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08.09.2014 | 11:51
Ein US Open Final gegen den heldenhaften Key Nishikori wäre sicher ein Traumfinal gewesen. Wie aber, frage ich mich, hätten Sie dann den Davis Cup gegen Italien in Genf bestreiten können ? Marin Cilic hat den Sieg verdient, und Ihre Fans sind glücklich über Ihre Leistung am US Open und, vor allem, Sie hier in der Schweiz spielen zu sehen. Alles Gute, lieber Herr Federer. Sie sind ein einzigartiger Spieler und Mensch.
08.09.2014 | 11:32
Good morning Roger Wow.. I know Cilic was hitting hard and serving well but it seem that you had no pace on your returns.. ? You were serving well.. uumh.. ?
Overall great tournament and summer... you have to be satisfied with your results .. couple wins, semis, a final .. way to go.. ! Some rest and finish the year strong and welcome Aussie 2015.. Cheers AJ
08.09.2014 | 10:23
sad weekend for me, but so proud of your run in new york... monfils match was surreal... you will always be the GOAT... smile... you are loved!
08.09.2014 | 10:00
I played tennis from an early age, was there at Forrest Hills when Arthur Ashe won the amateur US Open, and I personally new Arthur in the early 1990's at his home in Bedford Hills, NY. My point, please continue on playing. The entire tennis world needs you as an inspiration! As an American citizen, I root for you above all my nation's professional players. You are loved in the world-wide tennis community. You, Nadal, and Djokovic are anomalies in tennis history, keep going please!
Swati Mahajan
08.09.2014 | 09:41
Dear Roger,
Still shocked, very sad abt the S/F. This was yr best chance to 18th GS, especially when Novak was out. You could have easily win against Kei. It is unfortunate u didn't have answers to Cilic's game. Serena was way behind u in GS & now she is at 18. U have vast potential in u. So plz play to yr full potential to any tournament u play. This year u were playing better, had high hopes for 1GS atleast. Now it seems 18 is out of reach. Good luck for DC. Hope you win this.
God bless u.
08.09.2014 | 07:18

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08.09.2014 | 06:53
Dear Roger

Ok you lost but I cant stop believing that you have atleast 2 more slams in you. Your game is there but sometimes you need a bit of luck too. The draw was beautiful but by Marin's admission he says that this was the best match of his 'career'. So I know what you were up against. Still more tournaments to go and ofcourse the year ending tournament we all look forward to.

So for you there is only one way and that is FORWARD.

Good luck Roger.