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29.10.2014 | 07:30
Dearest Roger,

Congratulations on your 6th Basel win! What an amazing experience to see you play your brilliant tennis and lift the trophy after the tournament. I'm so happy and proud that you've won once again this very special title. Thank you so much for making us very happy. Good luck in Paris! Best wishes in your first match in Bercy. Have a another amazing week on the courts. :)

With so much love,
Ashley :)
29.10.2014 | 06:42
Lieber Roger,

herzlichen Glückwunsch noch einmal zu deinem tollen Triumph in Basel! Du hast super gespielt!
Wünsche dir nun alles alles Gute für das letzte Masters 1000 der Saison und heute einen klasse Start gegen Chardy! Glaub and dich Champ, in der aktuellen Form kannst du jeden schlagen und du wirst auch in Paris triumphieren! :) Viel Glück für das 1. Match, go, Roger!!! :)
29.10.2014 | 06:09
great Work, superb backhand after a long time, we are seeing federer at the age 25
29.10.2014 | 06:07
Beterer Federer, enjoyed your posts..!! Thanks for keeping it light..!! Have a feeling Roger knows what he's doing..!! Just a Wild guess..!! Fan
29.10.2014 | 04:35
Roger, make Chardy have to be nimble, be quick, make quick decisions, and constrain him from the wider more open spaces. Move him around, and keep him guessing. I anticipate your match greatly, and know that you have a good memory, and an even better genius for tennis, and love for it! The best of combinations, along with your great skills, and never giving in but standing your ground. The campaign is going wonderfully! Luck, and Godbless!
Leo Souza
29.10.2014 | 02:44
Estou na torcida por você em Paris.Sucesso.
28.10.2014 | 22:15
Sehr geehrter Herr Federer
Ich möchte Ihnen ganz herzlich zum Sieg der Swiss Indoors 2014 gratulieren.
Freundliche Grüsse
Christian Sidler, Basel