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04.07.2015 | 18:26
roger has the toughest draw now.
04.07.2015 | 17:37
C'mon Roger!! You're playing great!!! Good Lock for the second week in Wimby.
See the light at the end of the tunnel !!!! Champion !!!!
04.07.2015 | 17:33
Dear Roger
Till now you've been just amazing. What a lovely draw. You've played so smartly by conserving energy and doing just enough to win. I think you are doing a wonderful job. Makes my day to see you playing so well. All the best against Agut. You are the best.
04.07.2015 | 16:59
It would have been even better without the bit of suspense but a great match Roger !
04.07.2015 | 16:46
On to the 2nd week at Wimbledon! Bravo, Roger! There was no doubt in my mind that you would take this W, and you played brilliantly against a big server, who on top of it, was trying to volley a lot. He did volley, but you were stellar, cool, and with your intensity took his fire away. There is a bigger fire inside you! So good to see you: always a unique and one-of-a-kind experience. Thanks, be and onward!
04.07.2015 | 16:44
Dear Roger, congratulations on your win over Sam Groth. Awesome tennis and great to watch. Good luck for your next match. Kind regards to you all.
04.07.2015 | 13:11
Another step to take, to get beyond, Roger! The Aussies may have more "belief" with Kyrgios' victory, but you know this opponent and how to dispatch him. Be aware, sharpish with him, stand your ground, and know that this will lead you yet closer to what you want. Godbless--but give no quarter, take no prisoner--and good luck. You are great at making your own luck too! Cheering for you, always! I believe!
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