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20.11.2015 | 06:24
Fantastic recovery and win. Shame about the beard though. It 's much better to look immaculate. Best wishes for the weekend and will be willing you on to take the trophy again.
20.11.2015 | 05:55
So happy for you maestro! I just always wonder how and why are you always scheduled to play in the semis at night? Djoker and The Cheater get to play in the afternoon and once again you will be too tired on Sun. if you do get through. I know you bring in the crowds but it's not helping your records and HTH's....
Good luck and God bless!! Love you always.
20.11.2015 | 04:41
Roger, always enjoy your matches... BUT please shave the beard.
20.11.2015 | 01:20
Hi Roger You are realy a great champion all the best to the semi-final of the master
19.11.2015 | 23:16
Hi Rog, Super!!! You are playing sooooooo great, keep it up. YES YOU CAN!!!!.
Enjoy & take care.
19.11.2015 | 23:08
To say Nole handed the win to Roger is full of bull~. Nole had no problem beating Berdych. It's because all of the other guys play into his strength (standing at the baseline and trade shots). Roger totally disrupted his rhythm and that's the main reason why Nole looked so not himself. Roger, continue the way you play with variety to confuse him. If you do come to the final, make no fuss about it. Just play the way like it's a round robin. No pressure and you play the best.
19.11.2015 | 22:43
Can somebody let me know what happens next. I can't seem to find the breakdown
of the standings as they are now. Is there a page that lets you know who is where,
This new site I do not like. Things were much simmpler on the old set up. I know
Roger is 3-0 but he took three sets to of that today. Do we need to wait and see how
the other group does.
the point system is confusing. HELP Excellent show of tennis Roger. Keep it up.
I don't imagine at we have seen the last of Novack.