul campo centrale del foro italico e sui campi di allenamento!!!ho avuto la fortuna di vederti per la prima volta dal vivo!un'emozione unica che mi accompagnerà per tutta la vita!!! Ti scrive Un tuo ammiratore sia come uomo che come amante dello sport più bello...il tennis che interpreti nel modo più bello ed esemplare!!!grazie Maestro!!!