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25.06.2015 | 00:57
*Historic 18th Slam For Roger Federer*

We hope to read this headline soon.....
24.06.2015 | 17:26
What a pleasure to see you getting set for Wimbledon, Roger. It's all there, the geometry of the court, the balls, to bring into a creative power to display all the glories that grass can offer in the hands of a master. So glad about your happy anticipation: I believe in all you said, always did. Live with self confidence, and when the "feeling overcomes you," throw the reins to the horses, and believe in your reflexes and instincts.
24.06.2015 | 16:19
Hi Roger!!!Good Luck MAESTRO Of Wimbledon 💚
24.06.2015 | 13:08
Dear Roger, I am so happy to know you are in England where I lived until moving to Ecublens in 1980.

By the way, if you turn the 'd' upside-down in your name and reorganise the letters you have 'préféré'. You are our préféré ! Thinking of you. X
24.06.2015 | 13:05
Excellent win in Halle; congrats! Time is now to add another Grand Slam-title to your ever extending list of achievements. May Wimbledon go down in history as the return of the King. Tennis needs you to reign once more. Best of luck!
24.06.2015 | 11:44
Hi Roger!!!Good Luck MAESTRO Of Wimbledon 💚
24.06.2015 | 02:42
Hi Roger! I wrote this published essay about tennis and you. Hope you enjoy it!