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29.01.2015 | 13:04
Hello Roger. I'd just like to say thank you for all the hours of pleasure you have given us watching you play tennis. I wish you all the best for the future, whether you win or whether you lose. Jennifer
A Friend in Costa Rica
29.01.2015 | 08:56
.....it would be great to find a sort of tennis mentor out there....I know it's almost impossible.....but one can always still hope for a miracle, right ? Blessings for everybody out there........
A Friend in Costa Rica
29.01.2015 | 08:50
...level but I'm very serious about tennis and I really want to improve. I can help someone else improve as well because I place the ball wherever someone needs to in order to improve, I can train tennis in Costa Rica or in the United States. Thank you and have a good day everybody out there.
A Friend in Costa Rica
29.01.2015 | 08:44
Hey HEART OF THE MATTER, some strong words you dedicated to FEEL DISGUSTED, it's great that you come out in Roger's defense, I do agree with you that this guy used some wrong words in his post...but I think maybe the guy did not mean bad, he was probably just trying to motivate Roger in his own particular way. Changing the subject, does anybody out there play tennis ? As you all probably know I'm from Costa Rica and I'm trying to find tennis partners to play with, I think I'm at an intermidiate
Nagesh AR
29.01.2015 | 08:29
You are the best Mr. Federer. I have always loved you and will always love to watch you play. Best of luck. But I truly believe that you can win another Slam before you end your iconic carrier.
29.01.2015 | 03:19
I hope you come back better … specialy for the GS
You must be regular, focus, focus in the match. all must be finals for you
Wake up! No more surprises, the time passes and the opportunities lost...is not turning back
You can win RG – Wimbledon and US Open … If you want
Come On !! you can do it
Roland Garros a dream?? you can change the history
"I have a dream" Roger Federer: Champion in Roland Garros 2015
29.01.2015 | 02:48
**FEEL DISGUSTED, it is with you that fans and tennis fans feel disgusted. What a numbskull comment! You appreciate yours of genius, greatness, but are quick to say such wrong-headed things! Don't worry about Roger's will to play, to win: worry about your own lack that makes you say things like that, so selfishly and weakly. You are talking about the greatest achiever of all time, and one who does it most wonderfully and honorably! The real lionheart. you little mouse down there.