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Deidre Hall
12.05.2016 | 13:45
Unfortunately "doing well" is not winning!!
Deidre Hall
12.05.2016 | 13:42
Hi Roger. I am actually confused! Why play if you are not 100%? I agree with "P", you cant go into a match and not give it your all, then rather don't play. If the fighting spirit is gone, then maybe retirement is a good idea, because for all your fans it is torture to watch matches like these. Sorry, but the facts must be faced. Every time Nadal or Nole goes onto court, they fight for every point, if they lose, they know that they have given it their all! I am 100% RF fan still.
12.05.2016 | 13:38
Hi Roger I could not disagree more with P's comment. You were clearly battling with your back problem, and considering that, I thought you did well. A score line pf 5-7, 4-6 would suggest you did NOT give up. It was always going to be difficult against the up and coming Thiem. Sorry not to see more of you for a while, but get the back sorted, and we look forward to more of the magic soon.
12.05.2016 | 13:34
jetzt leibt heute nur noch Yom Haasmanout zu feiern..haen wir also die feste nichtgemischt..bravo!..aber so wie ichdas sehr leiben Arbeitstage ..ibs zum Fin.
12.05.2016 | 13:33
We need an public excuse. You cannot go in to a match with the mentality that it doesn't mean anything. I felt just shame over your performance against a player like Thiem.

The worst thing is still you didn't fight. I was pathetic, have to say.
12.05.2016 | 13:32
Dear Roger, not the result we hoped for against Thiem but please take care of your back and look after yourself. Kind regards to you, Mirka, the children and the team.
Zeeshan Khalid
12.05.2016 | 12:02
Dear Roger Federer, won ist match 2nd round well played now looking forward to 3rd round match vs Thiem.