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24.08.2015 | 01:08
Let's celebrate! Roger Federer- Always No.1!!!
Barbara Weisser
24.08.2015 | 00:33
Liebä Roger, Das isch ä grossartigi wuchä gsi, du häsch so wunderbar gspilt. Mir sind ali so stotz uf dich und hoffä das du in New York au so guät spillä kasch. Alles guäti und "chum jetze". Alles liäbi.
24.08.2015 | 00:25
Gratuliere zum 7. Cincinary Sieg!
24.08.2015 | 00:20
Cher Roger Federer
Je vous souhaite un Joyeux Anniversaire avec un peu de retard!
Je suis heureux que vous ayez gagné hier le tournoi!
Bon courage pour l'US Open!
24.08.2015 | 00:01
Wow!! What a match. So proud of you and happy for your victory over your rival. You took out both the number one and number two seeds in this tournament - way to go!

Please keep up the pace, energy and focus as you think about the U.S. Open.

Love seeing your family on the tv. Stay sweet.
Padma Wickramasinghe
23.08.2015 | 23:44
Dear Roger,Heartiest congratulations on your absolutely fantastic performance to
win in straight sets against Novak.We are so happy and proud of you.Celebrate with your beautiful family,rest and come back to beat them all to win the US Open.You are the Greatest.It was such a joy to watch you play your amazing tennis.Enjoyed every minute of the game.Thankyou Roger.Our Prayers,Blessings and Positive Energy are always with you,dear son.Wish you,Mirka and kids Good Health,Protection and Happiness.
23.08.2015 | 23:37