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11.02.2016 | 18:20
Hello Roger, j'espère que vous allez mieux. J'espère vous retrouver bientôt sur un court de tennis. Votre jeu me manque.

A bientôt

11.02.2016 | 13:23
Good morning Rog,

Hope your recovery is going well. Looking forward to seeing you out there soon.

Colette K.
11.02.2016 | 11:05
Hi Roger, Isn't it great when it's sunny ? I hope you are getting better.
11.02.2016 | 06:30
please heal quickly as my family has tickets to see you at Indian Wells in March been a fan for many years
10.02.2016 | 23:47
I strongly hope you will come back again with few more title in before complete this year. HOPE, HOPE, HOPE instinct says......
10.02.2016 | 03:50
weights weights weights weights... you are being out muscled .. you still got it.. get a few more titles before you get discouraged...

09.02.2016 | 19:19
Dear Roger, we wish you a speedy recovery, please tray compresses with " Suidish Biter ".We both: I George 68 Yrs. Old, and may wife Miroslava 56 Yrs.Old, teacher, are looking forward to meet you some day, all our best wishes are always with you and lots of prayers for speedy recovery !!