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A Friend in Costa Rica
17.03.2015 | 19:14
I agree with Heart of the Matter when he advises you not to be overdetermined at this match, an overdetermination from your part could create anxiety in you and make you prone to errors, just be calm and determined...not overdetermined, you might feel eager or anxious to beat Seppi this time because he won your last encounter and that's normal but don't fall into rushing anything...take your time, enjoy the challenge, the match and most of all enjoy your tennis, the great tennis that you know...
17.03.2015 | 19:05
Roger please come to Rome!! is my dream to see you live! Roger
17.03.2015 | 19:02
Roger please come to Rome!! is my dream to see you live! I'm sure you'll win indian wells
A Friend in Costa Rica
17.03.2015 | 19:00
Hello Roger,...The Best of Lucks today against Seppi, the positive side to this match is that you have been warned...so be ready, he will try to beat you so return him the favor and beat him good. Be specially careful when you decide to go up to the net, this guy loves to hit passing shots and he's good at them...so please be careful with that. It doesn't matter if you have to fight hard to win the match, it only matters that you win, take heart and be hungry, get mad and beat this guy, go Roger
17.03.2015 | 07:39
Hi Roger , all the very best today. I know you will be mentally ready for Seppi. Teach him a lesson well a free one anyway, see you in the next round. Much love xx
17.03.2015 | 02:30
^^Be well, Roger1 You look well, and I am so pleased to hear that you always planned for a long career! I agree that you have added new things to your game, which seems almost impossible, given that you were astounding anyways. Love your aggressive style, and I also know that you can always do more, because it's you, add more to it! Luck against Seppi: know what you want, or see what he wants, and don't be overdetermined! just an ERASER job! LOL! Godbless!
Hameeduddin Khan
16.03.2015 | 08:34
Congratulations. Keep it up. another title - INSHA ALLAH - OLD IS GOLD (THAT'S U)