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23.03.2015 | 05:56
Hi Roger,
I have been a fan for many years. I am very sad to see that you do not have now what it takes to win championships. It seems you a failing at the critical moments. May be it is time for you to retire as the best player ever. Please do not continue falling in disgrace losing in all championships.
23.03.2015 | 05:51
Dear Roger,
You are great and it is sooooo good to see how much stress your talent and strong game brings to the biggest Joke in tennis. He blamed his coach for losing to you in Dubai and had to arrange Tomic to retire to have an extra day to rest before the match against you. Watching him play, I think that he is fallowing Lens Armstrong footsteps........Love your style and great talent always !!!!!!
23.03.2015 | 05:38
Dear ROGER555, my best advice to you : STOP WATCHING !!!!! And change your 555.
Number 5 is very unlucky by Feng Shui.
23.03.2015 | 05:30
Very disappointing. I am tired of watching you lose all the final games.
You lose concentration in the final set and inevitably you end up losing.
23.03.2015 | 05:27
Dear Roger, I am truly disappointed at your loss. You played so well and so consistent against Milos Raonic. I woke up early in the morning just to watch the finals. Indeed a disappointment but happy that alteast you are competing to reach the finals.
23.03.2015 | 04:43
Congratulations !!! For me you are the winner !!! Sorry but in my opinion Tomic's retirement was arranged. Djoker had an extra day to rest when you had to play a match. With his personality and Boris as a coach....maybe he was ....ing
Djoker was so upset when he lost in Dubai, that, in my opinion he was ready to do absolutely everything to win in Indian Wells. After what Lens Armstrong did, every sport should have mandatory testing for doping, period.
You are and always will be an inspiration !
23.03.2015 | 04:39
Best of luck for your match against Djokovic. #Indianwells!!!