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28.01.2015 | 21:41
Dear Roger,

What's happened to your schedule? Usually, by this time it is out. Is there a reason why your schedule page doesn't show anything beyond Australian Open? Allez, dear Roger!

Love always, your New York fans
feel disgusted
28.01.2015 | 20:58
Roger, if I were you, I would feel disgusted at the way you played at AO. This feeling would set the fire in your mind to fight back, to focus, to have a mission, to take it really seriously, to prove to the world you are indeed the best, not only techniquely, but mentally. I hope you are feeling that way. I will see how that feeling is manifested in your next match, esp. the next slam.
28.01.2015 | 18:34
Hello Roger, all you got to do is call us please...
28.01.2015 | 18:08
Please do not wear yellow clothes again. I was a teacher for many years and the yellow team at sports day was always covered in insects - they think they have found pollen. It may be that you were bitten by an insect in the Australian Open and this made you feel unwell and sapped all your body's resources to fight an infection; whatever bit your finger. Rafa was bitten too and he was also unwell and lacking in energy. Good Luck for the future; stick to blue red black and white safer colours.
28.01.2015 | 10:28
Roger, me gusta verte jugar
Y ahora que no estás, difícilmente veo un juego masculino, por lo que tendré que conformarme.

Además, quiero decirte, que me gusta ver jugar a Sharapova, a Wozniaki y a Azarenka, y ahora a Eugenie Bouchard, que aunque no ganó en éste torneo, sera mi próxima favorita en la cancha, puesto que tiene un gran potencial, pero le faltan años de experiencia, por ello el triunfo de Sharapova.

Saludos desde Nuevo Laredo Tamps.
Tu admiradora por siempre

what counts
28.01.2015 | 07:37
Your friend, Stan is in semi now at AO. He may have lost to you; he may have lost in many smaller events, but he made it when it counts. What's not about physical or technique. It's all about mental. If anything, please find the mental edge that enabled you to win 17 slams. Please find someone to help you mentally, not technically or physically. You need a mental coach
Well done!!!
28.01.2015 | 06:28
Well done Roger, you have achieved so much, given so much, on and off the court!! Anyone who can cry in front of millions is OK by me. Best wishes to you and your gorgeous family. Your Aussie fans love you.