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31.01.2016 | 12:45
Roger, great tournament! I'm certain you'll win a slam this year.
I know you aren't short of confidence whatsoever and your game is actually fantastic where it is right now. With how good Novak is, if you can take a set off him, you can actually take three or more off him if possible.
Here's what Novak said and I think its good for anyone: "It's important to always believe you can play your best and it's important your convictions are stronger than your doubts". Love you always CHAMP!
Larina McKellar
31.01.2016 | 11:45
Dear Roger, to me you are like the statue of David by Michelangelo. Carved out a single piece of perfect marble. You have put joy and beauty into tennis. I cannot give genius any advice, would just love to see your face so happy when you're winning.
31.01.2016 | 09:21
not intimidated. Novak intimidated you with hard hit on your second serve and you were intimidated. You tried to do drop shots with your back-hand which dropped to the net a couple of times. That's because he didn't have enough belief your forehand is better than his. You are better than him. You need to believe during the match. After all, it's all mental and personality. Simon had the guts, but not the skills. You have the skills, but you need more guts. Sorry may seem harsh, but still a fan
31.01.2016 | 09:16
Roger has everything, technique, skill, grace, style, talent, likability, calmness, personality. But the personality that helps be the most popular tennis player is also hurting him in battle with Novak. Roger, if you truly want to beat him in slam, you really need to be nasty. You need to be fearless, you need to go for broke; you need to have the "live or die" attitude. You need to attack with every shot. You just can' tplay passive and soft. Look at Stan in FO. He hit harder than Novak. He wa
31.01.2016 | 09:02
Dear Roger It was a great tournamet, and we were priveleged to watch some wonderful tennis from you. Whatever any of the other players do, none of them play with the same grace and magic as you. There was not a great deal to do about Djokovic in the semi - he played a blinder, and it was great that you put up some spirited resistance. Sure you are used to crazy social media and the press - ignore, them and keep weaving your magic on the court. Hope you read all these supportive comments.
31.01.2016 | 08:20
Thank you Roger for your outstanding play once again here in the Australian summer of tennis. I love watching you play, win or lose, no-one has yet to display the grace & talent you do. Wishing you great success, good health & every happiness for 2016.
Look forward to watching you play here in 2017
Fred Liechti
31.01.2016 | 07:22
Dear Roger, there will come another day and you will beat Novak again! Look at the positive: you played an amazing tournament and he was the only one of all who managed to stop you! Never stop believing in yourself, Roger! You're already a Legend of the sport, while you're still active and well and truly among the very best in the world. You will always be our Swiss hero! All the very best from Singapore to you and of course also to your lovely family.