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Leon Liu
17.06.2016 | 23:01
Great job Roger! You are my inspiration and I hope I could hit balls with you someday. I really hope to see you play in person at the US OPEN since I am going. I also try to imitate your strokes and your playing style and in my matches I have your winners attitude! Anyways, great job Roger!
Sherrie (Shers7)
17.06.2016 | 19:32
Congratulations for the win today. So glad to see you playing more freely. There's a reason you have so many fans across this world - you're just the best on many levels. Thank you and Good luck for the rest of the Tournament.
17.06.2016 | 19:21
Just keep reporting the pathetic twerp.
17.06.2016 | 18:55
Disappointed to see offensive mail on this site, definately a looser who writes something like that!.
17.06.2016 | 15:38
Super ! Bravo Roger.
17.06.2016 | 15:33
Congratulations Roger on your win over Goffin. Awesome. I finally got to watch your match on TV. Best of luck in the semi-final. Kind regards to you, Mirka, the children and the team.
17 grand slams
17.06.2016 | 15:32
Finally you beat goffin after a tough tiebreaker