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13.09.2014 | 00:37
Two peRFect SS matches today. Congratulations Team Suisse..

Good luck Fedrinka tomorrow.. will be watching, I hope :)
12.09.2014 | 23:22
Congratulations Roger and Wawrinka !!!

Keep it up, and DEMOLISH all your opponents !!!

Go Suisse go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GOD bless you all !!!
12.09.2014 | 17:41
We made a song about you Roger... A little homage! http://youtu.be/tEqC1s1PiOo
12.09.2014 | 08:34
Lieber Roger,
ich wünsche dir und dem gesamten Schweizer Team ganz viel Glück und Erfolg für das Daviscup-Halbfinale gegen Italien! Für den heutigen Tag wünsche ich Stan und dir einen super Auftakt mit hoffentlich 2 ungefährdeten Siegen!
Auch möchte ich dir dem US Open Halbfinale gratulieren! Sei nicht zu enttäuscht, dass es nicht ganz mit dem Titel geklappt hat, du hast ein tolles Turnier gespielt und das Viertelfinale gegen Monfils war exzellent!
Aber jetzt heißt es Hopp Suisse, go. Champ
12.09.2014 | 07:43
Good luck Fedwrinka!! God bless!
12.09.2014 | 06:04
Swiss team, you are so wonderfully attired, your clothes show power and strength. Very good design. Wish you great success and victory, and enjoyment and camarederie. Don't forget that "you are the mighty might Swiss".
****JAVIER44SVEDRA, I understand what you are saying. Can only hope for rules to be tightened for the benefit of tennis, the sport, players and spectators.
12.09.2014 | 05:54
Roger knows this issue very well, he had to play against doped players, but he can not say anything, but we, we can say it openly for the simple reason that it is real, the dopage exists, there are players punished for using drugs and steroids but there are several that have not been punished, this is very interesting right? we see players running like a rabbit and never get tired, but eventually get injured from running and hit the ball like crazy outrageous, you knew that Dr. Miller, head of the doping control ATP decreased between 2006 and 2011 33% takes blood samples? is not a "nice" coincidence that since then Federer has lost many big slams? Not to mention that since 2007 the ATP made ​​the surface of the tennis courts slower, and forced to play with heavier balls? this only to benefit the "show" the long exchange of balls, the physical game, and eventually to benefit dopers. there are many goods, there are many millions, and you have to sell one way or another, preferably the other way.