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javier saavedra
30.03.2014 | 19:21
we asked federer just twenty minutes to explain how to implement a new strategy with relation to its first service, all of us want to contribute in our humble experience to fix this little problem, on the other hand we are only making a contribution, and who knows that maybe it right, federer call us ... we'll be waiting ... just call us
javier saavedra
30.03.2014 | 19:11
!NO PANIC! we never doubted the ability and strength of his game, and never at any time we even think that federer had to retire from tennis. takes time to adapt to a new racket, and we are happy with the results so far. but we made a very important analysis on his first serve. we are sure that is not a problem of concentration, it is simply having a strategy in the key moments of the match. If a strategy does not work, we must find another until we find the best result of our game.
30.03.2014 | 18:33
I agree with Mental Strength. For your own good, do some reality check. Your mind becomes a jelly during break points, set points, match points and playing with players who have good winning record against you and those who beat you in the recent past. What's the point of training, talents and skills when the most important, the mind, crumbles. We your fans would be happy to see you happy during your wins.
mental strength
29.03.2014 | 23:12
roger, get a mental coach, work on your mental strength. that's all you need if you want to continue compete with the good players like Novak and Nadal or those that have beaten you before. Otherwise, you will always have the pattern of easily beating those whom you have winning history and then self destroy when you play with better players.
29.03.2014 | 20:56
I sm very sorry that you have lost to Nishikori twice in the last two matches you have played against him. He is a good player but losing to him, I dont understand. May be you were tired. I wish you success in your future outings. Regards.
29.03.2014 | 20:51
to a fan. It is just an incident. It so happens sometimes. Do read any deeper in the instance.
charles pierre
29.03.2014 | 18:06
bonne chance pour le reste de la saison .Avec toutes mes amitiés sportives ainsi qu a toute ta famille .Come on Roger