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22.08.2014 | 14:10
Dear Roger,
sei grande non solo per i tantisimi, irraggiungibili traguardi sportivi, ma soprattuto perchè rappresenti un campione di comportamento e stile che tutti ti riconoscono.
22.08.2014 | 13:37
Roger, please work on the slice BH at the net. You lost some cheap ponts here. Kudos to Stefan and the team.
22.08.2014 | 13:31
Hi Roger, your tennis has reached another level and just turns me on and on and on. Stefan is magical and the BH is superb and now a great asset. Andy and David explored the BH and got stunned. This is the warning to others they can win the pts on your BH. Keep the groove on at the US Open. Its payback time for Tsonga, Nole et al who have been spoiling the fun. Go for it. No retreat, no surrender, no mercy for the spoilers.
22.08.2014 | 11:27
I remember from playing tennis how emotional it can become and affect one's performance. Your ability to mentally hold it together to the end of each match is nothing short of extraordinary.
22.08.2014 | 09:36
Lieber Roger,

Gratulation zu deinem tollen Turniersieg in Cincinnati, du hast dir das wirklich verdient und die Woche über toll gespielt!
Nun geht's nach New York, ich wünsche dir ganz viel Glück, Erfolg und alles Gute für das letzte Grand-Slam-Turnier des Jahres! Glaub an dich Champ, dann kannst du auch dort triumphieren! :) Du packst das, go, Roger!!!
22.08.2014 | 05:14
Dear Roger,
I admire you so much that I have written a book. “Flourishing for Sports: Well-being of a Sportsman from Perspectives of Positive Psychology”. It's about how you draw on your positive psychological strengths to acheive a flourished life! I am going to send you a copy later. Cheers, Crystal

22.08.2014 | 04:47
Roger, I really admired you as a Tennis Player, good person, great father and husband. You inspired me and my sons to go for the dreams! Congrats for give us the best Tennis Player that I have ever seen in my 41 years old!! Cheers you for US Open 2014!! Go for it!!!