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28.03.2014 | 22:28
Because Nishikori withdrew,ESPN had to scramble to fill 2 hours of programming.
Dont you understand the chaos you cause when you lose?
28.03.2014 | 22:17
On the other hand, we always speak about Rogers' state .You all forget ,that there is always an opponent .Nishikori played well, fought well ,he had fantastic defense work and some extraordinary shot .Deserved his win . And he allowed retire if he injured . Having seen is hard fight I can imagine some partial muscle rupture (for example) Why is he bound to play if he injured ?
Juan Carlos Olaiz
28.03.2014 | 21:20
I think it is unfair that Nishikori withdrew because of injury. It seems that Novak reaches the final very well rested indeed. He did not play against Florin Meyer and Nishikori. It is unfair considering Nadal or Berdych played 2 matches. It should have been Federer in the Semifinal if Nishikori could not play.
Just my humble opinion. The rules in the ATP must change. I know that playing less matches is double-edged. But considering the spectacle that tennis is, the best option should be to reinstitute the losing player of the previous round to play.
28.03.2014 | 21:08
Dear Rog, cheers up,generally you are still good. At 6-3, 2-1 no one thought you lose. A momentary lack of concentration can be enough opportunity for anybody in top 50 to turn the match .That happened. Try to keep fit your brain, too.(Not only the body)
28.03.2014 | 21:04
Hi Roger,
I have been watching your games for 10 plus years. With passage of time, way tennis was played changed by miles. One basic thing that still remains is Hold your serve and Rest will be fine.
It was sad to see you blew up your chances of beating young lad from Japan. You had trouble getting first serve in. I thought you should have gone for bigger second serve when you were up 30 to 00. 2nd Serve Ace would have helped you sailed through. Any way, I am so Happy for you TASHI DELEK
Mitzi Irslinger
28.03.2014 | 20:59
Roger so sorry that Nishikori won, and the worst part of it, he is not even going to play in the semi finals. I can just scream, very cross about that. Why did he not pull out before playing you.
work on yuour mind
28.03.2014 | 20:12
Roger, when you play with free mind, you are unbeatable. But then, when you start playing mental tricks, you self destroy. How many matches did you lose because others really beat you? very few. Most matches you beat yourself. I suggest you seriously work on your mental strength with your coach or other professional. Novak even admitted he needed to work on mental. My son is a swimmer. He was a winner when he was 10. Then, he got mental and took years to get out of it...