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09.07.2016 | 01:48
Look after your very valuable knee! You played so well for most of the tournament, I can still see you winning another slam. It was just a few points at the end of the fourth that made the difference.
09.07.2016 | 01:16
I hope your knee is okay.
If you took the 4th set, everything will be so nice. You have a lot break point at 4th set.
Please take care yourself
09.07.2016 | 00:42
Trop déçu et triste mais c'est pas de chance sur ce 4eme set!!! C'est toujours un plaisir de vous voir jouer et surtout moi monotone que un joueur qui ne fait que des aces... Le tennis sans vous n'aura plus la même saveur alors repos et revenez nous enchanter. Moi j'adore ! A bientôt et merci
09.07.2016 | 00:39
Roger. Roger, Roger. So close. That fourth round.......

All in all, you did great. You went deep into the tournament and you should feel proud.

Until the Rogers Cup....stay sweet.
Andrew Thompson
09.07.2016 | 00:18
Our family love you and didn't know who to want to win as Milos is Canadian. I think your comeback against Cilic was brilliant. If it couldln;t be you we're glad that Milos is in the final. You are still the best player ever and you always show a lot of class. A good example for the up and comers. Keep getting better.You make 34 look like 25.
08.07.2016 | 23:52
I really didn't believe that your knee was well enough to win Wimbledon, seems kind of an early return to court to me. I WILL PRAY THAT YOUR INJURY WILL NOT SET YOU BACK FURTHER.I also never thought that you should go to Rio and still feel that way. I'm more certain that you should strive to win THE US OPEN. Really believe that you have one more in you... Love you always!
Jan Verschaeren
08.07.2016 | 23:34
A good rule would be: whoever wins the tournament of Wimbledon, can play the final against Roger. We all love you!!

Kind regards,
Jan, Philippe & Louis