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22.05.2016 | 00:45
21.05.2016 | 23:10
Roland-Garros commence et j'ai déjà envie qu'il soit fini...

No Federer, no tennis
I'm sad
21.05.2016 | 21:22
Dear Roger you are already missed! Tennis without you for me is not exciting to watch. Wish you good and speedy recovery.
21.05.2016 | 20:00

We miss you so much! Come back to us! No Federer, No Tennis!

I'm so sad when you're not with us!
21.05.2016 | 18:16
You made the correct decision not to play Roland Garros but will miss seeing you play but cannot wait until grass season starts and see you play again tennis has not been the same this year without you
No one else has your magic on court see you at wimbledon
Get fit and well soon
21.05.2016 | 10:03
Hi Roger So very sorry that we will not have the pleasure of watching Roland Garros without you there. It will be short of your magic. However, you are absolutely right to make that decision not to play, and we really hope that you will be fit and well for Wimbledon. We will miss you, but all good wishes for your recovery.
21.05.2016 | 09:33
Hi Roger! I m so happy that you made a wise decision not playing roland garros.This gives you a good opportunity to get on with early early grass court practice.please do work on your serve and return.You need to add something extra to your serve to save more energy.i m still waiting for you to win history making 8th Wimbledon and ofcourse 9th halle. Wish you all the best!