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18.08.2014 | 00:34
Congratulations Roger.
Up to the next one!
18.08.2014 | 00:31
9995 fans online......an other victory, we are so lucky fans and we are really Happy tonight FoR YOU ...
18.08.2014 | 00:30
Fantastic victory today. Thoroughly deserved with super tennis. Best wishes for the US Open and look forward to you winning that one too, because you still have the ambition and talent to do so. Enjoy your victory tonight with your family.
Reber CH 89298929
18.08.2014 | 00:29
En Suise nous avons THE MAN et THE CHAMPION quelle chance!!!!-Bvavo ROGER well done et merci,c'etait magnifique ce match. Good luke in NEW-YORK
18.08.2014 | 00:27
Bien oui Roger! You did it again, 👏👏untired of Victory, A great match! mille fois merci 🎉🎆🔔🌻 🐚
18.08.2014 | 00:22
Il a GAGNÉ, il a gagné notre Champ, such a victory, an excellent match and tournament, so muuuuuuuuch work to get a new Master 1000 title. So happy to see you happy and your family too. It is the way, la rage de vaincre, mentally strong, congratulations and ses you in NY, have à fantastic week
18.08.2014 | 00:20
Absolutely stunning victory in Cincinnati. Congratulations Roger not just for your 6th title in Cincinnati but also your 80th ATP Tour win. Only a champion can reach these milestones. Wishing you many more wins and look forward to watching you play many more matches. Kind regards to you, Mirka, your family, and the team. A day to remember.