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05.02.2016 | 02:50
Dear Roger, was worried that your new coach would be over- zealous with practice... Milos was also injured under his direction... hope sincerely that you can trust him. He is Djoker's friend and once- countryman. Be careful. Love you always
05.02.2016 | 02:29
We hope you get well soon.
We will miss you terribly. For us, there's no true interest if you are not playing.
Receive our very best regards and wishes for your prompt recovery.
04.02.2016 | 23:47
Dear Mr. Federer,

Spring has come. So will your health. My heart goes with you and your family for your wellness.

God blesses you!

04.02.2016 | 23:32
Wishing you a speedy recovery.
04.02.2016 | 23:03
we wish from the bottom of our hearts that you will recover as soon as possible to enjoy your art on the tennis court, forever and ever we will be your fans unconditionally
04.02.2016 | 20:42
Dearest Roger and fans. I suspect that your knee was bothering you a little sooner
then reported. We will miss you a lot we have to wait until March. Rest and enjoy
your family. Heal well and be careful. We love you always. I have a lot of pictures of
you on my computer that is my screen saver and was looking back, so much fun to
see you young and older. Again best wishes.
04.02.2016 | 20:36
Best wishes Roger!!