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21.04.2016 | 04:59
Roger has at least 4 more Grand slams to win. [...] "man is where he is by the law of his being; the thoughts which he has built into his character has brought him there and in the arrangement of his life there is no element of chance but all is the result of a law which cannot err."-- James Allen. Not many people know how to align their thoughts with certain laws that allow ones goals to be reached. Roger seems like someone who has that patience and character to ascertain grand heights. :-)
20.04.2016 | 21:44
we been saying this for eight consecutive years, almost all the finals championship losses by roger where due lack efficacy in the first serve,c'est claire?
20.04.2016 | 21:18
I'll be very straightforward... no first serve = no grand slam...
20.04.2016 | 20:54
yesterday i wrote three messages that were completely deleted no one offensive word nothing but just an advice in order to improve the first serve with a new strategy that i can show to our champion. nobody in this entire world would say that knows everything until the point of close his eyes or ears to accept a wise advice, so "Mr. Sencoreitor? could you say to Roger that we are expecting his phone call?
20.04.2016 | 17:26
Hi Roger, If you should see somebody wearing a white jacket tomorrow and waving, it could well be a fan from Yverdon XX (That means good will).
19.04.2016 | 19:44
IS ROGER GOING TO ROME. Please someone tell me. I have not seen or read from
Roger himself that he is going. His schedule has not changed on his site. I do not
watch a lot when he does not play. I do not want to miss him.
19.04.2016 | 12:40
Caro Roger, la settimana scorsa ero a Montecarlo....ti ho visto giocare e nonostante la sconfitta con Tsonga direi che comunque le cose sono andate bene....un buonissimo test in vista dei prossimi tornei....io vado a Roma e spero tanto venga anche TU......peRFect......