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23.01.2015 | 21:08
Roger, as fans, we'll always support you and consider you #1.
But reality is that your quest for an 18th Slam was cut very short. The goal for this year was to win another major. And this is certainly a setback. And while you can take it in stride, I hope your motivation and dedication is higher than it was 24 hours ago.
23.01.2015 | 20:25
Una giornata no può capitare a tutti anche ai migliori. Forza sei il nostro campione. Auguri per i prossimi incontri.
23.01.2015 | 20:01
Bemerkung zum letzten Beitrag: ich bin in der Schweiz nicht Afghanistan ;-)
23.01.2015 | 19:59
Lieber Roger, jeder hat einmal einen schlechten Tag. Ich möchte hier einfach ein Kompliment an Dich aussprechen, wie fair Du Seppi gratuliert hast. Grosse Klasse. Ich wünsche Dir eine erfolgreiche Saison.
A Friend in Costa Rica
23.01.2015 | 19:35
What is your team doing for you ? Are they motivating you enough or is it just a "going through the motion" thing for everybody on your team ? Aside from a few really good and fancy shots your game lacked power and decision, it was too predictable for Seppi, way too many shots at his hand and almost everytime you went up to the net you left an huge space for his passing shots, if Seppi did this to you Nadal or Djokovic would've crushed you, take a good rest and reset yourself Roger, Blessings
A Friend in Costa Rica
23.01.2015 | 19:22
...movement, yes, Seppi played a good match but, it was more about you not playing well than him being better, as always, I am your fan and you will always have my support...it's just that you were playing in a way that one almost already knew that you were going to lose and that is really dissapointing, forget the loss to Seppi, what really worries me is that in the way that played this last match almost any pro player out there could have beaten you, please try to meditate on why this happened
A Friend in Costa Rica
23.01.2015 | 19:13
I'm really sad and upset, I just finished watching your match against Seppi, while it's true that you can't win all the time...I was dissapointed because even though you rescued the third set and were close in the fourth set as well, for which I give you all the credit, the truth is that I did not like the way that you played in this match, at times it was almost like you were afraid to make a mistake and so your shots lacked power and decision, too many errors and you were too still, no leg...