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18.04.2014 | 08:48
Lieber Roger,

Gratulation zum Einzug ins Viertelfinale von Monte Carlo. Du hast ab Mitte des ersten Satzes wirklich toll gegen Rosol gespielt! Wünsche dir heute ganz ganz viel Glück gegen Tsonga, du weißt, wie du gegen ihn spielen musst und wirst ihn heute packen, bin davon überzeugt!
Go, Chamo!!!!! :)
18.04.2014 | 07:35
Dear Roger,
Congratulations! You've been great in Monte Carlo up to now and you will do better!
Florencia Croas
18.04.2014 | 06:00
Hi Roger!!!
Fist: Congratulations!!! Good luck against Tsonga!
Second: You are AWESOME really. You are the best of the best. Please never stop fighting, because age is just an number!
Really you deserve all that you got, so never change. Lots of love from Argentina. Best wishes to you, Mirka, your kids, the team and your family! Love you!!!
18.04.2014 | 02:08
Dear Mr. Federer:

Please advise if you are considering to participate in the 2015 Acapulco Open in Mexico. It will be great if you could come to Mexico.

My best personal regards.
Carlos Arteaga
E-mail: caf47@yahoo.com.mx
18.04.2014 | 00:19
Well done Roger, good luck against Tsonga, you know you have this one on your racket.

Roger I knew there were great reasons outside of tennisto respect and admire you, and your desire to be with your wife at the birth of your next child is such a beautiful thing. One would expect nothing less,

All the best.
17.04.2014 | 20:17
I am not surprised Roger1 Bravo! However the timing, it is as I said years ago: you were at a very high plateau, but the peak still above you! You look good on clay, and contrary to some, you play very well on clay. djokovic said it: Nadal can be defeated on clay! But he is playing in a mechanical, ultrasouped up way, djoke. You are so wonderful at pacing and timing.You already awed them, but they haven't seen all you can do. Godbless! Use guile and misguide them...then pounce. Powerful Roger!
17.04.2014 | 19:35
PADMA, well said !! The Fed is looking Solid !! A Fan