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20.06.2016 | 03:56
Roger, I think Andy is copying you SABR on the "London Lawn", although you do it much graceful. It seemed Milos get scared to serve, his first serve % was very low. Needless to say he did not have too many Aces, even got few double faults. Every time he was serving, Andy just jumped up, run to the net, so invasive.
Please practice to hit aces as many as you can( I remembered you hited 20+ Aces in a match before (to beat Andy). Play well at big points. Good luck to you.
Lourdes Valle
20.06.2016 | 00:37
Happy Father's day, dear Roger!
Doesn't matter your results in Halle, it is important for your fans that you continue playing the kind of tennis that just you know how to play. Maestro is the best word to describe you in court. Looks like you are playing an amazing symphony..
Continue enjoying your tennis game! Thank you for being like you are! I will be always by your corner because for me you're still the greatest and always will be!
19.06.2016 | 23:47
Hi Federer,
You know Wimbledon is coming and you might be wondering whether you have the game to compete. I will assure you that, you certainly have it and since you love tennis very much if you want your quest of a 20th Grand Slam to begin,you need to train harder than you normally train and simply change tactics with every opponent you play. Please take the time to watch Sports Motivational videos on you-tube to see whether you can gain some motivation to help you in your game.

Thank You.
19.06.2016 | 23:19
Please will someone delete the horrible messages some ridiculous person with nothing useful to do keeps leaving.
19.06.2016 | 21:28
Why does it take the webteam so long to delete offensive posts?
19.06.2016 | 20:56
Je regrette que pour raisons familiales je n'ai pas pu suivre le match d'hier. Je suis triste de voir ce qu'on se permet d'écrire. Je prie pour vous.
19.06.2016 | 19:29
Ton livre qui vient de sortir est superbe, je peux dire à tous vos fans de l'acheter.
Toujours aussi aimé Rodger et vive wimbledon.