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08.08.2016 | 16:56
Liebe Roger, ich wünsche dir alles Guti und Gesundheit. Ich hoffe, dass du bald wieder spiele chasch. Deshalb toi, toi, toi und alles Guti dim Ruge.

Herzlichi Grüss dir und dinere Familie.

En grosse Fan us Basel.
08.08.2016 | 16:56
hey roger, alles gueti zum geburtstag!!!!!!
hoffe uf witeri jahr mit dir als tennisprofi.

gruess Marc us Richterswil
08.08.2016 | 16:47
Happy birthday Roger. I believe you have had a wonderful day with your family and friends. Please remember that we all have been waiting for your beautiful attacking tennis next year. People say Rio was the last chance for you to play at Olympics ... No, you can still play in TOKYO 2020. Japanese legends like Ichiro and Kasai keep their status and physical even they are over forty! You are a true legend. You can do it, Roger. You shine best on the court. Please stay there as long as possible.
08.08.2016 | 16:40
Happy Birthday to the greatest player ever. It's very hard to watch the game without you, almost impossible (but I was happy for JuanMartin yesterday!). I hope you are healing well so when you come back you'll be playing at the level from last year, which was exceptional. I think your highest quality ever, at 34! That is why you are the GOAT. Enjoy your day with your lovely family. All the best, Roger. From NYC.
08.08.2016 | 16:38
Happy birthday Roger !!!!! Enjoy your day !
08.08.2016 | 16:32
Dear Roger,

I wish you a very happy and blessed birthday! I hope that your knee continues to heal and that you will be back as our GOAT rested and ready to resume play in 2017. Best to you and your amazing family!
08.08.2016 | 16:30
Happy birthday,Roger! I wish you and your all family have a beautiful and pleasant day!
I am looking forward to watching your play next January! All the best!