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22.09.2015 | 23:18
Roger - before you came on, followed tennis for 20 some years and there were great matches, but nothing in comparison to your game. Thank you and I hope you continue for many years to come. Bless you and your family.
With best regards, Ms. Chris Beach, Bisbee, Arizona, from the good ole USA.
22.09.2015 | 21:53
Once again lack strategy in first service no mention the poor percentage we been saying this for more than eight years and do we know how to resolv this problem call us Roger please...
22.09.2015 | 20:09
Dear Fans we were so upset that we could not get any of Roger's games in Canada,
at least where I live. So happy for you all. Fans I guess we have to find a new
name for Roger since the ATP has given Joko the name of the King. We will have
to anoint our Roger with another as he is the Greatest. I have to put my thinking
cap on. Their is so many possibilities. They also called his play Sublime that I cannot
understand. They sure want him to be known as the top player. I am sure Becker
had his sa
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22.09.2015 | 08:23
Roger, I waited for so long to write because I couldn't get my emotion checked to a point I can calmly write to you. if history can roll back, I wish you had been less conservative. unlike other players, Novak will not make errors unless you beat him. so, on several break points, slice and chip wouldn't work against him. I almost believe you need to beat him on every point like Stan did with quickness and aggressiveness. that's how you beat him in Cincinnati and Shanghai
A. Radulova
22.09.2015 | 02:47
It is amazing how many people love you. I am only a drop in the sea, but also love you, and I want to leave my positive energy here.
22.09.2015 | 02:30