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25.07.2014 | 00:18
Roger, when are you going to post some pictures of your sons? I hope the girls had a nice birthday yesterday.
The Bracken Family
24.07.2014 | 23:10
After seeing how you played at Wimbledon, we know you can win a few more guaranteed slams. Keep the serving at the level you had at Wimbledon, and it is almost certain you can win. However, you need to keep your concentration through the entire match, and it was present until the end of the Wimbledon final. I suggest yoga, as it has many benefits, but especially keeping you physically fit and also improves concentration.Prove the McEnroe's wrong... the people who say you will never win another. Win the US Open this year, and everything will fall into place.
Cecinha Mendonça
24.07.2014 | 17:29
Felicitation votre aniversaire.

24.07.2014 | 16:45
Happy birthday Myla and Charlene!
Zhelayu zdorov'ya i vsego samogo prekrasnogo i udivitel'nogo, chto vam mozhet podarit' etot mir!
24.07.2014 | 14:59
Hi Roger, you're my hero! I learned to play tennis because of you. You're a big inspiration to everyone. Continue what you do and your fans are always here to support you! Hoping to meet you in person some day or even watch your game live. Happy Birthday to your lovely twins! Cheers!
24.07.2014 | 04:32
Herzlichen Glückwunsch an ihre Zwillingstöchter.
Küsse aus Brasilien für Charlene und Myla zum Geburtstag!
Nesi Muthucumaru
24.07.2014 | 02:46
Happy Birthday Federer Twins! May you have wonderful years ahead of you!! And Roger, congratulation on being top athlete per Forbes!! You are the cream of the crop!!!