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18.10.2014 | 21:58
J'ai trop hâte de vous voir à BERCY et merci pour votre tennis Champagne. Christian
18.10.2014 | 21:13
beat nadal
18.10.2014 | 19:43
Roger, I hope you play Nadal and beat him soundly. This is important to your career. Yes, he is hurt, but you were hurt, too at the Indian Wells last year and he took advantage. But, don't discount him. He is always dangerous and he seems to have a mental edge over you, at least he believes. When playing Nadal, always attack even though you lose points. Never passive. Just like the recipe you used against Novak.
18.10.2014 | 16:51
**The Artificial Society, I do sympathise, for a variety of reasons. People on plant-based diets have done so for centuries, and know what they are doing. However, for an elite athlete, the high-quality protein and minerals, etc., derived from meats would be terribly hard to meet in other ways. I just don't think you can maintain that peak performance level, and the needed bursts of energy, speed, effort, and mental acuity. (As for some, now it is also very expensive to go on a plant based diet)
chris ahrens
18.10.2014 | 16:51
Dear Roger! Firstly, congrats on your Shanghai win and for a fantastic year. You certainly proved all your skeptics wrong! Our family are huge supporters of yours especially my Mother.She buys your calender every year and doesn't miss a match.My Father died recently (after over 50 years of marriage) and I would dearly love to bring her joy with a signed calender or photo from her hero with "To Dorothy, Happy X-mas". Would you kindly do that? No bribe, but I could enclose Euro 100 to your charity
The Artificial Society
18.10.2014 | 15:59
Roger,I believe it would have a big impact to the world if you at some point transitioned and promoted a plant based diet. For example similar to Dr. McDougall. It would be good for your health but most important the environmental impact will be quite substantial. Animal food production is very damaging. So this would be a big addition to your legacy and something quite significant to the world. Please consider it it.
18.10.2014 | 09:51
I just watched you play in 2006 French open final agnist Nadal. What a hammering confident filled shots in 1st set your approach to net at good deep approch shot was v v good. Attacking his back hand was also excellent. You hit shots from side to side very deep catching the line GOOD SHOW. In the 3 set your shots were not deep in 5th game. In the next game you hit a very deep back hand away shot but did not approach it with coming to net N hit a winner at net BEAT NADAL ON CLAY HIT CLOSE LINES