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16.04.2014 | 15:25
Bravo Roger, congratulations, awesome display. Good luck against the next challenger to your rightful crown.

Right behind you...
16.04.2014 | 13:52
Awesome start against Radek in Monte Carlo, you made it look so easy. A pleasure to watch. Good luck in your next match. Kind regards to you, your family and the team.
16.04.2014 | 13:40
Great match Roger. Very fluid. Wonderful to see you looking so happy and healthy. Hope Mirka is very well. Is it one or two this time I wonder?
16.04.2014 | 10:46
Hello Mr. Federer, we are looking forward for your championship in Monte Carlo. Just be happy and relax while you are on court and you will be very hard to beat! God bless you and your family :-)
16.04.2014 | 08:21
Lieber Roger,
ich wünsche dir ganz ganz viel Glück für das heute für dich beginnende Turnier in Monte Carlo und ganz viel Erfolg für dein Auftaktmatch gegen Stepanek. Sicher keine leichte Aufgabe, aqb3er du packst das, bist in toller Form! Glaub an dich, dann wirst du heute siegen. Go Champ, you are the true #1, forever and always :)
16.04.2014 | 07:27
Fed, nice to see you in Monte Carlo. An unexpected bonus!! As always, best wishes on the Clay!! I have a good feeling about the clay season this year, you seem very well prepared!! I just think you can beat anyone right now. See you in the early morning eastern time , rest well !! A Fan
Jois Lombana
15.04.2014 | 15:59
Roger You are Amazing, good luck in montecarlo, thanks for you existence and peRFect tennis you give us, greetings for Mirka, charlene y Myla, they are other motor in your life include your new baby congrats for everything, loves from colombia @RFansColombia in twitter, Jois Lombana Colombia (Please read my message in your red envelope) bye