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17.11.2014 | 11:11
Physical fitness is very important. So your decision not to play the final is wise. You played magnificent tennis in London. I (and your fans) can only hope that it is a temporary phenomenon and you will feel comfortable again very soon. Davis Cup is around the corner ! Take care, dear Roger Federer, the Swiss Team needs you.
17.11.2014 | 10:51
Semi-final a mesmerising display of genius, skill and physicality. Only by watching tennis live can the speed and stamina be appreciated. An evening I will never forget.
We need your artistry as long as possible so stay healthy. ATP must review timescale to protect players from such back to back strain. At least Roger you still have your cardigan! My much loved one was left on my seat in the excitement.
17.11.2014 | 08:59
You are a fantastic player but first of all a great man: Roger the Magnificent!!
17.11.2014 | 08:26
Roger, we love you!!
Health first.
We can't have another 2013.
Get well soon. Praying for you.
17.11.2014 | 07:07
Lieber Roger,

es tut mir so unendlich leid, dass du gestern nicht zum WM-Finale antreten konntest. Muss extrem traurig für dich sein, ich bin mir sicher, du hättest deine Chancen gegen Djokovic bekommen. Ich wünsche dir sehr schnelle und gute Genesung für den Rücken, und dass du für den Daviscup-Final wieder fit sein kannst! Glückwunsch zu deiner tollen Saison 2014, dein Tennis ist nach wie vor einmalig zum Zusehen! Get well soon, Champ und gute Erholung. Nächstes Jahr holst du dir den Titel!
Rony Dubitzky
17.11.2014 | 06:36
Hi Roger, my father Gaberiel - ex Davis Cup player, my brother Ori and myself are coming to Lilles to support the Swiss tie against France. We hope that you will fill better till than and wishing you all the best.
rory doyle
17.11.2014 | 05:46
I cannot believe you withdrew from the ATP Final. I flew all the way from Malaysia at a huge cost and my time to hear you make some lame excuse about how you don't feel well. Everyone in the O2 committed their time and money to see you play and you let everyone down because you are more interested in your Davis Cup match next week. You are supposed to be a reliable professional. Act like it or retire. I want a full refund.