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Nesi Muthucumaru
19.04.2015 | 03:57
You played great, Roger! Most unfortunately Tennis is this way! You know what needs to be done and not all these pundits who put their two cents worth!! I am sure Stefan and Severin will put you through the paces! You will do great! As always! You have great energy from your fans besides, the Force is with you!
18.04.2015 | 23:12
Dear Roger The loss against Monfils was a great match. You will take positives from
this Roger and move on. My fear is how many points will you lose. Hopefully not too
many. I am sure you will want to be in the #2 position going into Wimbledon. You will
always be our #1. The people love you and that will continue until you hang up that
magic wand. We love you and will be there for you. Love to your team.
18.04.2015 | 19:23
I'd rather it had been Roger Federer in the final.
Daphne Harms
18.04.2015 | 11:11
Auch wenn du veloren hast, bleibst du der beste aller spieler. Hoffentlich sehen wir dich bald wieder auf dem ersten platzt. Tschüüsss ❤️❤️
18.04.2015 | 11:02
He didn't want a genius to stand in his way. You could have, and should have, won. Bon weekend, Jennifer
sharada joshi
18.04.2015 | 05:20
Hi Roger Sir
U played well but a bit of bad luck, that's ok as it changes every hour. One thing that U should work is on UR stamina probably swimming is a very good way as it doesn't have any bad effects on joints. It improves UR leg muscles abdominal muscles obliques and arm muscles. It improves UR breathhold and also importantly UR stamina. UR kids also will enjoy it FOR THEM IT'S FUN FOR U ITS EXERCISE. Go for it you will do it 2nd French open is written for U. Play play and play on clay
jeffrey spence
17.04.2015 | 13:27
Roger. I have been watching tennis since 1974 and I have never seen anyone like you ever. You have such a big shot selection to pull from. That's why you have done so well over the years. So many players have the big forehand and use it just to get the ball back in play , but you always do something with it. Keep going to at least you win your 100th singles title. Reaching that goal would be the biggest achievement ever NExt time you are in the States, I would love to hit. I know you are busy.