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Angela Dimzoska
24.05.2015 | 12:12
Dearest Roger

Best of luck in Paris!
Let's make it!
It is time to get the 18 grand slam!
We believe in you! Believe in yourself! You can!

Love you forever

24.05.2015 | 09:05
Lieber Roger,
ich wünsche dir ganz viel Glück für die heute für dich beginnenden French Open und alles Gute und ganz viel Erfolg für dein Auftaktmatch gegen Falla! Glaub an dich, Champ! Du kannst hier nach wie vor Großes erreichen. Ich denke die Auslosung ist gut, aber Match für Match gucken, wie es läuft! Für mich wirst du immer der Beste bleiben, auf geht's, Rog!!!! :)
A Friend in Costa Rica
24.05.2015 | 09:01
Think of today's match as a serious training match, use it for training for the next match, don't hesitate at any time, practice getting into the zone, where you can play just the way you want. As always wishing you all the best, blessings. Ivan
A Friend in Costa Rica
24.05.2015 | 08:55
Hey Roger,...I just want to tell you to be careful with Falla, I'm more than sure that you already know this but please do not under any circumstances underestimate any adversary that you play against, one match at a time, right now the Roland Garros only exists for you if you beat Falla, focus only on beating Falla, that's all, Falla is the underdog in the match and that could motivate him to really try to beat you, to be the one who stunned Federer at RG, do not allow that to happen, GO ROGER
24.05.2015 | 01:14
Dearest Roger, if only you could do it...........

Love you always.
24.05.2015 | 00:51
Good luck, champ!
Just love watch you play in Paris
The French adore you
24.05.2015 | 00:26
Cher Maître du jeu

Tout de bon pour RG. Qui sait!