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26.01.2015 | 05:09
FED_FAN, you are no fan. Others who have injury and are away, usually don't perform well. Matchplay is really important. Same for injury time. Those who have come back,I see they are different. More sleek, buffed, etc. They take some bath salts, etc. but that is not the way it would work without some kind of vitamins and whatever. Shame on you. Be glad others play straight!
26.01.2015 | 05:06
Roger, wish you were here. Miss you, among all this striving, miss your wonderful flying game. You didn't have a very good schedule, and/or didn't feel well. But we can see what is going on. There is more for you to hand out: outplay, outwit them. Enjoy family.***NEVER IN IT, your head is not anywhere, buddy. Nadal nearly lost: he pulled through because they let his infractions stand. All others who say moronic things, you have no idea, just lack of judgment.
never in it
26.01.2015 | 04:46
let's just be honest. you were never into the AO. You already struggled in second round, winning in 4 sets. It's the slam and a champion is to shine, play the best mentally, physically and technically. But you played one of the worst mentally, physically and technically. say whatever you say about Nadal, Murray. When it counts, they make it through. Maybe you took AO too seriously or maybe you took AO too non seriously. Who knows. You can lose. Anyone can lose, but not the way you here in AO
26.01.2015 | 00:31
Dear Roger So sorry that you had such negative comments on your site. I would wish
for better from your fans. Do what you want, you do not owe us anything. We have
witnessed greatness in your playing. I for one will never forget that. Being older I
can appreciate some ups and downs. Your true fans will be there come Dubai and
wishing you and Mirka every happiness as your wonderful lives continue. I saw the
twin boys and they are beautiful. What a family. A poster shot for tennis. Love you
25.01.2015 | 18:57
Kyrgois is incredible mental tough. He's very courageous, very confident very clam. He came back from two sets down and facing a match point to win the match.
Ryuhei Ozone
25.01.2015 | 17:04
Take it easy my broger. Of course You can do as you like, what you want.

OMEDETO, Gentildonnna, all her staffs and HAKUHOU-CHANG.

Ryuhei Ozone's Internationalism & Music & Cosmozone
25.01.2015 | 15:21
Mr Seppi who beat you, lost today against a Kyrgios (19 Years) after he lost first 2 sets like you not a 17 GS like you and not able to close set and finally you said Seppi played very well, what you don't know that Seppi we cant call him tennis player because his skills & technicality don't exceed 30% & he didn't beat you but you beat yourself with your unforced errors. Take a look to Nadal how he was absent about the court for 7 months and he return very strong & u after great season cant win