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22.11.2015 | 18:51
Roger, Head of the Federer Clan/Nation, it's not about "proving" anything. It is about your playing the game that will take the racquet and the game out of your rival's hand. There is nothing to be uptight about for you. But there will be, God willing, great rejoicing and due recognition if you win this WTF trophy! WTF*, just do it, loose, but totally sharp and don't give him time or room to breathe. Luck, too!
22.11.2015 | 17:55
All the best for your match today, Roger! It would be so nice to see you winning another big title again. Thanks for everything!
22.11.2015 | 16:48
Best of luck, Mr Roger! Ganbatte kudasai! God bless you, family, and team! Ciayo!
22.11.2015 | 15:51
We wish you All the best tonight..and hopeing So much you will get this trophy..you deserve it So much after all theese great matches..and All the great tennis you allways show us..just amazing...Best regards from Norway...we are With you..:-)
Padma Wickramasinghe
22.11.2015 | 15:20
Dear Roger,Congratulations on your great victory.You are the BEST.Believe in yourself.Be calm and stay focused 100% all the way.Be confident and play with the desire and determination to lift the trophy.You really deserve it.May your serve and shots be perfect to give you a win against Djokovic in straight sets.You will do it.Our Prayers,Blessings and Positive Energy are with you,dear son.Fight for every point.Wish you,Mirka and kids Good Health,Protection and Happiness.Good Luck to you.
Swati Mahajan
22.11.2015 | 15:06
Dear Roger,
It's time to win against Novak and win the season ending finale for the 7th time. You have lost many important finals to Novak. Now is the time to win. Your Ist serve would be the key to win. You need to keep your points short and keep the errors to the minimum as Novak hardly makes any error. Please play your best and aggressive tennis and win this last match of the season. Just play freely and with out any pressure and win in 2.

God Bless!
Love always
22.11.2015 | 14:38
Hi Roger! Best of luck in tonights' final! Just put it all in an extra gear and take it!
Watching you at tennis court, moving around with such grace and elegance is pure delight! Thank you for being who you are - a great sportsman!
A recent reward speaks for itself! God bless!