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16.10.2014 | 05:25
Amazing..... You really deserved!!!
I'd love to find out how can a man dance in court while playing tennis!!!Everything seems to be so easy...
Hope someday someone keep playing a song good enough to dance so well like you
Thanks to believe tennis is much more than a simple sport!
Congratulations for everything!!! My father is 70 years old now and he cameback to play, try to play, after your class at Tv. Thanks once more!!!!
15.10.2014 | 22:16
Roger, it’s fantastic that you have finally won this tournament (especially that you managed to beat Djokovic on the way). You will add many new fans (especially from Asia) to the millions that already admire you around the world. You have shown such a desire to win this one after all the others you have won. You obviously still love winning as much as ever and it is great to see a player of your stature showing such joy in winning a non-major tournament – I read that you were more animated than usual and gave a particularly loud roar on winning the match. It is now over eleven years since you won that first Wimbledon, yet you are still mixing it with the best. I cannot think of a better sporting role model, as a player and a man.
15.10.2014 | 21:46
Dear Champ Roger, I left Shanghai with tremendous joy, watching you lifting the trophy! It's my first time seeing your live match. It's amazing,enjoyable, just can't find words to describe! Wish you all the best for the remaining season. You will always be No.1 and great CHAMP in my heart! Please take care, enjoy family time.God bless you, your beautiful family and coaching team!
15.10.2014 | 20:21
Bravo Roger, tu as été fantastique et la patience à encore une nouvelle fois payé, encore bravo. N'oublie pas le tournoi de Bâle et la Suisse quand même :-)!!!
15.10.2014 | 20:12
Was on a cruise ship but managed to watch your match with djokovic,you were so focused ,brilliant serve and volleying ,outplayed him,great performance,difficult to play a final a day later with a lesser opponent,good luck in londonC
15.10.2014 | 19:50
Well done Roger. Your slow start against Meyer was you were a little out of practice.
Once you got your feet you were away. It was lovely to see you win, as I remember
you winning there when it wasn't a Masters event, right. This leaves you only
Monte Carlo and Rome. Maybe you can get there before Djokovic get Cinnci.
We love your playing and the fans just go crazy when you play. Love to all your
staff and the family.
15.10.2014 | 09:49
Good morning Roger.. Wow tremendous weekend and tournament in Shanghai..
on the brick of elimination to a great match against Novak and finally winning against Simon... Awesome that is 4 this year.. one more right...
Great year so far it will be an excellent steeping stone to the 2015 season, were you will surprise everyone..! have a great day .. Cheers A.J