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11.07.2016 | 09:24
Cher Roger,
Bravo pour vos performances dans ce tournoi qui vous sied si bien !
C’est vraiment dommage pour le dernier match, mais je pense que tous les joueurs qui veulent arriver - sans votre talent - contournent le problème en faisant des services de malade : 230 km/h. Si c'est efficace, j'ai bien peur qu'à la longue le public s'en lasse !

Avec toute notre admiration.
11.07.2016 | 09:20
Murray defeating Raonic looked so easy.
I felt this was the last chance for you to get hold of Wimbledon trophy but you missed it. I can't digest you making two double faults in 4th set when heading 40-0 (5-6)!! not at all acceptable..
11.07.2016 | 06:20
dear roger
you are still the one. however I did read the comments from the person concerning your fall and it might be good to read and follow the concerns and comments.
take heart you are still the most graceful man to ever play on the courts. you have achieved more than most and have much to be proud of.....
Lori Kent
11.07.2016 | 05:53
ANOTHER Lost. You have lost the ability to close matches. If you do not get to the final the other matches that you win do not matter.
You are missing AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN your last opportunities to win a grand slam. The match with Raonic was a disaster.
I wish you the best of luck in the Olympics. YOU MUST WIN
Oakland, California
11.07.2016 | 03:22
Dear Roger,
I am 93 and a half years old and nearing the end of my life. Before I die, I want to let you know how much I admire your gracefulness on the court and off. You have been an inspiration to me and the world of tennis. I wish you the very best in the years to come. Should I get to heaven, I hope they carry Wimbledon tennis there!
Yours sincerely,
Ellen Deming Small
11.07.2016 | 02:14
Not quite sure how to get to Roger.
As a healthcare professional, who teaches motor control and has a long history in sports injury management and prevention- I find him to be an exquisite example of superior human movement control. I've been desperate to try and contact him as he has gone from minor knee injury to recurrent back problem and now this new fall- a result of both prior issues, that really can be resolved.
I'm very concerned that he's getting the right information and intervention. Clearly- on the lateral move on the his fall this week during the Raonic game, its clear that he has lost Gluteus Medius inner - outer range control at the hip and thus was subject to a potential valgus stress at the knee and ultimately an ankle injury.
I would urge him to see out 'The Performance Matrix' professionals in Europe or England... a strong presence in Northern Europe. I'm a sole presence in the US with strong ties to UK and AUS and would be happy to help out but I'm a bit far away.
Please help to try and get his attention. He can avoid further injury. One begets the other and Roger is too good to be pulled down by this at this point.
Best regards,
11.07.2016 | 00:13
Roger - it was thrilling to see your play at Wimbledon. So sorry it didn't end with the title but you were fantastic as always. I'll be at the US Open and with a little luck I'll get to see you play in person! It's been many years since I've had the pleasure.
Be well.