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17.05.2015 | 11:57
Good morning Roger...
Well done yesterday .. playing Stan.. it would have been great to have played Nadal.. but he needs to get there . .. no?
Today it is Novak... Rome title never got one..? today you will..!
Have a great match
Cheers, A.J
Go Champ!!
17.05.2015 | 09:42
I know you will be able to win that masters tittle!!! you have beaten Novak before and you are playing so well just dont loose your edge on the first serves i admire you so mucj Roger you rock!!! I know you can take this one home too allez feds!
A Friend in Costa Rica
17.05.2015 | 08:24
....use that to your advantage, if you are the underdog in the match that will help you push harder, that will motivate you to try harder and beat the odds...and you can do it. Djokovic is the defending champion in Rome, well, spoil it for him, take the title away from him,.....ask yourself Roger.....if not now, when? Djokovic won the Indian Wells by defeating you, .....now it's your chance to return him the favor, pace yourself, don't rush unless you are sure, be hungry and play with courage !
A Friend in Costa Rica
17.05.2015 | 08:17
...certainly do it against Djokovic. I know Roger, I guess a match is just a match and if you lose against Djokovic life goes on, that's true.....but right now there is an opportunity ahead of you to win the Roman title for the first time by conquering and defeating Djokovic...and the fact of the matter is that you are totally capable of doing it, you've beaten the Djoker before and you can do it again, many people out there might think that against Djokovic you are the underdog, well, perfect,.
A Friend in Costa Rica
17.05.2015 | 08:10
Roger, I hadn't really watched your match against Wawrinka until now, I knew you had won it but hadn't seen it, now that I just did I noticed that the first 3 games of the match were not good for you, you were missing some shots, Wawrinka broke your serve at your first turn at serving...but then you managed to turn the whole match around from then on, you recovered and made it happen for you, after an initial slump you played great and won the match...if you did that with Wawrinka you can....
A Friend in Costa Rica
17.05.2015 | 05:56
...really strong only to fall later on in the match, yes, it's great that you win the first set...but even if you don't do not despair, try not to rush any points, I know you like to play fast but try not to rush your approaches to the net, they are great indeed but only make them when you are totally sure that you can hammer the ball, don't expose yourself to his passing shots. Relax, breathe, pace yourself, clear your mind, clean the mechanism...and then demolish Djokovic, COME ON ROGER, WIN !
A Friend in Costa Rica
17.05.2015 | 05:47
...Garros and you can do it again Roger. Many people are tired of Djokovic's bad temper and gestures everytime he starts losing, he acts like it was an outrage that he would lose a match, he acts like that because he is full of himself, he and his team are a tough group of people,...you can stop this guy on his tracks...so go for it and do it Roger, psych up and play like you really want to play, like you CAN play. Try not to rush the match, time yourself, pace yourself, don't necessarily start