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10.04.2016 | 14:29
Dear Roger,
We hope you are feeling just fine.
The best of luck to you throughout this season!
Love always, your New York fans
10.04.2016 | 04:10
Can't wait to see you play in MC this week.
Tennis needs you badly.
Good luck,Maestro!
10.04.2016 | 00:27
Dear Roger, I wish you to be fit and healthy and ready to play your best tennis again regadless of all that "jazz" about Novak who is so ambiciously trying to break your records. Despite of the fact that he is at the moment No.1 he doesn't have the carisma you possess which we feel each time you step on tennis court. I'd love to experience it live! His tennis might be of high quality but not exciting and attactive as your. Eager to see play again.
09.04.2016 | 23:51
Dear Roger,
I wish you all the best for the rest of the season. Keep confident, I believe you can beat Novak in Monte Carlo and win all your grass tournaments this year. However, I would take one match after the other, whoever the opponent is. Continue serve&volley beautifully and serving with efficiency to make your service games quick and have fun. Novak may be number 1 now but I still enjoy more your style both on court and outside court.
Kjell Bergvall
09.04.2016 | 21:28
Please play with instinct from now on. I have seen nearly all your games latest 10 years and I think if you want to beat Djokovic again you should stick to your instincts. In every game against him when you play well you just dont care about tacticts and then your game is changing. Djoko wants you to have a plan so he can have a better one. End that and just play the way your brain is telling you. Good luck
Federer fan
09.04.2016 | 19:17
Hi All,

Have you all noticed that Novak got a weak draw at Monte Carlo? ATP are trying to get Novak more loved and keep on winning without a Rival. This is becoming boring and I am now switching off tennis. I am only watching Roger.

Roger needs all your support. ATP and Novak are fixing this draw to make Novak look good.

09.04.2016 | 16:33
Roger cannot wait for Monte Carlo. I do wish you well and hope you take this one, so then you will only have Rome to conquer. Forget Djokovic, he will never be as great as you as greatness is not defined solely by titles. You play your beautiful game and your time will come again.