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A Friend in Costa Rica
20.06.2015 | 16:09
any anxiety as much as possible that will set you free to play YOUR GAME. Don't feel like you need to rush any points because that could expose you to your adversary. Nishikori and Seppi are serious adversaries, especially Nishikori, so you need to be mentally prepared for that kind of challenge. Toughen up to the task, don't rush yourself, pace yourself, don't play any panic tennis, play freely and loose but agressively and with a positive and strong determination to make things happen for you
A Friend in Costa Rica
20.06.2015 | 16:00
...not only that you are as rested as possible for tomorrow's final BUT ALSO that your frame of mind is set to overcome any kind of difficulties that either one of these two individuals will give you at the final, if you work on trying to eliminate any possible fear mentally then that would help you reduce the anxiety factor as well...and if you considerably reduce the fear and anxiety factors within yourself you will be in a much better position to defeat either one of them. If you get rid of..
A Friend in Costa Rica
20.06.2015 | 15:49
Hello Roger,...IF ONLY YOU ACTUALLY READ SOME OF THESE POSTS FROM YOUR LOYALS FANS FROM TIME TO TIME....you could see that many of us really support you and that we mean well. Congratulations for making it to the final in Halle, outstanding job receiving those serves from Ivo, very well done Champ ! I read that your adversary at the final will be either Nishikori or Seppi,...please be mentally strong and prepared, they both have beaten you before and are very dangerous, the important thing is..
20.06.2015 | 15:32
bravo champion!
en route pour la finale et que dieu te protège!
20.06.2015 | 15:27
20.06.2015 | 15:07
hey... again well btw i'm not from afghanistan im from Australia lol(a little issue)... Your an amazing player!!! If you tell yourself your going to win and you mean it most likely you would!!!! You gotta have faith in yourself ahaha well wish luck... again!!! My whol family LOVES you!!! LOL
20.06.2015 | 15:02
Hello Roger, well done in you win against Ivo Karlovic in Halle, you hit amazing shots that are nearly impossible. I hope you win Halle and then Wimbledon!Good Luck!!!