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21.11.2014 | 11:08
Roger, good luck to you and the Swiss team this weekend and sincerely hope you win the Davis Cup. Good luck against Gael Monfils. Kind regards to you all.
21.11.2014 | 11:05
21.11.2014 | 10:52
Roger, Good luck for this weekend, hope your back holds up, but most of all be careful about it. Listen to your body and obey what it is telling you. You and Mirka are so special and your true fans will be supporting you both. Will be watching this afternoon and sending special vibes to you as well. Love you sooooooo much. Take care x
21.11.2014 | 08:54
Roger, Why don't you post your 2015 schedule? A heads up on buying tickets would be great!!
21.11.2014 | 08:38
Dear Roger! I wish that Switzerland won the Davis Cup! You so deserve it! I was worried about Stan, he often plays unstable. But in the final tournament, you both played great! You can beat anyone! Good luck and success to You!!! You can do everything!!! Russia aches for you!!!
21.11.2014 | 08:35
Dear Roger,

Not sure what happened last week against Wawrinka. Hope it was put to bed and this will be a great 3 days. Watched David Cup interview and you seem to be feeling a bit better. Good luck to all the Swiss. take care of that back. God bless!!
21.11.2014 | 06:44
Lieber Roger,

es freut mich sehr zu hören, dass es deinem Rücken wieder besser geht. Ich wünsche dir und dem gesamten Schweizer Team ganz viel Glück für das Daviscup-Finale gegen Frankreich! Glaubt an euch, ihr habt alle Chancen, den Titel zu holen! Ich hoffe, dass Stan und du heute einen sehr guten Auftakt gegen Tsonga bzw. Monfils haben werden, dann sieht es hervorragend nach Tag 1 aus! Es wird schwer, aber ihr werdet das packen, seid beide in einer guten Form! Go, Champ! :-)