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09.07.2016 | 13:44
falling down... Getting Up.... Adjust CROWN..... and.... GO ON PLAYING!
09.07.2016 | 12:35
My heart breaks for this loss in particular! You're still the greatest ever ❤️
09.07.2016 | 12:22
YOU are the greatest no matter what.
Supporting you till the end
09.07.2016 | 12:14
Still a champion - on court and off.
09.07.2016 | 11:41
Good morning Roger,
Wow... how a few minutes can totally change the out come of your match. Great press conference too. Great run tremendous quarter and despite just a little loss of focus serving 5/6 in the semi you are still there and will be there again.
Your play the last two/three years has been fantastic, enjoy the hard court season, Toronto, Cinncy and than comes Queens... Can't wait.
Cheers have a great weekend!!
Tennis fan 111111111111
09.07.2016 | 10:49
I have watched your magnificent tennis for so many years......that will always be yours. But over time, reflexes, reaction time, thus quickness and speed fades ever so slightly....but enough to take away your competitive advantage. It is happening.... I wish that it wasn't so...but it is... It is time my friend.... What is truly amazing is that you still play with such precision and ever so clever, clever tennis !! Thank you, thank you for all the masterpieces !
09.07.2016 | 10:47
Well done lad, it was the previous long, long match and then that unlucky fall that seemed to do it, you did so well. So proud of you. It's just lovely to watch you play. All the best for the hard court season.
Your greatest fan