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You must wear red
18.04.2014 | 17:00
Hi Roger, it may sound silly but I note that when you have any spot of red color on your attire, be it the headband, the shirt or your shoes, you play extremely well and the balls simply fall the right way even when it clips the net. The colors red and white are also the only colors on my country's flag. I believe the color red makes us lucky! In tennis, we do need luck sometimes! Just an observation??
18.04.2014 | 16:32
Dear Roger Federer,
I am really sorry to make this comments but the match with Tsonga I have not see best player Roger Federer. I think Tsonga is your friend but the match has been wrong. You have made the gift in the hand of Tsonga. Any fighting Roger. Sorry dear Roger Federer!
Guillermo Paiz-Gillioli
18.04.2014 | 16:29
This year you are playing great again. Keep on enjoying playing !! Watching the Monte Carlo match with Jo Wilfred today I saw you missing some backhand crosscourt shots when Jo Wilfred were serving to your backhand. When you responded with a backhand down the line, it went much better.
18.04.2014 | 16:23
Too many errors match Roger-Tsonga.
18.04.2014 | 08:48
Lieber Roger,

Gratulation zum Einzug ins Viertelfinale von Monte Carlo. Du hast ab Mitte des ersten Satzes wirklich toll gegen Rosol gespielt! Wünsche dir heute ganz ganz viel Glück gegen Tsonga, du weißt, wie du gegen ihn spielen musst und wirst ihn heute packen, bin davon überzeugt!
Go, Chamo!!!!! :)
18.04.2014 | 07:35
Dear Roger,
Congratulations! You've been great in Monte Carlo up to now and you will do better!
Florencia Croas
18.04.2014 | 06:00
Hi Roger!!!
Fist: Congratulations!!! Good luck against Tsonga!
Second: You are AWESOME really. You are the best of the best. Please never stop fighting, because age is just an number!
Really you deserve all that you got, so never change. Lots of love from Argentina. Best wishes to you, Mirka, your kids, the team and your family! Love you!!!