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31.08.2014 | 08:42
Finally, a match we can really look forward to. I did like the Robredo/Kyrgios match, and thought that Rob would win it. Whre has all this acument and strength come from suddenly this past year? For tomorrow, control the game when you want to, constrain opponent, but you play freely. Get your eyes used to the light, and don't be shy about your immense capability and talent: what a treat! And so powerful, and astounding. Luck, and Godbless!
31.08.2014 | 07:43
Lieber Roger,

Gratulation zu deinem starken Erfolg gegen Groth. Du hast seine Aufschläge wirklich klasse entschärft und ein super Match gezeigt!
Ich wüsche dir für die heutige Drittrundenpartie alles alles Gute gegen Granollers! Glaub weiter an dich, dann ´wird auch hier der Sieg für dich machbar sein! ;) Du bist in einer tollen Form und verdienst den Titel hier, go, Champ!!! :)
Paul Dear
31.08.2014 | 02:55
Roger, you want to win number the 18 Grand Slam. You must taste it, eat it, be mad and angry to want it, use effort you never used. This makes a GREAT CHAMPION.
30.08.2014 | 20:51
Dave Warrington
30.08.2014 | 20:48
when your first serve is working your toss is higher; early in the match usually then your toss gets lower and you start hitting the tape or going long. Its true. I have watched you your entire career. Keep your toss up.
30.08.2014 | 19:55
Dear Roger What a wonderful display of offence and denfense. It was to bad
that these types of games do not allow you to have any rythum. Your next match
will allow you to play some points. They always do this to you, but you are strong
and will play on. Don't be surprised if they switch you to daytime. You look so good
in the night matches and the people love you. Take care and get some rest, Love
to you and your family and all the team.
30.08.2014 | 17:47
continued..that u used your raquet like a magician uses his wand. Loved it. Anyway..I am the lady that is on dialysis and had a lovely store in Greenport Long Island I invited you to visit but after 18 years we had to close in April so...My life is different now but I am still on dialysis which is NO different. Watching you play is one of the few things that brings me so much joy. Please continue for both our sakes! GOd Bless you, Mirka, your parents and BOTH sets of twins. AMAZING. Luv U
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