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Linda Zhang
29.01.2016 | 17:31
Hi Roger, I love to watch you play in every major. I want to say thank you for your beautiful game of tennis always inspired me and gave me much positive energy. You are the reason why I watch tennis. I am with you, Good luck!
29.01.2016 | 15:39
Roger, No problem that you lost but there is difference between the lose & the shame. What happened yesterday was a shame. You need physiologist because what was happening in the past against Nadal is repeating against Djokovic now (You lose the match before you play)
You weren't in the match yesterday, it was like a training match. No focus, no confidence, no serve, many unforced errors (51 UE's). It was one of worst matches in your career
You need a good coach & physiologist otherwise forget
Atul Nagar
29.01.2016 | 14:04
Dear Roger , It has always been a pleasure watching you play tennis.The outstanding game you have played all through your career is like creating a magic on the court.Your temperament & Skills have always made my belief stronger about you being the greatest Tennis player. I wish for your future endeavors and may GOD give you Strength to let you continue you Game till you want to.....I am just one of your millions of Fans and hope you get all my wishes....Proud to be your true supporter...
29.01.2016 | 10:56
Dear Roger,

You still are the best and complete player on the court. Too bad that you lost against Djokovic yesterday, but you will get plenty of possibilities to beat him again. Maybe in an Olympic Final in Rio to make your victory list complete. Especially when I hope to see you in the mixed double final as well, next to Martina Hingis. How great will that be! Good luck for the rest of the season!
29.01.2016 | 10:48
Cher Roger,
We are as sad as you about the Aus Open semis. Don't lose heart because you are an exceptionally talented and hardworking player and you can beat any player in the world. Just believe that you can beat Novak and you will! Don't let him get to your head. Allez, Roger!
29.01.2016 | 10:19
Hi, Roger!
Thank you for playing tennis beyond excellence. I wanted to say that before you play big matches, believe in your mind that you will win. If you've already won the match against any given player in your head, doing it on the court won't be that difficult because you are an incredibly skilled player and you know it. Belief can work wonders. I'm glad you're not letting all the media noise about your age get to you. Let's show them who the big daddy is come the next Grand Slam!
29.01.2016 | 09:42
useful comments from others:
- He beats himself, look at first serves in +unforced errors compared to previous games in tournament. Can spend as much time on the practice court as he wants but he needs to see a psychologist or he will never beat Novak in a major again.
- Yours +Sharapova sir is psychological. Y'all lose before the game. You have to enjoy the game just like its any other, because at your games, y'all are unstoppable.
- It's mental, lack of belief; hasn't won major lately