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28.02.2015 | 20:06
Dear Roger, I am so proud of you !!!! Your victory of today was my best birthday gift, you don´t know, but some years ago I decided to adopt you like my dearest son or grandson (for my age), so when you win I feel so happy or when you lose I feel so sad, thanks God it have been more the times, like today, that you give me happiness. GO ON, THIS WILL BE YOUR YEAR OF GLORY, GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY
28.02.2015 | 20:01
Congratulations Roger. Knowing how much you mean to me, my daughter Mariam, who lives in Dubai, invited me to watch you live, so I flew in with my wife from Beirut to Dubai and did just that, watched you win live, for the first time ever. What a treat, watching a genius maestro in action.

You inspire millions, and I am glad to be among them. God bless you and your beautiful family.
28.02.2015 | 19:57
Bonjour, j'ai réalisé une bannière pour votre twitter afin d'améliorer votre communication visuelle sur les réseaux sociaux, voici le tweet sur lequelle je vous l'ai envoyée : https://twitter.com/Deloch_/status/570945534690795521/photo/1
J'espère qu'elle vous plaira et que vous l'utiliserez.
Swati Mahajan
28.02.2015 | 19:53
Dear Roger,
Heartiest congratulations for 7th Dubai title and overall 84th career title and congratulations for reaching another milestone 9000+ career aces. Very happy for you and may you continue to achieve many more milestones in your career. My greatest wish is to see you winning your 18th GS this year. Please do what it takes to win a slam.
God Bless you!

Love always
28.02.2015 | 19:46
Hooray! You are my champion - congratulations!
28.02.2015 | 19:34
Another great match with Nole! As Roger notes, these 2 bring out the best in each other and play scintillating tennis. Great to see Roger back on court and adeptly managing his schedule.
28.02.2015 | 19:30
Heute mit meiner 4-jährigen Tochter den Final in Dubai geschaut: "Ich helfe dem blauen, der heisst Schoggovitsch, und Schoggi ist fein... Tja, ich für meinen Teil finde es schöner, hat der in Orange gewonnen, für meine Tochter hiess er die ganze Zeit über "Herr Feder"...:-)