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23.08.2015 | 17:13
Dear Roger Federer,
Two hours only before your final in Cincinnati. You must believe on your capacities because you have 100% possibilities to win. For us and for your mind you are the best player. Important is your concentration, your service and your first ball. We will be with you during the entire match.
Go Roger!
Rolando Banson
23.08.2015 | 15:26
I've been a fan of yours since you won against Pete Sampras in Wimbledon's 2001 R4 match. Since then I followed your tour and slam matches. With the way you're playing now, you'll going to win another slam. Be healthy and God bless you and your family always.
23.08.2015 | 14:31
So happy you beat Murray what a performance as usual Djokovic played the injury game what a cheat he'll be out there tonight and at the US open amazing he could cahange his shirt without a grimace whilst bein assessed Dont fall it Roger sent him packing GOOD LUCK xx
23.08.2015 | 14:23
Best of luck against Djokovic!
23.08.2015 | 10:41
Swati Mahajan
23.08.2015 | 10:21
Dear Roger,
It's time to win the finals. You have lost many important finals to Novak. Please make it 7th Cincy today. It really depends on your mindset. Just play loose and with focus and confidence, you will prevail. Please take care of your Ist serves. It is the nervousness that did not allow you to win your 8th Wimbledon.Remove all the mental blocks from your mind. Just play with positive mindset and great determination, you will be the Champion.
God Bless!

23.08.2015 | 10:15
Sorry nochmals kurz es sind nicht 21 sondern 23 RF Caps... ich habe einen grossen Kopf... COM ON Roger...