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28.07.2015 | 20:04
I shall say this, as has been my conviction. That so called 10 to 15 percent increase in djoke's game, for the better, was not due to natural causes, to work alone. Something else is at work in his system, no doubt. Started with his fake illness. It has to be said, and he can go and deny it. I would like to see blood passports used by the ATP and the Grand Slams.
28.07.2015 | 18:04
Great Roger!
Go Flushing Meadows for a new great performance!
28.07.2015 | 09:51
Roger, staying away from a new surface only works for certain people!!! As for yourself, it would be good if you didn't have to do DC, and rather play Cincy and USO. The other possibility, Montreal, is not comparable to Cincy. But you know how and best to do things. I still can't get over a player going from clay to grass, after a loss, and having no grass tournament! something is out of kilter, methinks.
Jean Hood
27.07.2015 | 23:36
Thanks for sharing the video about Malawi and I hope all the fans will take time to watch it. Great work those people are doing for the children and your Foundation is such a big part of the whole project. If we each gave one dollar, think what they could do! Is it ever possible to have a family picture taken with both sets of twins together? That would be precious. Good luck in the months ahead.
27.07.2015 | 23:21
Roger i love you

27.07.2015 | 21:19
Three generations of Roger Federer fans in this family. Me, my daughter (your age), and my grand-daughter (she is 6, like your girls). Not only are you a role model as a tennis player, but you seem to hold traditional family values as well. Thanks for providing an example of a great work ethic with compassion for those less fortunate. Looking forward to taking my daughter and grand-daughter to the US Open to watch you play. Best wishes for a successful tournament.
27.07.2015 | 20:17
like everyone else I am looking forward to hearing about your schedule for the balance of the year - US Open. The finals in UK? I know you have spent time in Malawi but please do not give up tennis sue