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19.03.2015 | 05:12
FEDFAN, you are speaking to me from the heart. Roger really is
a source of inspiration for an uncountable amount of tennis-fans.
Thank you for your post!
19.03.2015 | 02:43
You inspire me!!
Ishvinderpal singh
19.03.2015 | 02:32
I hope u will win the BNP Paribas final too and ALL THE VERY BEST..........
Ishvinderpal singh
19.03.2015 | 02:31
congratulations sir on winning BNP Paribas quarter final
19.03.2015 | 02:26
Bravo, Roger! Last night I looked at some previous matches, and it is breathtaking, and I think that most of us cannot fully grasp just what it takes to play like you--maybe those among the top 200 players. It is just marvelous, miraculous, your game, and then, you are inseparable from your game, so you are Miraculous, too, who said Fiat mihi, let it be.... Those feats are huge, and awe-striking! Congrats!
19.03.2015 | 02:24
You certainly put the up and coming Sock in his place tonight. Good for you! It will be different with Berdych but you know what you have to do. Good luck.

Stay sweet.
A Friend in Costa Rica
19.03.2015 | 01:01
....your ground. You have all the right in the world to keep winning titles and solidify a great legacy, it's now or never, now you have the chance to accumulate as many victories as possible...you won't have that chance once you retire....so don't feel apologetic for winning, look at Nadal, play with hunger, be hungrier than this kid, play with everything you've got.....go for it Roger, you deserve to win so make it happen for you, don't hesitate, be agressive