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18.06.2016 | 17:14
< span style= »font-size:10pt ; » > Salut < /span >
18.06.2016 | 17:12
Just in from work. With trepidation looked up results and as I feared RF lost. Sadly, for RF I feel the days of winning are diminishing...well actually fact. I can only hope Roger will get into the second week of Wimbledon. Will most likely be in ND's half of the draw so if they do meet I can't really see him getting the upper hand of ND. With so many good young guys I fear an upset may happen in one of the early rounds. I can only wish him well. He has been my sporting hero for a long time.
18.06.2016 | 15:13
This was a free advice from the Netherlands...
18.06.2016 | 15:06
Sin agresividad, esperando que el otro definiera el juego, sin movilidad, con un juego viejo... la primera semana de Wimbledon puede ser mortal si sigues en esta forma. Ljubicic no sirve. no, señor!! O tomas Wimbledon en serio (ni como Stturgart ni como Halle) o no juegas ese GS. Qué pasa contigo???
18.06.2016 | 14:55
Played well thinking of your period of injuries (knee and back).
Hopefully you can find a strategy and answer against the young hard hitters like Sverev.
It's unbelievable the way that guy plays his forehands; it looks like he smashes the ball in that height.
Roger: try improve your moving on your feet. It seems sometimes that you won't take a risk with your back when you came to the net to volley.
Like last year, in your Edberg era; attack and use your offensive qualities.
Enjoy Wimbledon!
18.06.2016 | 14:39
Shocked with offensive language. Novak would be too.
18.06.2016 | 14:36
Hi Roger! German zverev is going to be a next star.i m in shock as well as you are the way he played.But i think your grass game is almost there and you played very well in halle.Your serve is right on track but you need work on your return and not to allow other player to dictate you.you need to be more aggressive and avoid too many slicing shots.Try to create more opportunities to go to net. All the best at Wimbledon. This what we are waiting for. 8 is your lucky number!