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imran khan
25.11.2015 | 17:55
Asalamualikum.My Dear federer I have been watching you play since childhood.I am 29.Saw your final with djokovic.Giving you some advice would be like showing light to sun but there is one thing I would like to tell you.I have seen djokovic practicing he hits winners when gets cross balls.If you play straight with him slightly deepening your shots and then volleying might be helpful.He makes mistakes while playing straight. I love the way you play .I want to see you no 1.Enjoy with family.
25.11.2015 | 08:19
Congratulations for the great performance of 2015 ! I really appreciate the way you behave and play.I am following you since 16 years. They were great weeks in Istanbul and Basel to watch you alive and also to have a photo with you! Thank you! Enjoy every moment of your holiday and life. Good luck! see you soon! Federer FOREVER!
25.11.2015 | 07:51
Wish you and your family a good rest and vacation..just enjoy..You have had a great year..you must be satisfied...And most important of all,as we see it,you got those Two important Awards..it says All..what great you are both for your fans and for the players..so that last loss you had,means less..Happy christmas for you..
25.11.2015 | 07:41
Roger, I know tennis is probably the farthest in your mind at this time, but if and when you start planning for next year, I hope you think deep on how to address the situation where you played incredibly throughout the tournament, and then in the finals in slams against Nole and where you thought it really mattered, you played a different style. Why di you trade shots with him. Why not attack, net variety, top spin, all those that you used to beat him 3 times. Why, why, why?
25.11.2015 | 06:59
LACK OF POWERFUL FIRST SERVICE specially in the middle of a final championship, we have been saying this for last 8 years, how to resolve it? very easy call us edberg, call us luthi... and Roger would you be kind to call us? please?...
No More
25.11.2015 | 06:16
No More.
I am really tired of watching you loosing again and again and again…..
Wimbledon, US Open, Finals in London. You definitely lost the ability to win in finals when in counts.
You had very good matches during championships and then collapse with the worst matches of your life in the finals.
You need to overcome your mental block and superstition with Djokovic.
I am not going to suffer any more watching and rooting for you.
25.11.2015 | 00:12
Ach, I know you are busy, Roger. But it is so wonderful that you provide this website,. Problem is, some can keep running you down here, like water torture, drip by drop. Others, who say otherwise, can't for the life seem to be able to post suddenly. Is that how a website should be run/ Who is the webmaster? Can't even post on queries to the Mods. It is really unpleasant. A small thing, but it can be very bothersome for your fans who enjoy your game and site so much.