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26.07.2016 | 20:54
Cher Roger,
Je suis triste d'apprendre ce soir la fin de ta saison 2016... c'est un gros coup dur, pour toi et pour tous tes fans dont je fais partie ! Ne perd pas courage et rétabli toi bien. Profite du temps en famille et nous attendrons tes prochains succès en 2017.
26.07.2016 | 20:32
I just heard the message you put out....I hope all goes well with your recovery! In the message you said you intended to play a few more years. When I played competitively and reached this point, I rehabed and began playing doubles; hitting singles for fun, but doubles on competition. That should give you 10 more years of play!! Good luck, Roger.
26.07.2016 | 20:05
Dear Roger,
I will be eagerly waiting for your return in 2017!
This is the best and smartest option for your back and knee to heal!
I wish you health and happiness.
26.07.2016 | 20:02
Gueti Besserig!
Philippe Hayoz
26.07.2016 | 19:57
Kopf hoch, Champion! Alles Gute und...in 4 Jahren gibts wieder Olympia👍
Dan Spencer
26.07.2016 | 19:49
Hi Roger. Just wanted to say that I'm sorry to hear about your withdrawal from the Olympics in Rio and from the rest of the tennis season. I as well as all of your other fans hope that your recovery goes well and you get back to gracing the tennis couts very soon like you have been doing since the start of your career. Tennis wouldn't be the sport it is if you weren't playing. All the best
26.07.2016 | 17:40
javy knows it, just call up us.