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29.08.2014 | 05:52
Hi Roger,
The Best Tennis Player ever.. Goodluck.
29.08.2014 | 05:49
Hi Roger,
Goodluck on the next round and hope you make it to finals..You are still for me the number one. God Bless you and your family.
29.08.2014 | 02:42
The best tennis player the game has seen! Love the calm of the game though it is always intense when Roger's on the court. Good luck for many more years to come!
28.08.2014 | 16:10
Hi Roger,
I hope you can play well during this US Open and I wish you to have a happy family life together with your wife Miroslava, your twin daughters and your twin sons.
Animal Friend
28.08.2014 | 14:18
Roger, please do not encourage anyone further to participate in the ice bucket challenge which is meant to be for a good cause but is enabling cruel and barbarous testing against animals although it has been proven that the tests are unsuccessful. Thank you.
28.08.2014 | 08:07
Wonderful Roger, you are playing fine !! God bless you !! Please do your best to win the 18th, it would be my dearest present on my 40th wedding anniversary I would not ask for any more, it would make me so happy, to see you, Mirka and your 4 children together celebrating in New York !!
28.08.2014 | 04:24
Dear fans It looks like Roger does not play until Friday. He is always in the
bottom half of the draw meaning everyone seems to play before he does.Even
players who do not have his high standings. That makes me mad a little. They
get the rest and Roger who is older needs more recovery time. This has been
going on for years now. We have to fill the seats you know, and Roger does that
even over the americans. Roger keep rested and Go go for IT.